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Naughty Heather

As Heather's alarm clock rang she awoke to the smell of urine. After reaching over and turning off the alarm clock she quickly found that her bed was soaked. The sticky, cold sheets stuck to her nightie, which in turn stuck to her, all very uncomfortably. She quickly tore the sheets off and found that her nightie was saturated almost to the point of transparency. She closed her eyes and let out a frustrated moan, chastising herself. The 16 year old girl had started wetting her bed again three weeks previous for an unknown reason. Three days ago her mother had taken her to the doctor only to reveal that there wasn't an obvious problem. After becoming frustrated at having to change her daughters sheets every day she had sworn that the next time would be the last. Heather had managed to stay dry for two nights in a row and thought that she was cured.

As she stepped out of bed she tore off her nightie and placed it back on her bed before it had a chance to drip too much on the floor. Heather, breakfast is ready! she heard being called at her from downstairs. She dreaded telling her mother what had happened but she had no choice. Naked she looked back at her bed and almost started to cry. Her once beautifull white comforter with red roses was now actually getting a yellow tinge to it from its frequent contact with urine. Her sheets, piled in the middle, were soaken wet, with her almost ruined nightie sitting on the top. At least when small children wet the bed they could only wet a small amount, when a 16 year old wet the bed they flooded it, Heather realized with a frown. The urine, which had started to dry, was also starting to stink, and where it stuck to her lower, and even upper, body it was starting to itch. Heather, I am not going to tell you again, get down here! yelled her mother once more.

Coming! countered Heather back down the stairs. She just couldn't let her mother find out about this. She tore the sheets off of her bed and devised a plan to hide them in her closet until she could get home and wash them. After she had gotten all of her sheets in to one soaking pile she dragged them in to her closet and quickly shut the door. Her bear mattress was accumulating a growing stain from where it had been soaked for so many nights. As Heather pulled a used towel out of her hamper and tried to absorb the moisture on her bed her door opened.

What are you doing? asked Heather's mother, Jan, as she opened the door to find her daughter naked on top of her soaked bed with a towel in her hand. You wet the bed again didn't you? she demanded.

Heather quickly jumped off the mattress and covered herself with the towel. No mom, I was just changing my sheets, Heather lied, trying to avoid her mother's anger.

Jan didn't even need to try to smell the obvious odor of urine. Where are they? she asked suspiciously.

Where is what? Heather asked trying to play dumb.

Your sheets, where are they?

I umm took them downstairs earlier..

No you didn't, I have been cooking breakfast and I haven't seen anyone come down these stairs, why are you naked, where is your nightie?

I was just about to get dressed, Heather professed urgently.

Jan began to look around the room. As she neared Heather's closet Heather started to squirm a bit. Jan opened the door to find the mess of wet blankets.....

Jan turned quickly around and put her hands on her hips, the customary position when she was angry. And what is this? Jan asked, then said without waiting for an answer, if you have a real problem then I can understand it completely, but lying to me and trying to hide things from me is unacceptable. It is almost as if you enjoy doing it, well let me tell you one thing, it isn't funny. I have to wash those sheets and they are almost ruined. A good set of sheets isn't cheap you know, it comes out of your father and my paychecks.

But, but. Heather stammered, searching to words to convey her innocence.

But nothing, this is the last straw, Jan said picking up Heather's soaked nightie. Now, go get in the shower and clean that pee off of yourself, its unhealthy for girls to run around covered in their own urine. After that you can wash these sheets yourself, then we are going to go to the store. You've done it this time Heather, I am going to go make some calls, you do as you were told! Jan turned and headed back down the stairs.

Heather was left with the towel covering herself as she started to cry. Heather, along with her whole family, was very modest. Jan had not seen her naked in years; likewise, Heather had not seen her parents naked that she could remember. She was very embarresed from being exposed like that, just thinking of what a site she must have been, naked on her soaked bed, made Heather blush. Not wanting to anger her mother further she walked down the hall in to the bathroom and started the shower. After the water got warm she got in and washed herself off thouroughly. It felt very good to be rid of the pee which had dried on her body. After she was done she got out of the shower and began to dry herself off with a fresh towel. She had forgotten to bring clothes with her as she usually did, to avoid being seen by anyone between the bathroom and her bedroom, so she was forced to make the trip once again with only a towel to cover her naked body. Once in her room she went quickly to her dresser and pulled out a pair of white cotton panties, they were briefs, the only kind her mother would allow her to wear, with small blue flowers covering them. Next she pulled out a bra, it was white and just big enough to fit over her 34A breasts. In the next drawer down she pulled out a pair of blue running shorts. They were a thin material and went about halfway to her knees. She turned around and looked in the mirror to see that her panty lines were very apparent, if only her mother would let her wear a different style of panty like the other girls her age she wouldn't have that problem she thought bitterly. She then went to her closet and chose a plain white shirt. It had a V-neck, although not very much of one, it was the lowest that her mother had allowed her to purchase on her last shopping trip to the town mall.

Dressed, Heather picked up the pile of sheets from her bedroom floor and carried them downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs Jan was talking on the kitchen phone with her back to Heather. Not wanting to confront her mother, Heather quickly walked to the other side of the kitchen and in to the utility room where her washer and dryer were. Setting the comforter aside, it would be a load in itself, she opened the washer and put her sheets and nighty in it. She looked down and saw a wet spot on her shirt where the sheets had been pressed against it. She added a bit more then the recommended amount of soap and detergent, along with a bit of bleach to take out the accumulating yellowness. After she started the load she heard a goodbye followed by the phone clicking in to the receiver. She reluctantly walked back in to the kitchen to find her mother waiting for her.

With her hands on her hips her mother looked her carefully up and down. Put on some shoes, she said quickly, we are going to the store. She then turned to the counter and pulled her car keys off of the hook where they were kept.

What for? Heather questioned, unable to think of a reason that her mother would need her to accompany her to the store.

Well, it seems like peeing your bed like a baby is going to become a regular ocurance for you, and we can't have you wrecking all the sheets in the house, so we are going to go get you some protective sheets instead, Jan said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

You mean plastic sheets? I don't need plastic sheets like a baby! Heather said a little louder then she had meant to. The embarresement of having to get plastic sheets was just to much, it would ruin her social life, she would never be able to have any of her girlfriends spend the night again.

Don't you back talk me young lady! If you pee your bed like a little girl, then I am most certainly going to treat you like a little girl, is that understood? Jan said, her eyebrows beginning to raise in anger. All Heather could do was cry, afraid to get herself in to even worse circumstances if she made the argument go farther. Stop that crying this instant, or I will give you something to cry about you little baby! Heather quickly wiped her eyes and tried her hardest not to cry. Now go get in the car like you were told! Heather walked to the front door and slipped on her flip-flop sandals and headed outside to the car...Heather refrained from talking to her mother for the entire trip. It wasn't a very long drive downtown to a baby supply store which was right off the main road. As her mother switched off the ignition Heather became beet red. She was very embarrassed about having to go in to the store, at least no one would know her. She quietly, and slowly remove her seatbelt and opened the car door. As she got to the front of the car her mother was standing waiting for her. Without speaking a word Jan began walking towards the door of the store and Heather followed closely behind. As soon as they walked through the electronic sensor doors Jan headed for a young saleswoman. Where do you keep your plastic sheets? To protect beds from wetting accidents?

Follow me ma'am, the saleswoman said in a nice tone of voice, turning and heading down an isle. Heather and Jan were close at her heals. What size do you need? These here are for medium sized cribs.

Hmm, well I believe your bed is a Twin size, isn't it Heather? Jan said looking directly in to Heather's eyes, the thought of what embaressment she was causing her daughter didn't even seem to cross her mind. Heather blushed deep red and saw that the saleswoman was starring at her strangely. You answer when I ask you a question, how big is your bed? Jan said a bit more sternly.

Heather could not remember a time when she was more embarrassed then this. You can't do this to me! I don't need plastic sheets! Heather said quite loudly with tears beginning to run down her face.

Jan quickly took Heather's hand in her right hand and slapped her firmly on the butt with her left. We already went over this, if you are going to wet your bed at nights like a baby then you are going to have to have plastic sheets to protect the mattress, now I don't want to hear anything else out of you! Is that understood? Jan spoke in a tone of voice that Heather hadn't heard since she misbehaved at the grocery store as a child. She just stared in to her mother's eyes, I said, is that understood? Jan said while shaking Heather's arm.

Yes, Heather said in a whimper. The saleswoman looked on with eyes wide open, trying not to seem like she noticed the event take place.

Ok, I guess we will take a set of plastic sheets for a twin sized bed, Jan said calmly to the saleswoman. The saleswoman quickly walked down the isle and picked up a package that showed a plastic sheet on a mattress. Without saying a word she walked to the register and rang it up.

That will be twenty dollars please ma'am, she said like the drive through attendant at McDonalds. Jan reached in to her purse and pulled out a crisp twenty dollar bill and handed it over. With a quick thank you she took her purchase, now in a nice plastic bag, in one hand and Heather's hand in the other and headed out towards the car. When they reached the car Jan let go of Heather's hand and went to put the plastic sheets in the trunk. Heather waited nervously by her door. When she was younger she could tell that her mother was mad at her if she was silent while leaving the store, but always knew she couldn't hope for a quiet trip home. After Jan unlocked her door and pressed the electronic lock, causing Heather's door to unlock with a click she got in and fastened her seatbelt. After Heather followed suit the silence was broke.

Young lady, I can not believe you just acted like that. You embaressed me and made me look a fool. You could have acted your age and simply told me the size of your bed, but like a 8 year old you chose to throw a fit. There will be a punishment when we get home, and with that Jan started the car and headed for her house. As the pulled in the driveway Heather started to itch with anticipation. After pulling in to the garage and pressing the automatic garage door button in her car Jan pushed the trunk button and the trunk crashed open with a thud. Bring your new sheets in the house, Jan said calmly as she got out and headed inside. Not wanting to anger her mother further Heather stepped out of the car and got out the plastic bag, before closing the trunk with a slam. She then went inside to find her mother on the phone again, after her presence was noticed Jan moved the mouthpiece of the phone away from her and said in a whisper go set that on your bed and come back here. Heather did as she was told, taking her time. When she returned she found her mom in the process of writing something.

Mom, Heather said quietly and respectfully, trying to get her mother's attention. Whatever this punishment was, Heather wanted it over as quickly as possible. Jan finished writing the word she was on then dropped her pen and turned around to face Heather.

I think you understand that your behavior in the store earlier was just unacceptable; however, behavior like that must have its consequences. Now that was a very childlike thing you did, correct? Jan said waiting for a reply. Heather nodded, the entire event did remind her of something that could have easily taken place many years before. Now, you can probably remember that when you were younger and acted up in public you had the corner waiting for you when you got home, and I think it should be no different now. Since you are older your corner time is going to be longer though, I think it will be suitable if you stay in the corner for the next hour to hour and a half, depending on your behavior, Jan then pointed at a corner of the kitchen that was not occupied and had been the traditional place where Heather had spent her corner time as a child. Knowing that arguing wouldn't help Heather walked slowly towards the corner and stuck her nose nearly in it, just as she had many years before.

Heather stood for many long minutes, ocassionaly shifting her weight from foot to foot. Jan was busying herself with house chores but frequently passed through the kitchen so Heather was careful not to move more than an inch. Soon Heather became aware of a pressing feeling in her bladder, she really needed to pee. Heather knew that if she even made the slightest sound her mother might become angry so she stayed quiet. A bit later she unconsciously stuck a hand between her legs and squeezed herself trying to hold in the pee. On the next trip through the kitchen Jan stopped short, You lady! Do not be playing with yourself! It is inappropriate, if not inexcusable for a young girl to be abusing herself! I did put you in the corner so that you could m..mm..masturbate! Heather could not believe what she just heard, her mother thought that she was masturbating! She quickly turned and jumped to her defence.

I wasn't playing with myself, I just need to go to the bathroom, really bad! Heather said desperately.

You get yourself back in that corner right now! For that you have extra time, and you can just hold it! And I better not catch you touching yourself again either! Jan then waited for Heather to turn around and gave her a hard swat on the butt. The sudden jolting the swat caused almost made Heather lose control. Jan then turned and continued what she was doing. Being much more careful, Heather stood with her hands by her side, shifting her weight more and more frequently until her mother swatted her again and told her to hold still. Heather could not see a clock, so had no idea how much longer she had, but it seemed like an eternity. Heather had to hunch over to prevent wetting herself, but she could not hold it off. It started with a few drops squeezing in to her panties, soon after it was a solid flood. She peed for what seemed like 10 minutes, the urine soaked her blue running shorts, turning them nearly transparent, then ran down the front and back of her legs and fell on her feet, then splashed on to the floor, forming a yellow puddle. Heather began to sob, knowing she was in for the worst.

Sure enough, when Jan entered the room Heather heard an astonished gasp. Jan then ran to the corner and grabbed Heather by the shoulder spinning her around. What is this?? I can't believe this Heather, first night time accidents, then your tantrum in the store, and now this, peeing yourself in the middle of the day like a baby. Well, we can also deal with this the same way we would when you were little, pull your pants around your ankles, Jan commanded, her hands on her hips. Heather slowly complied, grabbing her shorts and panties at the same time and pulling them down to her ankles. Good now you can turn back around and face the corner to finish out your corner time. Since you seem to enjoy acting like a child so much I think you might need a taste of it. I am going to the store and I do not want you to move until I get back and tell you to! With that Jan slapped Heather very hard on her wet, bare butt and walked out of the room. Heather stood in the corner crying. Her soaken shorts were around her ankles, with her now yellow panties on top of them. Her ankles were pulled together, and her bare feet stood in the warm puddle of pee. It felt very weird for the air to be moving over her bare butt and vagina. Completely humiliated Heather wondered what her mother had meant....

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