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Caught and Punished!
POSTED BY: bubblebutt328 2010

I hated being little most of the time. Here I was, in my teens, wanting more than anything else to be a chick magnet, an athlete, something cool. Instead I was four feet two inches tall and looked more like my sister than a boy! But life as a little person wasn't always bad. At least, that's what I was thinking at the moment.

My house was full of kids. We were all adopted children and there were twelve of us. Terry was my twin, two minutes older, a foot taller and so pretty boys and girls alike were charmed and drawn to her. I loved her deeply. Our mother and aunts were lovers of children. Each of them, with their husbands, lived in a huge old barn that our dad converted into a wonderful house.

Dad and the other two men all worked in a very popular and successful architectural firm. The office was an old one-room schoolhouse they had converted. The schoolhouse had been used as a schoolhouse first, then a chicken house for broilers, and finally to house baby pigs. Now it was an amazing office.

The barn still looked like a barn from the outside. Inside however the transformation was amazing. On the ground floor a kitchen was erected in the very center of the building. Three stories all had rooms that opened to a balcony overlooking the kitchen. When anyone was cooking the delicious smells filled the whole house. Switchback steps at either end of the balconies led downstairs to the next level and ultimately to the ground floor.

Below the ground floor was the old milk house and it had been converted into a garage, workshop, and billiards room. On the ground floor one would find the laundry room and nurseries to the north of the kitchen, a huge family room to the east, a master bedroom suite to the south, and two master bedroom suites to the west.

Children occupied the six rooms on the second and third floor, and the fourth floor was one large play area. The west side was dedicated to an entertainment center for Nintendo games and movies. The east side was just open space filled with wonderful toys to fill the imagination. On the north end a computer room and on the south end our library.

My trouble began the night my sister hosted a party for five of her closest friends. Earlier that evening, immediately following dinner, I cautiously made my way to her room and found the perfect hiding place. She had a day bed on one wall with a trundle beneath, and the trundle was already made up pulled out.

Squeezing beneath the frame I hid myself beneath the bed against the wall with a water bottle and some snacks. I was settling in for the evening. Terry had some lovely friends that didn't even know I existed as far as I could tell. Tonight I was hoping to remain undetected until they had changed and gotten into bed, and fallen asleep. Then and only then would I creep out of the room. That was my plan.

The girls arrived at seven and for two hours I was alone in my hiding place. My sister had come in, applied make up, and left. She hadn't discovered me, hadn't even glanced beneath the bed. It was a good omen!

At nine, curfew for our house, everyone went to his or her own room. Lights out depended on how old you were and how much trouble you were in. Terry came in first and the girls followed. Three jumped onto the daybed but I was against the wall. Had I been beneath the springs I'd have been smooshed!

I listened to their inane conversations about boys for over an hour until finally Terry decided to get into her jammies. From my place of concealment I listened with glee as the other girls followed suit. They were all busy talking and I got an eye full! Not having seen my sister in underwear since we were twelve I was surprised at how she'd developed.

Some of the other girls had beautiful breasts. None took off their panties though. I didn't mind. It was all very exotic. They were in their pajamas when mom knocked on the door.

'Terry, have you seen Tommy'' She asked. 'I just checked his room and he isn't there. I thought he might be here.' My heart sank. I hadn't thought of that.

As often happened between us our sense of each other's presence gave me away. Terry stood by the door and looked across the room right into my eyes.

'Oh you little beast!' She said, stalking to the trundle and pulling it away from the daybed. 'Get out here right now!' She stamped her little feet.

My face flaming red I slid out from beneath the bed. Mother's face was stern and the look she gave me had my heart in my feet. She came across the room and took my ear, something she hadn't done in a long time, and lifting painfully marched me out of the room.

'Terry! Bring the girls. You all get to choose the punishment!' She said as she hauled me toward the north stairs. I was crying by the time we reached the ground floor and holding her wrist to keep my ear from tearing away from my head. At least that's what it felt like.

'In here!' She pushed me into one of the unused nurseries and marched me to a corner. 'You stand with your face in that corner and don't you move!' She snapped. Shaking and sobbing I stood with the empty water bottle in my hand and the sudden need to pee. It would have to wait.

I'd never been so terrified in my life and when Terry came in I could feel her anger, and worse, disappointment. I cried harder, ashamed at the display. That only made me more aware of the state of my bladder. Things were getting serious. I was still touching my ear with my other hand, wondering if it was bleeding anywhere. It hurt!

Aunt Jill and Lillian came in, followed by my father. I knew my aunt's footsteps and the scents that were peculiarly theirs alone. My father's steps were solid and strong. He towered over all of us, nearly six feet six inches tall. I could hear him breathing. A deadly silence settled in the room, broken only by my racking sobs.

Slowly his footsteps approached and I tensed, my shaking increasing, my eyes closed. I hated myself for being such a coward and from Terry I felt no mercy. That towering anger now raged against me. The footsteps stopped and a huge hand settled on my head and Dad's huge face came down next to mine.

'Tommy, you have no idea what you're in for.' He whispered and stood up. It just happened. I was so afraid I peed in my pants, trying to hold back the flood, but I couldn't. He cuffed the back of my head with a grunt of disgust and walked away. 'I'll leave this to you, Diane.'

Some of the girls were twittering behind me and I could feel a sense of 'serves you right' from Terry. My father left the room and closed the door. No one offered to help me and I stood in a growing puddle mortified.

Behind me I knew my mom and aunts were standing side-by-side with their arms crossed beneath their breasts, disapproving looks on their faces.

'Terry. Since this crime is against you and your friends, why don't you go next door and discuss how you want him punished. We'll get him cleaned up in the bathroom.'

I listened to the girls leave and close the door and then Mom grasped my hand holding the empty water bottle and led me into the bathroom adjacent to the nursery. They worked together stripping my wet pants and Jill took them to the laundry room. She returned with a pair of Winnie the Pooh underpants and held them while I stepped into them. They were a size or two too small and fit tightly.

'Back to the corner.' Mother said sternly.

'What about my pants'' I wailed.

'You saw the girls in their underwear, it's only fair for them to see you. Now march!' I knew that tone of voice and I marched with hunched shoulders to the corner and took my place. Jill had wiped the floor clean. I could smell the Lysol.

There were giggles from the next room, and then a burst of prolonged laughter and I heard the girls returning. From Terry I felt a sense of justice and my heart went back to my feet. When they walked in they all laughed at my little bottom in the tight underpants.

Behind me I heard Terry whispering to Mom but I couldn't catch the words. Mom laughed and then whispered to my aunts and they seemed quite pleased.

'I'll have everything by next Friday, Terry. You can invite your girlfriends back to witness the punishment.' Mom said.

The girls laughed and left and I remained in the corner. Finally my aunts left the room and mom took my hand and led me up to bed. She made me sit in front of her and began to brush my hair, saying nothing. She'd never brushed my hair before.

I had nice hair, much like Terry's, straight, shiny, and silky. I liked it long and at the moment it was longer than hers.

'You have such pretty hair.' Mom said when she had brushed it for a long time. To tell the truth, it felt good. I was nearly asleep. 'Now go to bed. Step one foot out of line and you will regret it, young man!' She tucked me in, kissed my forehead, and left.

I couldn't believe I had to wait a week to find out what my punishment was going to be! Sleep took me and in my dreams I watched the girls undress again but I had to go to the bathroom. When I crawled out from beneath the day bed they wouldn't let me go and then followed me, trying to look around at my penis as I peed. It was all very pleasant.

In the morning I woke up in a wet bed. I hadn't wet the bed since I was three! Mortified I opened my door and found mom and my aunts standing there. The looked at my wet pajamas and my wet sheets and shook their heads.

'It's a good thing we have a waterproof mattress cover on your mattress!' Lillian said. 'I'll clean up.'

'Come on, Tommy. Aunt Jill and I will get you cleaned up and dressed.' Mom held out her hand and I was led by the hand to the bathroom.

Instead of letting me take a shower they put me in the bathtub and bathed me. I tried to fight them off but Mom cuffed me hard and I subsided. When I'd been dried Lillian came into the bathroom. I knew then why all three were there. Stacked neatly on the bathroom counter were my clothes for the day.

On top a pair of training pants and snap-on plastic pants waited. Mom had my ear before I could think about running. Lillian held the training pants and Jill put my feet into them one at a time. They snapped the plastic pants over them and then gave me a pair of shorts a six-year-old might wear. It didn't help that they fit. The T-shirt was even worse. It was a pink blouse my sister wore when she was six with Tweety on the front. Of course they fed my arms into the shirt and pulled it down. Then Mom got down in my face.

'You will not under any circumstances change out of these clothes any time today unless we are all present. Do you understand'' I recoiled from the promise of pain in her eyes and nodded, tears coming to my eyes.

'Is this part of Terry's punishment'' I asked, sniffling.

'No. This is part of my punishment. Now put these shoes on and get down to breakfast.'

The shoes were old shoes Terry wore, pink like the shirt. Feeling very sorry for myself I walked between the three women to the breakfast table. Terry choked with laughter when she saw how I was dressed and Mom whispered something in her ear. I knew she was telling her about the training pants and plastic pants.

Some of the older girls snickered at me and one of the younger boys piped up. 'You look like a little girl!' He said.

'Be quiet Will, and don't worry about Tommy unless you want to look like a little girl too!' Lillian said. 'Tommy is being punished and none of you will speak of it again.'

Tears fell down my cheeks and I kept my head down. Terry had waves of satisfaction coming from her instead of pity for her poor brother. When we went out to catch the bus at the end of the lane she held my hand and kept me beside her. On the bus she played with my hair, like she did with our sisters.

When we stood up to leave the bus she gave my bottom a little pat. By mid morning I was struggling with needing to go to the bathroom and my mother's stern warning. Terry saw me wiggling and whispered in my ear.

'The training pants stay on. Just let me know when they're wet. I know what to do.'

Mrs. MacLane in third period took in my outfit and winked at me. Her daughter had been at the house. Teasing went on relentlessly and I finally soaked the training pants and had to tell Terry. She took me to the office, to the school nurse.

'I need to call my Mom. Tommy peed in his training pants and needs a change.' She just said it, as if it was an everyday occurrence. The nurse didn't even bat an eyelash.

'The phone is on my desk. Your mother can change him in here.'

Mom came. She had to have been nearby, because she was there ten minutes after the call, and it took us a good twenty minutes to drive into town. She walked in carrying training pants and a pair of yellow plastic pants where everyone could see them. Taking me into the restroom attached to the nurses office she used baby wipes to clean me up and pulled the training pants and plastic pants up before adding my shorts.

All day I took the teasing until Terry finally came to my rescue and asked people not to tease me.

'He's being punished. Please don't tease him anymore or I'll have to report it to the principal.' She said to a crowd at lunch.

'You heard the girl!' Jim Duncan said from the line. He was a forward on the basketball team and a school favorite. 'Leave the tyke alone.'

Terry did not allow me to pick what I wanted for lunch. I stopped talking altogether in the afternoon too ashamed to think. My training pants were wet when I got home. There were two telltale wet spots on the bottom of my shorts too.

Training pants aren't going to work.' My mother said as she washed me in the tub. 'Lil, will you get a few diapers please.'

'Diapers! I'm not a baby!' I said with a flash of anger. Mom's slap caught me completely off guard and rang my bell!

'You are being punished! Now sit still!' When she was finished bathing me she rubbed baby oil into my wet skin before toweling me dry. That was a pleasant experience and I inhaled the scent as it filled the air with forgotten delight. She led me out into the nursery to the cot where two diapers were already spread out.

'Lay down on the diapers.' She said sternly. With a sigh I did as I was told and Lillian lifted my legs until my butt was off the mattress so mom could adjust them. Next came the baby powder and mom was liberal with it. I closed my eyes and begged my body not to respond. It didn't work.

As she slid the diaper between my legs and over me I got really hard. Nobody said anything and the diapers were tightly pinned in place. Pink plastic pants went over the diapers and I was surprised they were big enough.

'Danielle wore diapers until she was nine at night. These are her diapers and plastic pants.' Mom explained.

The diapers were soft, made of gauze according to Mom and any movement rubbed against me in all the right places. Lillian put an end to that by flicking the front of the diapers hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. I was forced into a pink jumper and blouse with pretty sleeves.

'I'll change you at bed time.' Mom said, patting my bottom. I was trying out walking in the thick diapers and liking the way the vinyl pants slid over my thighs. It was a surprisingly pleasant feeling.

Terry took me up to her room and I discovered that I was sleeping on the day bed that night. We did homework sitting on the spacious mattress and she often reached over and adjusted my hair.

'That's like the third time you've touched the front of your diapers. You act like you like them!' Terry said.

I didn't respond and she smiled secretively. At bedtime the diapers were soaked and I discovered that I was going to be wearing three during the night.

'Danielle was a heavy wetter and we kept her in three at night.' Mom explained. 'She always seemed to enjoy being changed for bedtime and often acted like a baby. I never got tired of that.'

Mom handed me a glass of apple juice and watched me drink all of it before having me lie down. She took off the wet diapers and bathed me, pinned three on and after pulling the baby pants over them sat me up and brushed my hair. I could barely hold my head up when she was done and was fighting sleep.

She slipped a Snow White nightie over my head and led me up to Terry's room. By the time we got there I could barely keep my balance. She slid me under the sheets and tucked them in and then playfully rubbed noses with me and kissed me on the lips.

I was asleep before she closed the bedroom door. Strangely I slept deeply and had another wet dream that night. As before I was trying to go to the bathroom and a girl I particularly liked at school kept peeking over my shoulder. What I was unaware of was Aunt Lillian in my room at three forty-five in the morning dipping my hand in a bowl of warm water.

The diapers were soaked in the morning and for a few minutes after waking up I enjoyed the warmth and heaviness of wet diapers. I had to admit it, peeing in a diaper felt very good. What would mother say if she knew I thought that'

She came in and walked me down to the nursery where I was changed out of the wet diapers, bathed, and put into two more diapers. Plain milky white baby pants went over the diapers. To my relief I was given a pair of bib overalls to wear. They were powder blue corduroy high back bibs, but not too juvenile. My own white tennis shoes went over my feet to my relief.

My dark silky hair hung softly over the yellow blouse and bibs in back and Mom took extra time with it that morning. For some reason I was very thirsty that morning at breakfast and by mid morning needed a change. Aunt Jill came and performed the change. When she pulled me up she made sure my hair was brushed out.

The feel of clean soft diapers was nice and I went back to class in a better frame of mind. At lunch Terry let me choose my food but kept me with her. No one teased me and the day passed without incident.

There were boxes in the foyer when we got home and I didn't give it a thought. The laundry room was in use that night, not the usual laundry night, and I had no idea they were washing the diapers purchased for my punishment.

That night I slept in my own room and the next day did not see the day bed removed from Terry's room. My father commissioned a carpenter to build a crib to specific plans and it was put in place of the day bed. I wouldn't know that until Friday, but by then it was too late.

I was given another glass of apple juice that night before my final change and when I asked for another my Mom smiled. Aunt Jill brought it up and I drank it thirstily. For some reason I felt more relaxed than ever and when the changing was done I kicked my legs lazily.

'You used to do that when you were a baby.' Mom said, touching the side of my face gently. I walked up to my room in a delightful frame of mind and allowed her to put me in bed, tuck me in, and kiss me on the lips again.

'Turn over on your tummy.' She said, helping me oblige. Sitting on the edge of the mattress she gently patted my bottom until I drifted off to sleep.

Outside my room Lillian and Jill met my mother. 'He was soaked this morning before I used the bowl of warm water.' Lillian said softly. 'I don't think we need it.'

'That potion is working exactly like that dear old Chinese woman said it would.' Jill followed.

'He seems to be enjoying his punishment.' My mother chuckled. 'Boys are so easy to manipulate.'

The following morning Mom brought me into her room after breakfast and had me sit near her while she did her makeup. At forty she was a very beautiful woman with dark thick hair, soft blue eyes, a straight nose, and lips to die for. Watching her put on her lipstick and lip-gloss had me licking my own lips. She saw me and smiled.

'Come here baby boy.' She said softly. I came over to stand beside her and watched in the mirror as she put a coat of clear lip-gloss on my lips. It made me shudder in pleasure. 'It's long-lasting.' Bending down she kissed my lips and I giggled.

'I think I'm going to keep you home today, baby.' She said, hugging me to her. 'The house is so empty when you're all at school and you are so cute in diapers. Would you like that'' She pushed me away and looked at me.

Shyly I nodded. The thought of having her all to myself was enough to give her a quick kiss.

Terry waved at me as she left and winked. I figured she knew what mom was planning. At ten Mom didn't offer pants of any kind over the diapers. She took me upstairs to the playroom and sat in the rocking chair reading a book while I sat on the floor and played with Legos.

After an hour she patted her lap and lifted me up. For a while we simply sat and rocked, her head rested on top of mine as she hummed softly. Her soft fingers gently moved over my tummy. After a few minutes of that she reached for a Dr. Seuss book and opened it in front of me and read to me.

Her voice was pleasant and I remembered how much I loved hearing her read to me when I was little. It didn't matter that she was reading Fox in Socks. Her lips were close to my ear and I melted into her. When she was finished she put the book aside and turned me so I was facing her.

My legs went around her hips and under the arms of the chair and my head rested on her shoulder. She patted my bottom.

'This is very nice. I think I miss this more than anything. Perhaps I should punish you more often.' She said. I giggled and then opened my eyes in complete mortification. With that giggle I filled my diapers. The mess was soft and warm and spread up the back of my diapers as it pushed out between my legs. I began to cry.

'It's okay baby boy.' Mom said, her voice soft against my ear, her hand against the back of my head holding me close. 'I've been expecting that. It had to happen sometime.'

'I'm so sorry!' I said, my voice cracking with emotion. She continued patting my bottom until I was finished messing and then standing up she put me on the floor. Walking down to the nursery was an experience I loathed and loved at the same time. Confused by my reactions I allowed myself to be cleaned up, bathed, and changed into clean diapers.

'Let's put three on, shall we'' Mom asked, rubbing noses with me as she led me to the cot. 'You look so cute trying to walk in three diapers. Can I put three on you, please'' I couldn't resist her and I giggled and nodded.

When I was diapered she found a pretty white smock with pink circles on it. Slipping that over my head she brought out a pair of pink plastic pants and pulled them up over the diapers.

'Come on! You look absolutely adorable! I have to fix your lips.' Mom took my hand and led me at a good pace out to her room. She wiped away the lipstick and carefully applied a pink shade to my lips, and then the lip-gloss. Tying pink ribbons in my hair she faced me to the mirror.

Staring out at me was Terry, when she was six or seven. I stared at my lips and rubbed them together. The lipstick was exotic.

With a cry of happiness she wrapped her arms around me and smiled at me in the mirror. I smiled back shyly, not sure how I felt. All I could really think about was how good the diapers felt, and how much I loved the smells that came with them.

In the afternoon I took a nap at Mom's request. But she woke me in time to be changed and ready for the return of my siblings. She did not take the lipstick off and the three diapers filled the yellow jumper I now wore. Nobody said anything until Terry came up to the play area and sat down across from me as I continued to build a Lego castle.

She didn't say anything for a while, but she did reach out and run her fingers through my hair. We hadn't done this since we were babies but she suddenly leaned forward until our noses were touching and stared into my eyes.

'I love you Tommy.' She said softly. I could smell the peppermint gum she was chewing.

'I love you Terry.' I said quite seriously. 'And I'm sorry about last Friday.' I added.

'Thank you. I'll forgive you Friday night.' She smiled to let me know I was already forgiven. 'You smell really nice.'

Drawing in a deep breath through my nose I smiled. 'Babies smell nice.'

That night I was quiet at the table, and after everyone left I stayed behind, wanting to be close to Mom. Aunt Jill stopped me as I brought dishes from the table to the dishwasher and pulled the back of my diapers out. It was the way she touched me, the gentleness in her motions and hands that opened my eyes. She was thinking about me as a toddler.

When she let me go I moved to the dishwasher and deposited the plates. After that, every time I passed her she smoothed down my hair or patted my bottom. Once the kitchen was finished Mom invited me to watch a movie. Aunt Lillian handed me a glass of apple juice.

Walking upstairs I held Mom's hand and thought that I'd missed all this contact for a long time. We had a corner of the entertainment room all to ourselves and Aunt Jill put in the movie while Mom settled herself in the huge leather rocker-recliner, spread her legs out and patted the spot between.

I climbed up and sat down with my back to her and she folded her legs under mine. We watched 'Baby's Day Out' and the whole time Mom kept her hands busy massaging my arms, tummy, and head. Aunt Jill brought me another glass of apple juice, and a third toward the end of the movie.

After the third glass I felt different. If I moved my eyes it made me dizzy and I had trouble focusing after moving them. My diapers were very wet and as the movie ended my bowels decided to move. For some reason messing in the diapers made me hard and my whole focus for the moment was on the feeling of the mess spreading through the diapers.

Mom patted my tummy. 'Did you just fill that diaper'' She asked, talking as if I were an infant. I nodded without saying anything. 'Well, we'd better change you into your night diapers and get you tucked in.' She leaned forward and pulled her legs down to close the recliner.

I got up as usual, but it wasn't usual. As soon as I was on my feet my legs just gave way and I plopped to the floor on my bottom. Three times I tried to get up and all three times I ended up in the mess on my butt. My giggles filled my roaring ears and as I leaned forward to try again the mess went up the front of my diaper and I exploded in a sudden and intense orgasm.

My mouth opened and I drooled down my shirt as I tried to hide what was happening. Beneath me my legs seemed to take on a life of their own as my toes curled and my feet kicked in and out. I felt like my whole body was quivering with pleasure.

The pleasure ended quickly as Mom grabbed my ear and literally hauled me to a half standing position by that appendage. She knelt down and her fierce eyes filled my vision in a frightening way. Two hard swats to my bottom startled me and because I was confused and suddenly very afraid I felt hot tears spring to my eyes. Two leaked out down my cheeks.

'You just earned yourself another week in diapers Tommy!' She said with heat. 'You don't do that unless I give you permission, do you understand'' Do you understand''

'Mom, it just happened! I didn't mean to!' I began to cry softly. She gathered me into her arms and hugged me tightly.

'That's no excuse!' She said softly. My decision stands.

Another week in diapers! How some things promise a week of pleasure! 'Come on now. Let's go downstairs.'

When I tried to stand again I fell again and she tisked and told me to crawl. Now full of shame I crawled behind her until we reached the steps. There she lifted me with a grunt, settled me on her hip, and walked down to the nursery.

Friday dawned just like any other day. I'd learned quickly that wearing diapers was both pleasant and rewarding. Mom and my aunts were much kinder to me, treating me to a closeness I craved. I didn't even argue when Mom dressed me in a Winnie the Pooh blouse and yellow plaid shorts that were for a girl. My shoes were yellow with Tigger on the sides.

As usual Terry led me by the hand to the bus and sat me next to the window, taking the seat beside me. Today she put an arm around me and played with my hair during the bus ride while she talked to her friends. No one seemed to pay any attention to me.

I got teased mercilessly because of my outfit. Kids can be so cruel. For some reason I couldn't keep my emotions under control and bawled and sobbed which only increased the cruelty. Terry rescued me. I stayed very close to her and her friends, to give them credit, formed a line of defense around me.

Somehow I got through the day and determined to ask Mom if I could stay home until my diaper punishment was over. I knew deep down inside that she would say no. The afternoon at home went as usual until the girls began to arrive. Mom took me into the nursery to change me for the night.

It was much earlier than usual but I wasn't concerned. When she took off the diapers I'd been wearing her eyebrows drew together and her eyes looked at me like lightening descending from the heavens. I actually trembled on the cot.

'Did I give you permission to squirt anything other than pee or poop in these diapers'' Her voice was filled with danger and all I could do was shake my head in the negative.

'I saw you laying on the playroom floor and moving your legs so the diapers would rub over you!' She flipped me on my tummy and swatted me twice hard on my bare butt and I began to blubber and cry, completely out of control. 'Get in the tub!' She snapped.

After she bathed me and dried me she looked at me for a few seconds without saying anything. When we went to the cot Aunt Jill was there. As soon as they came between my legs I knew there were more than three.

These diapers felt and fit different. They came just above my elbows in the back and front. As mom pulled them over me I got hard and she flicked me hard enough to make me cry again. I finished being diapered in a temper!

'Maybe four diapers will help.' Mom said when she finished the last pin. When she was finished she lifted me into her lap, sitting on the cot, and held me facing her. Her hand was on the back of my head and she gently patted the thick diapers. Rocking back and forth I soon quieted.

I hadn't been quiet long before she cleaned my face and held a Kleenex for me to blow my nose. She walked me into the bathroom and brushed my teeth for me for the first time. Lifting me up on the counter she applied pink lipstick to my lips, followed by long-lasting lip-gloss.

I was still in nothing but diapers when she walked me back into the nursery. Terry and her friends were all there and I felt my face flush beet red.

'Well girls, what is your punishment'' Mom asked. She sat on the cot and pulled me up into her lap.

'For the weekend, Tommy is going to become Tuppence, a baby girl of two. She will wear what we choose and sleep in my room.' Terry said. Her eyes were bright as she said it and I felt from her a sense of satisfaction and anticipation. Inwardly I sighed.

'Choose her outfit for the night, then.' Mom commanded.

White rhumba pants with pink eyelet frilly ruffles on the butt were handed to mom. A pink ribbon adorned the front and pink lace lined the leg holes. Mom leaned forward and pulled them over my feet, then stood me up and pulled them up around the diapers. They fit perfectly!

I'd never worn rhumba pants before. I don't think I ever felt them. The outer cover over the vinyl pants was a silky material that felt wonderful as it slid over the vinyl and my skin.

'We can't hide those pretty panties with a sleeper so we thought this would do. It was a white babydoll nightie with a tie at the back. Pink trim had been sewn at the waist, hem, and sleeves. I loved the smell of it as soon as it went around me. There was an illusive scent to it, a baby smell, an aroma I loved. Last they tied pink ribbons in my hair, forming two ponytails.

Terry applied makeup to my eyelids and around my eyes and when she was done I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like an adorable baby girl!

Walking in four diapers was even more fun than walking in three! I waddled along, holding Terry's hand as she led me to her room. When she opened the door I saw the crib for the first time.

It was large enough to accommodate a double mattress and the sides stretched up so that standing on the mattress the top bar was higher than my head! At the headboard was a cute mobile that I learned played music for nearly two hours. The crib was all whites and pinks and yellows and lavenders.

Behind it the wall had been decorated with Tweety, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, the cartoon version of Baby. Mom followed as Terry led me to the crib. The side had a gate in it that opened out. I climbed in with a crimson face. As I turned to face them Mom handed me a huge Winnie the Pooh plushy toy as big as me!

One of Terry's friends handed her something and a moment later she brought it to my face. It was a pacifier, a Nuk 5, but the guard had been exchanged. It was now a button pacifier with the words 'Mute Button' on the front. There was a ribbon or something attached to it and I soon learned this was to attach to my nightie.

Caught and Punished Chapter 2

When I woke up I lay for a while with my eyes half open, breathing in the scents of the room. My nose was pressed up against the sheet and it had that same illusive scent of the nightie I was wearing. My tongue was busy with the rubber nipple of the pacifier and I wondered if I'd fallen asleep with it in my mouth and retained it all night.

A tangled head of blonde hair suddenly appeared in front of my face and I could smell the scent of the shampoo the girl used. It made me giggle to be able to smell that and she turned and looked at me. Putting out a finger she touched my nose.

'Hi baby girl!' She said. Her voice was still sleep laden and her breath smelled sour. I didn't move because I didn't want to.

Terry sat up in bed and looked across at me and smiled. Her smile was so sweet I had to smile back, lifting my head to do so. She kicked her covers away and I saw she was wearing bright red panties under her nightshirt. Coming to the crib she opened the gate, pushed me onto my back, pulled away the pacifier and handed me a baby bottle.

Since I didn't move my hands she held it in place and I suckled at the nipple. I put my hands up and covered her finger and thumb with mine. Her smile was all the reward I needed.

I came fully awake with the bottle and when it was empty she pulled me from the crib and walked me down to the nursery. Mom met us at the bottom of the stairs with Aunt Jill and Aunt Lillian. They took me into the nursery, removed my wet diapers, and put me in the tub. Mom bathed me while the Aunt Lillian put the diapers in the washing machine and Aunt Jill prepared my clothing for the day.

Relaxed and bemused I stood shivering on the bathroom floor while Mom rubbed baby oil into my skin and then toweled me dry. At the sink I had my teeth brushed and my mouth rinsed. She led me out to the cot and I obediently climbed up and lay down on the stack of three diapers.

I was powdered, the diapers pinned on properly, and a new pair of rhumba pants produced. These were bright yellow with white eyelet ruffles and ribbons and silk trim at the waist and legs. Mom rubbed baby powder into what little was exposed of my thighs and when she let me go my legs stretched out and the diaper rubbed over parts of me tantalizing and teasing.

The dress was silk, white with yellow trim; puff sleeves, a Peter Pan collar and a short gather skirt. My skin seemed to come to life under that silk and I breathed in the scent with delight. Mom sat me up and began to brush my hair. Aunt Jill applied pink lipstick and lip-gloss and the eye makeup, curling my lashes with a special brush.

When they were done I was placed in front of the mirror. A very pretty little girl looked back at me with beautiful eyes. My pupils were dilated more than usual and I decided I liked the look. It never occurred to me that it was a pharmacological symptom. Full of energy I wanted to run and dance and play and as soon as the door opened I took off in my pretty yellow shoes toward the steps. Mom caught me after three steps and swatted my bottom.

'Breakfast first baby girl!' She said with a smile. My laugh was full of delight as she lifted me to her hip. I melted into her, letting her hair tickle my face, breathing in all the scents that were hers alone.

'I love you Mom.' I said softly.

Her hands were gentle as she rubbed the silk of my dress and I decided I liked feeling those soft rubs through silk. The motion of me moving up and down on her hip had me gasping and when she patted my bottom I came in a rush of tickles and ecstasy that had me squealing and curling my toes.

She put me in the chair I usually sat in and turned it so that I was facing her. My body was still quivering with pleasure but the look in her eyes stopped it cold.

'That's a third week in diapers for you. I told you. Not without permission.' Her voice was a whisper but I heard the iron in it and I wanted to cry. 'Be careful baby girl, or I'll keep you in diapers and make you like it!' She laughed softly in my ear and I cringed and giggled, suddenly tickled in my neck.

Make me like it' I already loved it!

Terry and her friends took turns feeding me. Feeling humiliated from the experience I wasn't in such a great mood after breakfast, but Mom took me into the nursery, sat in the rocking chair, and held me while I drank a bottle. After that I felt so much better and all morning I half ran, half walked from end to end of the playroom until I was exhausted.

After lunch Terry took me up to the crib, gave me another bottle, and watched me drink it and fall asleep. I slept for three hours and when I woke up I was messy and wet. I remembered nothing from the time I fell asleep until I woke up. Terry wrinkled her nose when she saw me lift my head.

She opened the gate and turned me on my back and gave me another bottle, holding it as before until I finished it. Then she pulled me out of the crib and helped me to my feet. I immediately fell on my well-padded bottom with a splat. Terry was spraying air freshener in the room and kicking me and yelling at me to crawl. Embarrassed and shamed I crawled to the steps where Mom met me, picked me up, and carried me down into the nursery.

When she pulled the diaper away her eyes flashed in anger and her eyebrows drew together. 'You just added another week of diapers baby girl!' She snapped. You're sticky with it!'

'Mom!' I wailed. 'I was asleep!' She shook her head and wiped most of the mess off with the diapers. Then she pulled the diapers away and wiped me clean with baby wipes before running a bath. When I was settled in the tub she rinsed the diapers and put them in the washing machine.

Matters got worse because as she washed between my legs I got hard and turned on fast, my orgasm surprising me in its suddenness and intensity. She turned me over and spanked me hard! All the joy went out of it in a hurry. This just wasn't fair! But I was crying too hard to talk.

In a no-nonsense way she turned me back and plunked a pacifier in my mouth and finished washing me. She was as gentle as always and when she rubbed in the baby oil I got hard again. Her nostrils flared as she finished toweling me dry. I didn't know what to do.

When she pulled the diapers between my legs I was hard again. She waited several seconds and then pinned the diapers on. I was hard again and every movement just brought me nearer what I knew I couldn't have. But how does one stop one's body'

Standing me up she got behind me and bent over me to hold the yellow baby pants I was stepping into. As she slid them up I knew I was close. She made sure the diapers were all tucked in and her soft touch was making it worse. Letting go of me she watched as I plopped to the floor. Every movement only brought me closer and I could not get to my feet, no matter how hard I tried!

When the orgasm came I was sitting on the floor and my legs began to churn as I giggled and squealed in delight. It lasted a long time and I shivered even longer as it subsided. I could feel the semen sliding the front of the diaper. Mom lifted me into her lap when it was all over.

'That's another week baby girl. And since you did it right in front of me I think I'll add a fifth week to that for good measure.' She said softly.

'I can't help it!' I whined, and she laughed gently in my ear, making goose bumps rise on my skin.

'I don't believe that for a second!' She said, hugging me tight. 'You might just end up wearing diapers for a long time, baby girl.'

'You're not being fair!' I grumped.

'And you're not fooling me for a moment. You like wearing diapers and being treated like a baby and you're doing it on purpose!' She said.

'No I'm not!' I insisted.

'I've seen the way you close your eyes and sigh every time you're changed, baby girl. You love wearing diapers. Admit it!' She laughed.

'Okay. It's nice and yes, I do like it. You all touch me differently. But I'm not doing the other thing on purpose.' I said, too embarrassed to say exactly what I meant.

'Yes you are. Now stop arguing and drink this bottle.' She leaned me back against her and held the bottle while I drank. 'You like that too, don't you'' She asked softly. I nodded, unable to speak.

After the bottle I crawled back up the steps to the playroom and romped up and down the floor lost in the delight of silk against my skin, soft thick diapers between my legs, and the way it felt to have my hair bounce on my shoulders. Terry and a girlfriend watched me, then were replaced by another pair, until dinner.

One of the girls, Mandy, seemed to enjoy playing with me and treated me like a toddler in a way that delighted me. She was constantly touching me, and bending over to talk to me as I sat on the floor, giving me an incredible view of her cleavage and beautiful breasts.

'Here, lay down on my lap and I'll feed you this bottle.' She said. She arranged my head on her lap and held the bottle, playing with my hair as I drank. Every time she leaned forward she pressed one of her breasts against my face, seemingly unaware of what it was doing to me. I burbled around the nipple as I came, my legs moving in and out rhythmically, the shivers pleasant as it subsided.

I crawled to the steps and Mom was there to carry me down. She lifted me up and settled me on one hip, bouncing me a few times to get comfortable, and then walked down the steps. I knew it was going to happen again and it did by the time we hit the bottom step.

'That's probably the second or third time in these diapers!' She said, whispering in my ear. 'You've just added a whole month of wearing diapers baby girl. Now, if you have to pee or poop in your diaper I want you to tell me so I can put you on the potty.'

At supper I flooded the diapers without even realizing I was doing it and was surprised when I realized my bottom was feeling the heat of the urine. I motioned her over, my face red.

'I'm sorry Mom, but I just peed.' I whispered. 'I didn't even realize I was doing it, honest!'

'That's another month for lying to me.' She said in a whisper.

Later, when she was changing me I began to pee as she pulled the already soaked diapers away from me. She put them back quickly shook her head.

'You did that on purpose to try to convince me you don't have any control. We both know better baby girl. And you're diaper is sticky with your semen again! I will punish you if you continue this.' I began to cry and she put a pacifier in my mouth.

I didn't understand what was happening to my body. There was no way I could understand the herbs and potions they were using to relax my will and retard my ability to realize and respond to the need to pee or poop. Nor did I know Mom was using her knowledge to increase my libido and especially my ability to produce semen.

All I could do was feel it happen. I got another spanking in the bathtub for reaching a climax while she washed me with the sponge and soap. The spanking made the orgasm more intense until the pain took over. My cries went unheard and another pacifier was plunked in my mouth to shut me up.

'You know when you put those diapers on me I'm going to have another climax.' I said through my sobs. 'I can't help it!'

'Liar.' Mom said simply, sending me into more tears. I got changed crying in frustration until she stood me up to step into the baby pants. When they were in place I knew I was coming again and began to dance in frustration which only brought it on instantly. She lifted my hands above my head and practically lifted me off the floor and I danced on my toes, laughing, crying, and hiccupping all at the same time.

After she cleaned my face, and changed my diapers again just to show me what I'd done in them, she brushed my hair and applied the makeup as before. This time she had to hold me up as we walked to the mirror. I stared at a little girl hiccupping and sobbing, drooling down her chin beneath the pacifier, with pupils fully dilated. I knew from health class that this was often a sign of extreme ecstasy. She wiped the drool and lowered me to the floor.

'Go see Terry.' She said. 'She's waiting in her room for the second part of your punishment.'

Feeling very sorry for myself I crawled up the steps and across the balcony to her door. She looked at me with pity coming to me in waves from our connected minds. Holding out her arms she indicated I should take her hands. I did and she lifted me and hugged me.

'Having a rough time baby girl'' She asked. I nodded. 'We have a surprise for you!' She said, turning me so I could see it. Suspended from the center joist in the ceiling was a jumper. I remembered enjoying that when I was a baby. Three girls lifted me into the seat and Terry fastened the Velcro straps to hold me in place.

I was suspended so that my toes barely touched the floor. Moving about in uncoordinated motions all I could do was swing in half circles, unable to get a purchase on the floor. The girls were trying different brands of lipstick and testing them by kissing each other.

For me it was an incredibly exotic sight and I was soon giggling and squealing as I reached a climax, my legs churning beneath the swing, my toes curled in delight. Terry tried a shade of red that was really hot, caught me looking at her and practically drooling, and sauntered over.

'Mandy, why don't you try this lipstick and kiss Tuppence'' She asked. Mandy grinned and liberally applied it until her lips glittered and gleamed. She put a lip-gloss over it and when she came close I could smell the cherry lip-gloss, her fruity flavored breath, the warmth of it washing over mine as she leaned in.

The kiss was gentle at first, but she had her hands behind my head and I whimpered and made mewling noises as I came again.

I think he liked it!' She said wickedly when she let me go. She knew! My face turned crimson and I lowered my head wishing I could crawl under a rock somewhere for a century or two.

After that each girl took a turn, fixing my lipstick and lip-gloss after each kiss. They had just finished retouching my lipstick and lip-gloss when Mom came in.

'I need to change him for the night girls.' She lifted me out of the seat after all the straps were removed and carried me down the steps to the nursery. 'Your covered in sweat baby girl. What have you been doing'' She put me down on the switchback landing and pulled my diapers out in back, wrinkling her nose. 'I thought you were going to tell me when you had to go!' She said sternly. 'And you're soaking wet too!'

She picked me up and settled me and I put my head on her shoulder and sighed, and then giggled as the tickles swept over me again. Right after that I peed again, a strong steady flow that was still going on when she stretched me out on the cot. She took her time getting the pins off and then pulled back the diaper.

'My my! You have been busy!' She said with a chuckle. I was too tired to have another episode of ecstasy as she bathed me and diapered me for the night. I was almost asleep by the time she finished my makeup. She lifted me onto her hip and carried me up to my crib making mewling sounds around my pacifier.

I felt so relaxed, so good, I was making delighted sounds simply because I wanted to. They were the tired sounds of a very tired baby. For some reason that pleased me. Mom put me in the crib and covered me with the soft blanket and kissed me. Then Terry was there with a bottle.

After the bottle I felt like I was floating, lighter than air, my whole body tingling. I watched the mobile and then turned on my tummy and faced out to the room so I could see the girls. For a while I listened to their laughter and conversation but eventually I slipped into sleep.

In the middle of the night I woke up, and turned on my back. I was hard again and my body was eager. I could feel it. Little movements, carefully made tickled just enough to promise the pleasure yet to come. Eventually I got to the point where I knew the next movement was going to launch me into ecstasy and a deep breath was all it took to send me over the edge.

Not only did I orgasm for a long time, but somewhere toward the end I flooded the diapers, giggling at the sensations of the warmth spreading around me. I loved wetting the diapers.

In the morning Mom removed the messy soaked diaper and shook her head. I could see a smile playing around her lips so I held my breath.

'I guess you really can't help yourself. I'm just going to have to keep you in diapers baby girl!' She said, smiling as she shook her head. Some words sound so sweet. 'Do you want to be a baby girl or a baby boy'' She asked as she wiped the mess away.

'I don't know.' I said after a few minutes of cleaning. I really didn't.

'Then I'll dress you as a boy today, and you can tell me tonight. But if you wear diapers you are going to have to sleep in Terry's room and study at home instead of school.'

As she wiped me with baby wipes I thought about having her all to myself during the day and sighed with pleasure.

'And I'll treat you like a baby. If you're going to wear diapers you're going to be treated like a baby.' She added as she helped me into the tub.

'I love you Mommy!' I said quietly. That came out without thought. I hadn't called her Mommy since I was six.

'And I love you too, sweetie. So don't make me spank you in the tub this morning!' It was already too late and her heart wasn't in the spanking. After a while she rinsed my hair and spoke again.

'You'll change, you know. Every day you'll get more and more like a toddler. You may not ever grow up. You might just be my baby forever.' She said softly. I shuddered in anticipation.

The girls all left after breakfast and I played up in the playroom with Terry watching over me. I was doing the half running, half walking waddle across the room and she was laughing at me. 'You're getting this baby thing down pretty well, baby girl!' She said lightly, swatting me as I danced past her. 'I think Mom wants to make you a permanent baby.' She added.

'How do you feel about that'' I asked, pausing for a moment in front of her before giving her a butterfly kiss and dancing off again.

'She says I can help change you. Would that be okay'' She replied, without answering me. But I felt from her a surge of pleasure when I asked her how she felt about it. 'We're going to dominate you completely.' She said. I could see she was tasting the idea, and liking it.

'Why'' I asked as I danced by again.

'Because we know you'll love it.' She said, catching me as I danced by and nuzzling my tummy with her nose until I was laughing hysterically. 'Mom says all boys really want to be dominated, but some grow to distrust their feelings and change. She says you've never distrusted your feelings about it. You might like to know that she said it would be easy now that you were going through puberty.'

Letting me up she laughed as I romped off again. Whatever they were giving me all I wanted to do was run and play, dance and laugh. Part of that was the freedom I felt to act this way. I suddenly stopped in front of Terry. She watched me as I squatted down to pose my question.

'If you're filling your pants do it on the other side of the room!' She said.

'Not!' I said, laughing with her. 'Why do I like being dressed like a baby girl best''

'Mom says its because you're really into feeling everything right now. Girl clothes feel better, more intimate. You really do make a pretty little girl. When I hold you or touch you it's like touching myself.' She mused quietly.

The following day everyone left for work and school. Mom changed me after breakfast and asked me how many diapers I wanted to wear. I opted for three. As she pulled them up between my legs she bent down and nuzzled my nose. 'Your training begins now!'

I was making mewling sounds as I waited for the climax. It came after the baby pants were on and I was moving my legs in and out on the cot. She was serious about the training, but the really intense part was yet to come. Today she wanted to build my trust and she did it masterfully.

I was expecting a bottle and instead I got a breast! 'Don't bite and be gentle. I'm full this morning so you need to let me decide when to move you to the other breast.' She signed as I began to nurse. Sweet warm milk flowed down my throat as I suckled in sheer delight.

When it was time she helped me switch and when I was finished she fastened her nursing bra and adjusted her blouse.

'Can I have more'' I asked.

She smiled. 'No honey. You'll be able to tell when I'm full again. You can wait. Now lets read a book.'

She read to me for nearly an hour before offering me a bottle. When I was finished with the bottle we went into the basement where she ushered me into a room I'd never seen before. There was a seat in the center of the pie shaped room, facing the rounded wall. It was soft and covered in a silky material. Mom put me in the seat and I reclined, just feeling the silky material around me.

'Hold still sweetie.' She pricked my arm with a hypodermic needle and pushed the plunger down, and a cool substance entered my veins.

After three minutes I was in a state of euphoria. That's when all the lights went off. In the darkness I heard a whisper and sweet soft music. Then the wall lit up with a tantalizing display that caught my eyes and drew them to the very center of a swirling vortex and held them there.

Faster than the human eye could detect images flashed. The whisper and music continued. It was lunchtime when the session was ended. When the lights came up Mom was sitting beside me, gently rubbing my arm with one hand and holding my hand with the other.

After lunch I was changed and we returned, the session ending as the other kids came home. Mom finished changing me again and we met my sister as we exited the nursery. Terry took my hand as she passed and led me up to our room, opened the gate, and helped me into the crib. She closed and latched the gate and handed me a bottle. I stretched out and drank.

'You know, the thick diapers and baby pants look really cute on you. How was your day'' She said, turning away and pulling her blouse off. I pulled the nipple out of my mouth long enough to say that the day had been relaxing. Put the nipple back in and continued to drink.

She removed her skirt and pulled on a pair of pink pants and found a favorite top to go with it. Her books were on her desk, placed there when we first entered, and she sat down, arranged them, and began working on her homework. For some reason my mind refused to connect properly and I remained in a strange state of bemused euphoria.

My skin felt like it was alive, hyper aware of the material touching it. Moving my feet in and out felt divine against the rhumba pants silky exterior and the silk trim at the legs tickled me. Of course the diapers rubbed up and down on that one special place and the tickles began to build in intensity until I was one tiny movement away from an orgasm.

I didn't even realize Terry had come to the side of the crib until her fingers gently tickled my neck and I squealed with laughter and pleasure that seemed to sweep over my entire body. She put her hand on my tummy and raised an eyebrow as I trembled and shivered beneath her touch.

She gave me another bottle and went back to her homework and I fell asleep and dreamed of floating in darkness as sweet touches of silk falling from above landed on me and slid off, slowly and gently leaving an imprint of goosebumps on my skin. I dreamed of strong streams of pee flooding my diapers and how good it felt. And I dreamed of being a baby girl, crawling on the floor.

Terry shook me gently awake. She stuck a finger under the elastic leg of my baby pants and felt the wetness of the diapers. 'Come on baby, you need a diaper change.' She said sweetly, laughing as I wiggled backwards out of the crib and plopped on the floor.

She kept her arm around my shoulder as we walked down to the nursery and stayed to help Mom change me. Wrinkling her nose at the smell of pee she carried the diapers to the washing machine and put them in, adding the soap. Then she washed her hands and sat talking to mom.

Having Terry there somehow gave me comfort. They were talking about me and I listened as they spoke together.

'He's really coming along. I can tell a big difference.' Terry said.

'Every day he'll become more like the baby we want him to be.' Mom said as she worked the sponge over my back.

'Won't he fight it'' Terry asked, looking at me. I returned her gaze without saying anything.

'Oh yes.' Mom said with a laugh. 'In three or four days time he will fight with everything he has to retain his image of himself.'

'What will happen'' Terry asked.

'We'll have a very cranky baby on our hands for a few days, confused and rebellious, and sure he'll win.' Mom replied, kissing my forehead lightly. 'But he will know, in the end, that he cannot win, no matter how hard he tries or how much he fights. He will know that I am his mommy and I hold ultimate power over his everything. That's when he'll put up his hardest fight of all.'

'Will this hurt him ultimately, unhinge him or anything'' Terry asked, suddenly concerned.

'It will redefine him. When it's all over he will be a compliant and very happy baby and he will know he needs us both. But it won't ultimately hurt him. That's the secret, you know, of being a woman. Knowing how to win the battle of wills. It's a lot like breaking a horse. Once you're done the horse is obedient, but still has all his power and grace and personality.' She moved her hand down to wash me between the legs and I didn't respond.

'See. Already it's working.' She smiled at me and kissed my forehead again. I would do anything for that smile of approval. It filled me with warmth.

Mom missed her prediction by one day. I realized on the fourth day after that I was losing myself. I no longer saw myself as a man, but more and more as a helpless infant. The morning session left me sweating and weak in my attempt to resist the training, the redefining of me. It all felt wrong somehow. I was afraid.

'I don't want to be a baby anymore!' I said as I was being changed. Mom just nodded and told me to go to my room and get dressed. No diaper, no pampering, just be me. Ten minutes later I peed in my pants.

'If you have another accident I'll have to put you back in diapers, baby boy!' My mother said as she put my wet pants in the laundry.

'Don't call me that! I'm not a baby!' I said hotly. She smiled.

'We'll see.' She said. Half an hour later I not only wet my pants, I filled them! It was appalling! I had no control. And as it happened I wanted diapers. In the nursery, as I was stripped I shivered but decided I'd had enough.

'I am not going to let you put diapers on me!' I screamed after I was bathed and prepared.

Without saying anything my two aunts and my mother wrestled me into the second nursery where I was strapped to a whipping post. I didn't remember seeing it there before. My ankles were strapped and I was bent over a pole and my hands tied securely to keep me stretched out.

'Tell me when you're ready to cooperate.' My mother said. In her hand was something I'd never seen before. It looked like a horses tail attached to a handle. It didn't feel like that! Cleverly devised the strap didn't break skin, but it made every inch of my skin burn!

I clenched my teeth and prepared to fight. It didn't last. The burning increased, I felt like my sin was on fire! I begged to be put in diapers after only a few seconds but it continued mercilessly for several minutes.

As soon as she stopped, and gently rubbed my red skin, the pain and burning went away. With my head hanging I let them lead me back and put me in diapers. The second afternoon session began and now I was strapped in place, fighting madly to escape, knowing my mind was being bombarded with things that would take away my will to stay who I was.

I cried most of that evening and tried desperately to get out of my crib. They dragged me to the whipping post again. I threw everything out of the crib when I was returned and when I refused to drink the bottles they were simply left there until I got thirsty enough to need them. It didn't help that I made myself hoarse and dry screaming.

The following day was worse. Getting angry and trying to fight made my head spin and my thoughts scatter. I was swaddled in the afternoon session so that I could not move at all. My voice was gone and I couldn't scream anymore. Even my body betrayed me, telling me how much it loved the feel of diapers, the smell of everything baby, and the anticipation of tickles.

I fought for four days and on the fifth I gave in. My life had gone from sweet smiles and gentle touches to fearful punishments at the whipping post. Try as I might I could not control my bladder or my bowels or the pleasure diapers offered. It was as if I had an epiphany. I was missing too much.

Missing in my life was Mom's smile of approval, Terry's smile and laughter, and my joy. I didn't even have to say anything. My placid acceptance of all care said it all. In the morning session I did not attempt to move or escape, simply sat and stared at the wall, listening to the whisper of Mom's voice and the soft sweet music.

When the lights turned on she was there, as always, holding my hand, gently rubbing my arm. Her eyes lit up with a huge smile and her face turned into the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I cried then, not because I was sad or angry, but because I loved that smile. I knew what I'd been missing and what I wanted most.

She nuzzled my tummy and blew a raspberry on my belly button sending me into gales of laughter. How could I have resisted this joy'

On her hip the usual delights happened and by the time we reached the nursery I was making mewling sounds of delight.

All three women were there, making much of my behavior and how cute I was. Not only was I diapered, but they dressed me in silk and put lipstick and lip-gloss on my lips and made up my face.

Before the afternoon session Mommy breastfed me, brushing her hand over my face and hair and smiling down at me until I thought my heart would burst. In the afternoon session I giggled with delight the whole time. Part of that involved all the tickles that went on from start to finish!

I was just freshly changed when Terry came in and took one look at me, smiled, and pulled me in for a hug. My world was right again. In her room I drank my bottle and giggled and kicked and cooed in pleasure.

Later, after dinner, Mommy read to me and when it was time to change me for bed Terry was there again. Four thick warm diapers were pulled between my legs and pinned in place. Mommy's hair tickled my tummy as she pinned the side away from her and I decided I liked that kind of tickle. In my nightie and diapers and rhumba pants I looked at the pretty little baby girl in the mirror with delight.

In the morning I was surprised that we were going in for another session. Since I'd been breastfed and pampered outrageously I was more than happy to comply. Strangely, when it was over, I remembered nothing. Mommy walked me upstairs holding both my hands up in the air and changed me, then fed me lunch.

After lunch I tried to walk around the kitchen and spent more time on my bottom than on my feet. Unconcerned by this turn of events I was happy to stay close to Mommy. When she smiled at me the world was perfect! About an hour after lunch I knew I was going to have a messy diaper, and I went to a spot in the playroom and held on to a chair, filling my diapers.

'Did my baby girl just make a poo poo in her diaper'' Mom asked, bending down over me. I nodded and she smiled at me. Wanting to be held I held up my arms and ended up taking a squishy seat. Mom laughed and picked me up and carried me to the nursery.

After that we went in for an afternoon session and again I remembered nothing. Terry came home just as I was changed and hugged me again. She wrinkled her nose.

'Was that you baby girl'' She asked, poking me in the tummy. I giggled and nodded.

'Mom! He's perfect!' She said, hugging me tightly.

'Almost.' Mom answered, smiling at me. At dinner that night I couldn't seem to get my arms to do what I wanted them to do and feeding myself was a disaster. Terry took over, batting my hands away and wiping my face and bib. I was fed and somehow that seemed just fine. r

Was I regressing or being regressed' I didn't know and I didn't know if I cared. What I did know was that a smile from Mommy was like sunshine bursting through dark clouds. My body seemed more alive than ever, every inch hyper aware of what touched it.

Two months went by, twice a day in the basement staring at that moving light that drew my eyes into one point and held them, listening to Mom's voice and sweet music. At the end of that time I no longer wore any boy clothes. It wasn't because I wanted to be a baby girl, it was because they didn't feel as good as girl clothes.

The herbs and potions did what they were supposed to do and I loved it all. Terry brought her friends for another weekend after the two months and I was a very different Tuppence than they remembered. All of them looked at me for several minutes with pretty smiles and curious eyes. I knew what they were thinking.

In the months of training and the weeks that followed I slowly settled into my new personality. I was never alone, and never far from gentle hands and fingers, needing to be touched and cuddled and loved. When Mommy was around I was close to her, never straying far. And I looked like a little girl.

At the time they first saw me after all the changes I was sitting in the crib with a soft baby blanket pressed against my right ear and my left thumb in my mouth. Terry came over and pulled my thumb out and gave me a pacifier. When she put it in my mouth I leaned forward for it as though I wanted it.

What I really wanted was her touch, and after putting the pacifier in my mouth she touched my nose and then rubbed the side of my face and spread my hair out with her fingers. I bounced in glee and she smiled at me and kissed me lightly on my nose.

'Is this really Tommy'' Mand

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