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Not Quite An Accident
BY: bratling 2010


Brad had been in trouble in school again, as was his custom. He was a typical young boy with a bit of a bratty streak but he never did anything really awful, so his mother had never seen fit to truly lay down the law. Until now that is. After the latest call from the principal Ms. Mia, his mother, decided that her son was just having too many opportunities to get into mischief. She almost longed for the days when the worst he could do was reach for something on the counter or say a bad word in his cute baby talk.

She was meeting her pediatrician for lunch and hoped that might cheer her up. Dr. Walsh had always been a good friend to her and had a motherly if rather stern air about her. Dr. Walsh normally only looked to the health of girls, having little capacity to put up with squirmy poorly behaved boys, but she had looked after Brad since his birth because of her friendship with his mother, who had just poured forth her story over a croissant sandwich.

'The problem with little boys is that they don't grow older, they just get bigger and harder to control.' The doctor explained. She was quite open about her lack of appreciation of the lesser sex as she called them, but wasn't totally hostile: she was always firm with Brad but never really cruel to him, she simply wished him to know his place and behave himself.

'I don't know if there's anything that can be done for that' Ms Mia lamented.

'Well if you really wanted to I think making him a baby again would keep him out of trouble.' The doctor said with a grin. 'I didn't mind him so much then, he was a sweet infant.'

'You must be joking. I thought about putting him back in diapers when he was younger for his bedwetting but he barely even let me get the goodnights on him.'

Dr. Walsh chuckled. 'I think I would have handled that rather quickly. A catheter can stop bedwetting, though of course it might encourage more incontinence problems' But you see, the problem isn't with you, you're his mother and you have to do what he needs, you just need to make him realize what he needs.'

Mia's look was incredulous. 'I don't think he's just going to realize that he needs to be back in nappies.'

'Hence the 'make' part.' The pediatrician said with a sly grin. 'Listen let's go to the clinic and I'll give you a few things and write up a treatment plan.

The clinic was actually the downstairs of her house, and it was a mix of the comfortable and the medical. There was even a ward upstairs incase patients had to stay the night. The Dr. went straight to her medicine cabinet, picking out a few bottles, putting one or two back and then smiling when she found the perfect ones. She next went to a larger cabinet and picked out a few goodnights diapers. Mia watched with growing curiosity and came to stand over her friend's shoulder as she explained.

'I'm giving you a bottle of a gentle muscle relaxant serum, a liquid diuretic and some sedative pills. Of course they'll need to be ground, can you grab the mortar' Yes that's it.' Dr. Walsh ground up some tan pills and returned them to the bottle they'd come from.

'Go on home and buy some salty crunchy foods, you know chips, fries, and of course some peanut butter. Give them to him around dinner, the salt will get him nice and thirsty. In the dinner or his juice you need to add a two drops of each of the liquid and not more than that. Be careful with the powder as well, just an eighth of a tea spoon should be the right dose. Two of them will help him sleep and relax, and the other is going to make him need to wet more. Every night at dinner, but not during the day yet. Forcing him too fast would result in a cranky boy and, dare I say, an even less pleased mother.'

Mia nodded a bit and took the bag. 'But I don't want him to just be a bed wetter.' She complained, not knowing what else the doctor had in store.

'Boys stop bedwetting last, if at all, so it's the first thing we'll bring back. Doing it gradually, that's the key. That and subtly. He won't know what's going on. After it gets to be too big of a bother bring him in to see me and I'll have a look at him and keep him for a few days. For now theres nothing you need to worry about except making sure he wears his goodnights and making him comfortable. Speaking of which I gave you the kind that need to be taped up, make sure you put them on him, that's important.' She instructed.

Mia smiled and looked into the bag. 'Alright I'll do it. I'll be back in a week or so to see what you have planned next. I'm honestly rather curious about this.'

'So am I.' Dr. Walsh admitted. 'If this treatment works on him it could be employed on older boys, perhaps peoples husbands. A few of my patients parents could benefit from it.' She laughed and saw Mia out to the door. She arrived home from the store just in time to stash the special bag and begin putting the junk food away before her son arrived.

'Heya Mom' He said innocently. He was kind of surprised she didn't jump on him about the incident with his teacher. He was still too young to know that women are more dangerous when they're quiet than when they yell.

'Welcome home kiddo. Glad schools out'' She asked with a smile, handing him a portioned pack of chips.

'Sure am! I'm going to go play outside, be back soon.' He said, scampering out the door. The day went by like this with Brad watching TV while his mother planned dinner. Each night, she decided, she'd provide something that would cling to the palate like white bread or peanut butter, and a good helping of salty dry food like potatoes or fried onions (his favorites). She finally set on peanut butter and jelly, fries and some vegetables. These, predictably enough, were barely half eaten, and this achievement occurred with significant prompting.

However it was the juice and the jelly that were important. She was glad to see all these disappear followed by another glass of milk. She offered to clean the table, usually Brad's job, and let him go watch tv. In moments she went to look in on him and smiled. He seemed sleepy and a bit weak as he lay on the couch, his eyelids constantly threatening to encroach on the territory of his pupils while his mouth hung slightly open.

This already was a welcome change from the nightly battles over bed time. Brad could scarcely explain the sleepy feeling he had despite his excitement about being on break. He was glad when his mother scooped him up in her arms and started to carry him towards bed.

'Do you need to go peepee before bed honey'' She asked sweetly.

Brad just shook his head, pouting a bit at her babying tone. She hadn't had any say in his potty habits since he stopped wetting the bed, and he meant to keep it that way. She laid him down in bed after taking off his socks and tucked him in with a kiss goodnight. She didn't even need to look back to know he was fast asleep. She didn't feel at all bad about the medicine. He'd feel better in the morning for having slept for a good while. Although the wet bed she hoped to find might not make him feel so good. She went to her room to read for a bit before herself falling asleep.

Brad woke late the next day, missing all of his Saturday morning cartoons. He felt groggy and sluggish as he stretched and then the cold damp feeling of fabric clinging to his midsection hit him. He'd wet the bed. He shook off the hangover from the sedative and rolled out of bed. He skittered down to the hall, hoping fervently his mother wasn't up. Seeing the door was closed he proceeded to undress and strip his bed, scampering down the hall to the laundry naked and cramming the evidence in the washing machine, turning it on and scampering back to his room to get dressed.

His mother watched from the bathroom where she'd just been getting her toothbrush out. Mia smiled to see her little boy running around the house bare bum. It brought back memories of when he was a toddler and had insisted on running around nude at every opportunity. She decided to let him think he'd fooled her. He might have kept it from her had it just been a one time problem, but it wasn't going to be.

That night she made a similarly altered meal and had an easy time getting her child to bed. The next morning she made a point of coming in to wake him up and was quite impressed by the sheer volume he'd managed to produce. While he yawned and rubbed his eyes she tugged back the blanket, seeing his pajamas soaked from the upper stomach almost to the knees.

'What happened here young man' I thought you said you didn't need to go to the bathroom!' She said with an edge to her voice.

Brad groaned groggily and murmured. 'I dunno mommy' Don't be mad at me''

Mia was touched by his pleas and sat down on a dry part of the bed, sitting him up and helping him to pull off the shirt and wiggle out of the pants. She found it easy to draw him into your lap and cuddle his damp form as he began to cry softly. Brad was sure that he was starting to wet again after yesterday and too embarrassed to tell his mother about what he'd hidden.
'Don't cry baby, its just this once and we'll let it go. I'll clean your sheets up you just get cleaned up and go watch cartoons ok'' She said, stroking his back. He smiled weakly and hopped up and she sent him on his way with a light tap on his wet bottom before adding ominously. 'But if it happens again I'll have to get you some protection'' Brad just groaned as he went to get a bath.

The day passed rather more quietly than the previous ones, and Mia noted that Brad seemed more respectful and reserved around her after his embarrassment earlier. That night Mia made some spicy hoagies and home fries and peanut butter cookies and was impressed to see her son drink down three cups of juice. She had to carry him to the bathroom before bed but he could only let out a trickle with his mother watching and she had soon tucked him in and said goodnight.

Brad lay awake somehow knowing what would happen the next day but he was just so sleepy' He tried to sit up but all he could manage was to roll over. He soon decided it wasn't worth it and retreated into the warm embrace of sleep.

The next morning his mother came in to the scene she'd predicted and woke brad up with some effort and shaking. He immediately started to cry, knowing what had happened. Once again Mia soothed him and stroked at his hair, calming him down and helping him out of his clothes, letting him go get a bath and switching out the sheets once again. Aside from very heavy wettings, she decided, this would be the last time she'd change his sheets.

Brad came out of the bathroom ten minutes later sheepishly and went directly to his mother for a hug. She helped him pick out some clothes and assured him that everything would be fine. During the day Brad didn't go out, he stayed home and watched tv seeming unenergetic and pouty. Mia almost felt bad for what she was doing but she decided to trust the doctor and her own maternal instincts. Brad needed this.

And Mia couldn't deny she was enjoying it. The extra hugs and attention were nice and Brad even sat in her lap for a bit to watch tv. Brad was desperate to be closer to his mother for simple stability as he seemed to be getting sick. When he mentioned this worry his mother shrugged.

'I'm sure you're fine, but maybe it's best I schedule an appointment with Doctor Walsh.'

Brad immediately regretted his words.

'Awwww mom do we have to''

'Yes.' She said firmly, giving him a reassuring smile.' It's alright though, I'll be there and she's not that bad you know.'

Brad just gave a sour look. Normally he would have argued but he just didn't feel up to it. It would take the events of that night to put the fight back in him. His mother called him to her room before dinner.

'Honey go pee ok I need to talk to you.'

Brad found this a reasonable request and slipped off to pee before coming to his mother's bedroom. She patted the bed beside her and he hopped up, looking up at her.

'Baby you remember I said we'd need some protection if you kept wetting' Well I found some of the old goodnights from wh''

'No!' He interrupted, crossing his arms. 'I'm not wearing diapers!'

'They're not diapers honey they're special pads so you wont soak your bed. Its starting to smell like pee in your room now and I cant keep washing your sheets every day. You need to wear these.'

'Mommy I don't wanna I'll stop wetting on my own you'll see!' He said with determination. Mia soon began to regret not doing this after he'd had his medicine.

'Honey you're going to wear these. You're always so sleepy after dinner time that I thought it would be best to get them on you before you drifted off. You need to wear these though and you will. Is that understood'' She asked, looking at him as if daring him to argue further.

'But how come I gotta put them on now'' He moaned, shifting the subject.

'I already told you, you'll be too sleepy after dinner to help me get you dressed now lay down.'

Brad frowned but had a feeling she was right, and she didn't even know about his first accident yet as far as he could tell. Mia smiled when she saw him cooperate, stripped his pants, and grabbed up a goodnight from the bag and expertly picked up his legs by the ankles, holding them in one hand. She slid the pastel blue diaper with the cartoon designs under him and then laid him down on it. She peered down at his penis and flicked it gently down between his legs. The diapers would be useless if he was peeing out the waistband all over his tummy.

She then pulled up the front between his legs and taped it up firmly, getting his pants back on.

'There, that wasn't so bad was it'' She asked with a sweet smile.

Brad just gave a pout and wiggled his legs. He decided the diaper wasn't too thick and then started down the stairs to watch tv for a bit while his mother set up dinner. Mia couldn't help but hide a smile as she watched his bulging bottom wiggle with his steps. Dinner was a quiet affair until she gave him some ice cream to make up for all he'd been through in the past days, and to add more liquid to his diet.

Brad thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate ice cream and hugged his mother after the meal, forgetting about his diaper as he sat down to watch tv. This time his mother had added a bit more diuretic than she needed to and it showed. While he was beginning to drift off he felt himself dribble into his pants and realized how full he was. The look of panic on his face didn't go unnoticed, but his mother just smiled as he slipped tiredly to the bathroom with his hands over his crotch.

'Let's get you to the potty, Brad, maybe then you'll stay dry tonight' His mother said, holding out her hand. Brad looked to her with a pout, wondering if she really intended to escort him, and why she'd had to mention last night's accident. He knew where the bathroom was, and he hadn't called it a 'potty' since he was four! His mother's insistent look won him over though, as did the sleepy spell coming over him, telling him to do whatever was necessary to get to his nice soft bed.

Mia took him to the bathroom and untapped the diaper, swatting his hands away as he tried to help. 'Mommy knows how to take off a diaper, I used to do this for you ten times a day when you were little.' She said with a fond smile. He was sat on the potty and then looked up at his mother who stood by expectantly.

'Mom I can go on my own!' He finally complained.

'That's not what your diaper says.' She pointed out, looking at the pale yellow stains on the front of it. 'They say my little one needs to go pee, and I'm going to stand here so I can re diaper you when you're done.' She said, watching him.

The diuretic had the imagined effect, and with his needs already making themselves known as he felt slightly more wakeful and in tune to them, Brad finally let loose. Mia clapped and praised him before wiping off his peepee, as Brad stared off into space wishing he could hide and blushing. After his mother got his diaper snug, and got him snug in bed with a glass of warm milk, he had no trouble falling asleep in his diaper.

Mia was quite pleased with herself. She had taken her first step into Brad's potty routine, started to integrate herself. She would take him to the bathroom every night before bed, and finish the routine with a warm glass of milk to make sure his bladder was full again and he'd sleep well. It was a logical conclusion that his mother should take him to the bathroom before bed for his bedwetting, just as it soon would be for her to take him potty during the day when she started him on daytime training. She placed a call to Dr. Walsh to report her progress.

'I saw he wet a little before bed, but it didn't take too much of a fight to get him into diapers. Yes, every night since we started' I'll bring him in at the end of the week' a whole 2 days' I'm sure he'll be glad to hear that. Alright just tell me what I'll need when we get there. I need to get some rest, I'm sure I'll have a cranky little guy in the morning. Alright sleep well.'

The next morning Brad was overjoyed to wake in a dry bed, but this only lasted until he poked at the blue bulge between his legs and frowned. He was quite wet but too groggy to do anything about it. He lay down again and was near to sleep when his mother came back in and poked a finger down the front of his diaper. She smiled as she saw his eye pop open and waved him back to sleep.

'It's ok angel mommy just needs to change you. She said softly as she began to undo the diaper and clean him up. Brad had no trouble falling back to sleep while she changed him, still sleepy from the sedative. When he woke up again he was dry and in his usual pajamas minus the diaper, but he could smell the baby wipes his mother had used to clean him up. This routine continued for some days until one day he was woken up terribly early.

'Baby we need to get going, you have a doctor's appointment today.' His mother's voice urged as he lay there, just wanting to go back to sleep. Of course that was the plan. His mother and Dr. Walsh had scheduled the appointment early so he'd be tired and less inclined to put up a fuss even if he was a bit cranky, as he surely would be.

Mia bathed him herself, poking and scrubbing and tugging back his foreskin, washing behind his ears and making quite an affair of it. He was going to be naked at the doctors and she wanted him to be nice and clean so the doctor would see she took good care of her little one.

He had a quick breakfast and then was settled into the back seat of the car and buckled in. Mia didn't have to look back to tell that he was fast asleep. She drove to Dr. Walsh's office and shook her son gently to wake him up. He whined but she soon managed to get him on his feet and lead him in.

'Where are we going' He asked groggily.

'We're going to see the pediatrician about your bedwetting, baby.'

Realization dawned on Brad as he saw the doctors office and began to drag his feet, though by now it was far too late as they entered the building.

'Moooom I don't wanna go in there she'll make fun of me and she's always mean!' He protested uselessly as she tugged his weak tired form along.

His mother ignored him and spoke to the nurse at reception, smiling as Dr. Walsh came out of her examination room which she'd been preparing. The two women greeted each other and then Dr. Walsh turned to Brad as they stood in the waiting room.

'I hear a little boy has been making wettums in his beddums'' She asked in her most condescending voice. Brad could only pout and wiggle closer to his mother, who swatted his bottom and told him to answer the nice doctor.

'uh huh' he muttered softly.

'and I understand that your mommy made the decision to dress you in goodnights'' She said, quite enjoying making her patient squirm. It was almost poetic justice to make him squirm when she wanted for a change, rather than at a time when she preferred he stay still.

'yes' he said with a tiny whimper, standing behind his mother.

'It's better than nothing I suppose, but when you're with me I'll have you in proper diapers. Can't have you leaking.' She said with a grin as he looked up, wondering what she meant about being with her. The doctor waved them into the exam room and without asking at all picked Brad up and sat him on the exam table. She began to undress him, with his mother's help, and the two women talked over him as though he were just a part of the table.

'How much does he typically wet' Are there multiple accidents or just one'' The doctor asked, knowing the medicine cocktail he received would cause multiple wettings, but smaller in volume.
'I'm not entirely sure, I was hoping you could tell me.' His mother said as she unbuttoned brad's shirt.

'Most of the time its just one wetting when the boys bladder gets full. Boys are awful for bedwetting and accidents, I personally believe it's because of the link between the prostate gland and the bladder. Or it might be because boys are just naturally naughty.' She mused with a smile as she wiggled his pants off.

'I think hes been trying hard not to. He hasn't had any day time accidents yet.' His mother said, stroking his hair to calm him. The doctor made quick work of his shoes and swatted his hands away so she could take down his underwear.

'Not yet being the key word. I think he's just regressing. Many boys do that for attention. Or it could be an infection. I think it might be best for me to run some tests and then keep him for a few days.'

Brad whimpered and tried to sit up at that, starting to argue. 'I don't wanna spend summer vacation with you!' He whined.

'Brad, watch it!' His mother said. She wasn't pleased with how cranky he was, but she'd expected it, and at least he wasn't fighting.

'Lay back Brad!' The doctor said sternly. 'Mia help me get him strapped down, I can see he'll need it as usual.' She said, putting her hands on his shoulders and forcing him back. He started to squirm but it came slowly as though his body were only just waking up. In no time his mother and the doctor had the plastic straps velcroed across his chest, tummy and legs.

'Baby calm down you always make such a fuss.' His mother sighed, stroking his hair and cooing to him as the doctor busied herself in some cabinets.

'Mommy I don't wanna stay with the doctor I wanna go home!' he said emphatically.

'I know, I know. It'll be ok' She soothed as the doctor returned with a catheter in hand. Brad couldn't help but feel a bit better. The tube looked harmless enough, at least until she brought out the metal needle with the rounded head. He started to squirm but the doctor just swatted his thigh.

'Don't be such a baby. I wont give you a shot at the moment, this is to help find out why you're peeing your little panties.' She said as she moved to the end of the table. His mother started to rub his tummy and he couldn't help but feel a bit better.

'Ok doctor'' He said grudgingly, looking up at her as she got her gloves on. Naturally the first thing she went for was her trusty thermometer. It was too thick and bulbous at the top to be an oral, and Brad whined and fidgeted in the straps. The doctor of course had the digital brand, she'd updated some time ago, but she'd held on to the glass rectal thermometer just for Brad, enjoying the reaction it provoked.


Brad awoke dry for the first time in quite a while, though he needed to pee rather badly.

'Doctor Walsh!' He cried out pleadingly as he tugged at the strap over his stomach, trying to get out of the medical crib. The rails were stainless steel, not made of wood and cheery like a regular baby crib.

The doctor soon strode into the room, smiling down at her charge.

'Why all the fuss baby' Did you enjoy your nappy' Your mommy will be here this evening.' She said in her sweetest voice as she came over to the crib and let down the side.

'Lemme up!' Brad whined miserably.

'Oh someone's cranky after their nap. Remember lil boy you already have a punishment coming for putting up a fuss about the potty earlier. Now if you can sit still lets check that diaper of yours.'

She smiled and folded up his shirt over his chest. Brad decided it was best to settle down and get the humiliating diaper check over with. The doctor crooked a finger and slid it in under the tight waist band, wiggling it around on the smooth skin where his tummy met his penis. She felt no wetness and pinched the diaper just to be sure.

'Hmmm you're all dry. Let me note this down.' She said, heading off to get her clip board with a frown, her manner becoming much more clinical.

'But Doctor I gotta pee!' Brad whined miserably.

'I'll only be a moment. I'm not throwing away a perfectly good disposable so you may as well wet in that.' The doctor said coldly as she picked up her chart.

'No!' Came the predictable reply from Brad.

'Baby if you don't hush up I'll make sure you wet. If you want to cry like a baby you'll use your diaper like one.' The doctor said calmly as she wrote on the chart.

Brad continued to whine as she marked down that more medication was needed before his nap time. Although this would increase the possibility of day time wetting, that was acceptable at this stage.

Meanwhile Brad squeezed his legs together as much as the diaper would allow, putting them in a diamond shape. He looked up and stopped his fussing as the doctor stroked his hair.

'Can I get up now'' He asked more softly.

'I told you baby, I'm not throwing away a perfectly good diaper. Wet yourself like a good boy now.' The doctor ordered. Brad scrunched up his face defiantly.

The doctor didn't appear bothered and wiggled the waistband of his diaper down. She next grabbed one of his ankles and secured it to the side of the crib, forcing the knee to bend. The other leg received the same treatment as Brad began to scream and fuss and his legs were soon spread wide apart. The doctor now put four fingers down the front of his diaper but was disappointed not even to feel a dribble.

'Brad. I'm going to have to induce urination now.' She stated in a matter of fact fashion. She tapped her fingers along his lower stomach until she found the bone in the center. Just above this, she knew, was the bladder. She put the heel of her hand over his navel and with her fingers began to rub rhythmically up and down massaging deep into the tissue to put pressure on the bladder.

Brad tried to tug her hand away but she slapped his hands back with her free hand. With each time she pressed he felt the pressure growing and his muscles relaxing until finally he let go into the diaper. She continued the massage until she was content that he had soaked the diaper, watching her charge cry miserably at his helplessness.

She soon unstrapped him and helped him down from the crib, letting him cry until he finally settled down and sniffled out a request to be changed.

'You were a bad boy, so you can wait to be changed until after lunch. Your mommy will be here and she can help.' Brad pouted at this pronouncement but he knew better than to argue anymore.

'Ok doctor'' He said very softly. She took his hand and let him to the kitchen sitting him down in the chair she'd selected for him and set with a pbj sandwich and some milk and chips.

Brad pouted as his diaper squished and he ate and drank heartily to get the meal over with. The doctor soon poured a second cup of milk. Brad could scarcely finish half of it and asked to be excused.

'You need to finish your milk so you'll be a big boy one day. No getting up til you're done.' The doctor said firmly.

'But I am a big boy and I''

'I know you wanna get up' The doctor said in a mocking tone. 'Finish your milk now or things will get worse.' The doctor threatened.

Brad soon settled and tried to stop fidgeting as he sipped at his milk, feeling the cold liquid trickle down to his tummy. It seemed like forever before he finished it and showed the doctor the empty sippy cup.

'Good boy!' She poured as she picked him up. 'Would baby like changed now''

Brad nodded eagerly and she smiled. She held him on her hip and started slowly for the nursery, bouncing him a bit to rub the wet diaper around and prolong his punishment. She was just laying him on the changing table, causing the wet diaper to squish between his legs again, when the doorbell rang.

'Oh that'll be your mommy. Come on lets go see her!' The doctor said enthusiastically, setting him down on the floor. Brad didn't need any prompting and scampered at top speed to go open the front door. The doctor covered a laugh as she watched the soggy diaper bob along as his bottom wiggled, his bare legs spread slightly by it.

Brad flung open the door and hopped into his mother's arms. Mia smiled and gathered him up, holding him with one hand under his bottom and chuckling as she felt the dampness. She called out to the Doctor who was just exiting the nursery.

'He's all wet. Guess you just got him up from his nap''

'Oh no he's just finished lunch. I kept him in the wet diaper as a punishment for fussing with me.' The doctor explained, drawing a cringe from Brad. He just clung to his mommy and kept quiet, hoping the doctor wouldn't continue.

'Ah I hope he wasn't too naughty. He must just be cranky about making wettums in his lil didey during his nappy.' She said in her most babying voice as she looked down to the boy in her arms. Brad's cheeks turned pink and he hid his face in her shirt as he whined softly.

'Oh no, I had him wet his diaper after he woke up. He was being fussy like a toddler so I figured he should feel like one. I was just about to change him into some undies when you came, but maybe it would be better to keep him in a diaper if he's going to have a long car ride home.' The doctor suggested, with a malicious smile. Brad whined and clung to his mother all the more tightly. 'No mommy don't make me wear diapers I just wanna go home!' He pleaded, looking up at her.

'I think he can make it' But we should probably change him before he gets rashy and ends up crankier.' His mother said with a laugh.

'Oh he can wait a while, I can get you some coffee or something.' The doctor ordered, enjoying keeping the boy uncomfortable. He'd need to get used to a wet diaper soon enough.

'I can get it.' His mother said. She didn't want to rush his therapy too much and she patted his diapered bottom to soothe him.

'Alright you go ahead and grab some coffee I think I can handle the lil one a while longer.' The doctor said as she walked over. It took some doing to pry Brad off of his mother and he began to cry and fuss in the doctor's arms. She was used to holding him still as he cried and she soon had him in the nursery with the door closed while his mother was making some drinks for the grown ups.

The doctor took off his shirt and then strapped him down on the changing table, undoing the tapes and then slipping off the wet diaper.

'Does Braddy want a diaper for the ride home'' She asked teasingly, predictably drawing more crying. She went to get a fresh diaper and displayed it for him, watching the display of kicking and fussing this elicited.

'Oh alright you can have your undies. Later I'll get mom a waterproof car seat for you so it wont matter. If you wet a little like you did earlier.'

Brad calmed considerably at this and allowed her to redress him, this time adding pants. He was soon being led out to the living room. He looked hopefully to the kitchen door only to find the doctor's hands slip under his arm pits and lift him, settling him in the play pen.

'You stay here baby. Doctor Walsh needs to talk to your mommy.'

This drew the biggest round of tantrums yet and the doctor left him laying in the play pen, pounding the padded bottom and screaming for his mommy.

The doctor slipped into the kitchen with her chart and sat down to discuss Brad's progress with his mother, and to suggest the treatment plan and medications he'd need.

'He's not doing too bad. He's stubborn, but that goes with being a boy I suppose.' The doctor explained.

'Did you really manage to get him to wet during the day'' His mother asked, ignoring her son's cries as they grew softer, more tired.

'Oh it took some doing believe me. But that was just for a punishment, we're no where near the stage where he'll be needing to wet regularly. For now just get him home and keep him on the medications, I've increased the dosage for nap time. I think we can lay off the sedatives for bed time because he always seems too fussy in the mornings.'

'I noticed that too.' His mother added. 'But what if he starts getting up to use the bathroom''

'If he has too many dry nights, maybe two in a row, call me and we can deal with it. But for now we need to focus on helping him to have a day time accident without being forced. I want him to wet at least once during the day by mid week. If no bring him in and I'll have a look at him. If he does cooperate though we'll follow the plan and meet up in a week or so to check up on him. I think he's settled enough for the ride home now. I'll see you soon Mia. Take care of the little brat.' The doctor said with a grin.

'Oh I will, don't worry.' Mia promised. She took the papers and bags of medicine the doctor had offered and then headed out to claim her son.

Brad stood bolt upright when he saw her and began trying to climb out of the play pen. He was half way to doing so when his mother picked him up to get him the rest of the way out.

'We're all done baby. The doctor thinks you'll be just fine. Why don't you go say bye bye'' She asked.

'No!' Came the rather final response.

Mia rolled her eyes at her child's defiance and called out a goodbye for both of them before leading the boy out to the car. She didn't bother asking if he needed to wet, it would be easier for him to forget that way.

'I missed you Mommy'' Brad said softly as he hugged her before hopping in the car. She fastened his seat belt and they were off. Mia decided to carefully gauge how badly he needed to pee, and decide how long it would take them to get home based on this. She wanted to get him ahead of schedule to show the doctor what a good mommy she was to her baby boy.

She drove slowly and took the scenic route, soon noticing that Brad was squirming and squeezing his legs together, the two cups of milk having gone right through him.

'Want to go out for lunch baby'' She asked, turning down a random road that lead to a McDonalds, maybe.

'I kinda gotta pee if we stop somewhere'' Brad said softly, fidgeting in his seat.

'Oh well lets just head right home then.' Mia said with a smile. 'I'll look for a place to turn around.'

Mia continued to use the worst directions imaginable for ten more minutes, smiling as she saw Brad's desperation and his little face scrunching up.
'It's going to be a while kiddo, traffic is awful.' She said in mock exasperation.

'Mommy can't we stop somewhere I gotta peeeee!' He whined loudly.

'This is the highway Brad, there isn't anywhere to pee. Just relax and try not to think about it. Was the doctor nice'' She asked as if she didn't already know.

'No!' Brad said loudly again.

'Baby use your indoor voice ok'' She requested sweetly as she turned off onto another street that led vaguely towards their house.

'Mommy I really gotta go pleeeeease!' He pleaded, the attempt at conversation not having helped at all. Brad wished he'd thought to pee before leaving, but he'd just wanted to go home so bad.

'Are you going to wet yourself like you do at night'' She asked teasingly.

'No!' Brad whined.

'Awwww baby needs to wet his panties.' She said playfully and moved to tickle his stomach. That was all it took and she soon had a crying child and a soaked seat. She pullerd off to the road while he was still wetting and got a towel she'd conveniently set in back under him before taking the direct route home.

'I am very disappointed in you Brad. We're going to have to have a talk once we get home." She chided as they pulled into the driveway.

'Mommy I couldn't help it.' Brad tried to explain as he squirmed in his wet undies.

'I know, maybe you're still sick, but I cant have you wetting during the day like at night. Come on, I'll get you inside.' She went around to his side and opened the door, offering her hand. Brad took it and she clasped his firmly. Brad was hell bent on getting in before anyone could see. Mia knew he needed to get used to such embarassment, but she couldn't bring herself to slow him down and she released his hand, letting him get inside.

'Sit down on the kitchen floor Brad, mommy will change you in a bit.' She commanded. As sad a state as he was in, Brad thought it best to listen, after all if he didn't she might send him back to the doctor! Brad settled his wet butt in the corner in the kitchen, watching his mother come to sit down in a chair facing him and looking down at his wet state.

'Brad, you already had one accident today at the doctor's. I think you're getting worse.' His mother scolded softly, trying to find a way to make this new humiliating announcement to him.

'She made me it wasn't my fault!' Brad whined, fussing and kicking his feet.

'It was a punishment, so it was your fault for being bad' Do you want mommy to have to put you back in diapers''

'NO!' Brad shouted, getting even crankier. 'I wanna get changed and dry.' He added, as if he figured she would instantly do so.

'Soon baby' But sit still for a second. The doctor told me she started supervising your potty trips. Would you like mommy to do that to make sure you get to go peepee on time'' She asked condescendingly. She was un-surprised when this was met with a pout.

'It wont be that bad, and it'll only last a few weeks until you're all better. I promise.' She said truthfully, though Brad could see a curious gleam in her maternal gaze. 'Come on mommy will get you changed and then we can have some ice cream ok''

Brad smiled a tiny bit and nodded, offering his mother his little hand. She led him to his room where she'd placed a new changing mat she'd bought on his bed to introduce him to it. She hadn't expected it to be necessary so soon.

'I got this so it'll be less mess when changing time comes. Lay down with your bottom on the mat ok'' She requested, knowing he would do as told. The doctor's approach worked, but with far more kicking and screaming.

Mia wasted no time stripping her child and getting him settled into a new pair of undies, shirt and sweatpants. She'd used a good many baby wipes to clean him up, but she liked the scent and didn't want to try to get her cranky son into a bath.

The ice cream was had and time passed until Brad felt the need to both wet and mess. He started for the bathroom but his mother was quicker and grabbed his wrist.

'Where were you going Brad'' She asked pointedly.
'The bathroom'' He answered, having somehow hoped she'd simply forget.

'You need to ask mommy to take you from now on.'

'Ok'' He answered resignedly, looking up at her.

'What do you say'' She prompted him.

She was pleased to hear a much tinier, more babyish voice exude from him as he asked. 'Mommy can you take me to the bathroom''

'Of course honeybunch.' She replied readily. She led him by the hand and soon had his undies around his ankles, sitting him down.

'Number one or number two'' She asked.

'Both.' Brad groaned as he felt her eyes roaming over him.

'Ok go ahead baby.' She said, starting to stroke his hair and rub his stomach to calm him. He looked about for a moment before finally letting loose. His mother clapped once he was done and then had him stand up. She retracted his foreskin and wiped up his penis and even under his scrotum before putting the toilet lid down and having him lay down. Brad shivered at the cold and whined all the more when his mother wiped his bottom for him, poking at his little hole a bit to make sure she got every nook and cranny.

Brad was thoroughly embarrassed by the time she redressed him, but he soon began to get used to having his potty matters controlled by his mother once again.

While she was doing well in this regard, Mia seemed to be having trouble with the night time training. Thanks to the lower doses of sedative Brad was waking up, sometimes damp and sometimes dry, in time to use the bathroom. After three days of these problems and feigning congratulations at his progress Mia called the doctor, who informed her of the necessary steps. The next day for Brad's nap Mia upped the sedative dose and slipped out to purchase a few items. She returned to see if her little one was wet, knowing she had a way to make sure he would if he didn't, and just needing to find a good cover for doing it to him. The next few days were sure to be pivotal to Brad's training, and Mia decided she was ready to take things a bit further.

Brad was wet when she checked his diaper, the first time in a day or two, and Mia let him sleep while she called the doctor and chatted. Dr. Walsh was far from pleased that Brad still had night time control, but she offered a good way for Mia to put her plan into action to settle this little problem. They agreed that his most recent wetting had been due to the high dose of sedatives combined with the diuretic, but they didn't want to keep giving him such medication. So Mia went out to the car and got the items she had ready for further training.

She let him slowly wake up while she went up to the attic to make sure the old rails for his bed were around. She was glad to still have him in a youth bed that could convert into a crib, as that was just what she'd need for him soon. Once they were dusted and stashed away somewhere out of sight she responded to her son's whining. She found him crying in his bed, the covers kicked away to reveal the wet diaper.

Brad had felt he was doing so well. He'd stayed dry for two days straight and at night too. It was being away from the doctor that made him better, he figured. But now he wasn't sure he was getting better at all.

Mia soothed him and got him settled enough to get the changing pad under him and take off his diaper. She longed to change him into a clean one and get the un portty training over with faster, but she knew that boys had to work at their own pace. He'd been awful to potty train, so the reversal process might even be easier, especially with so much help from the doctor.

She decided for now she'd let it go and just put a clean pair of undies and some clothes on him, getting him dressed as she dried his tears.

"It's ok baby you havent wet in a long time and mommy's very proud of you. If you dont wet tonight we can start taking you out of diapers for the night." She promised, hoping to brighten his day.

Brad readily agreed and seemed much happier. The rest of the day went along quietely and Brad was much less grudging when he asked his mom to take him potty, since he knew that it would soon be over.

Mia knew better, and had already worked out a house call for tomorrow around bed time. The dinner she prepared lacked any medication at all, and she was generous with dessert and even a bit of soda. She wanted him a hyper around bedtime, unlike usual. Because of this dinner went very well and Brad didnt put up too much of a fduss when it was bed time, placated as he was by the sweet treats.

"Baby Mommy has something for you before bed. The doctor said she wanted me to give you some special medicine to make sure we hyave this cold beat." His mother explained coaxingly as she brought him to his room. "Can you get nakie for your diaper anlay down'" She asked.

"Do I gotta go to bed'" Brad pouted. He knew he was pushing his luck though and soon began to strip.

"Yes baby. Be good, mommy gave you nice dessert so you have to be have. Stay right there." His mother left to mix up a bowl of water and the diuretic and to get the enema syringe.

Brad was laying on his back atop the rubbery pad when she came back and set down a tub of vaseline as well as the bowl and the odd looking tube with the rubbery bulb at th e end... Brad quickly recognized these things and began to fuss. He had been good, so why did he need another enema'

"I know Brad, I know" His mother soothed. She sat down and began to rub his tummy while she slid something under his bed with the other hand.

"Mommy dont make me please!" He begged and squirmed as she caught up his ankles in one hand and slid a fresh diaper under his bottom.

"Shhhh its ok. Its just a little bit of medicine to help you keep from wetting. It wont hurt." She promised while she globbed the vaseline on her finger and began to spread it around his bottom.

Brad squirmed and fought but his mother was patient and just let hi struggle while she got him ready. Once satisfied that he was lubricated enough she swatted his bottom lightly to make him hold still. Brad just stared up at her with a whimper, hoping that she would suddenly decide to be nice to him and let him go.

His hopes were dashed when the thermometer slid in and his mother set his bottom back down on the pad and released his ankles.

"There now. All that fuss over just having your temperature taken in your little bottom." His mother teased as she began to fill the bulb syringe.

"But I really dont want an enema!" Brad tried to reason.

"Baby you need it to get better. Do you want to end up having to wear diapers all the time'" His mother asked. She tried to mention this idea s often as possible to slowly get the child used to it.

"No... Brad conceded as she slid out the thermometer and picked his legs up again. "Ok now just sit still there wont be much. The doctor tells me you enjoy your enema time anyhow." Mia said brightly as she slid the bulb syringe in. Surely enough Brad's penis reacted. He didnt squirm too much as three more insertions were made, and he only dribbled a little bit.

His mother soon announced that he was done and smiled as she saw his stiff peepee against his tummy. She grabbed a bottle of baby oil and squirted a generouis amount all over him, rubbing it in thoroughly and paying special attention to his peepee.

Brad cooed and giggled, quite liking this feeling. Like most boys he knew that it felt good when attention was paid to his peepee and it got stiff, but the doctor and his mother had always forbidden him from touching himself. He st ill rubbed it against the bed sometimes though and that was what Mia was counting on for tonight.

She had been mortified when, as a toddler, he'd discovered touching himself, and largely broken him of the habit. But as she fastened his diaper up with his peepee pointing straight up his belly button she knew just what would happen later, and she was ready for it. She tucked Brad in and kissed him goodnight, leaving the room to go sit in her own room and listen to the abby monitor under his bed.

Brad felt odd with the enema moving through him, but there wasnt enough in him to make him need to expel very much. He could have gone to sleep but he was oddly hyper and wanted to play. And besides, he felt quite good just now. He was too young to understand why, but with his mother unlikely to catch him he decided to toy with his peepee. Of course putting his hands in the diaper was out so he went with the old standby of grinding his diapered crotch against the bed, forcing his penis to slide up and down in the diaper, almost breaching the waistband a few times and causing the bed to creak.
He was just starting to have a very good time when his mother burst in the door.

"Bradly! What are you doing'" She demanded harshly as she stormed over to the bed.
"Mommy I wasnt bein bad I was sleepin I ummm I had to pee" Brad tried to ad lib an excuse. It didnt help at all as his mother pulled down his diaper quickly and saw his stiff little peepee moist and reddened fro mhis attentions.

"Bad baby!" She cried, grabbing him up and carrying him to a chair. Brad knew what was coming and struggled his best to get free, starting to cry. Mia first put his diaper over her lap and then folded him overtop of the diaper just in case there were any further accidents. Seconds later Brad's pleasure was turned to pain as she spanked him soundly. The swats felt even worse as his bottom was still soft


Brad woke up in a wet dirty diaper. He hadn't had any sedatives the night before as his mother hadn't wanted him falling asleep before he got himself in trouble. It was unfortunate for him since this meant he wasn't likely to be able to fall back asleep in the state he was in.

He was sore from being in the same position, and his diaper was terribly itchy and clammy. When he moved he could feel the diaper sticking to him between his legs as it was a bit messy. The front was terribly wet as well and he could feel it around his thighs almost to the point of leaking and very cold where the air met the absorbent material.

Brad couldn't believe this was happening to him. As if the humiliation of being caught rubbing his penis against the diaper wasn't bad enough, he'd now have to face his mother with a wet messy diaper that he couldn't do anything about. Regardless that embarrassment was better than spending anymore time stuck in the crib!

The familiar 'Mommy' Wail reached Mia's ears and she soon came into her son's room, which still looked fairly like a big boys room except for the crib and a few diapering supplies. She'd have to change that soon, she mused.

'What's wrong baby'' She asked sweetly as she wipes up his slightly sweaty brow, smelling the scent of the dirty diaper and smiling inwardly.

'Mommy lemme up!' Brad begged, squirming as best he could.

'Baby you were very bad last night and mommy needs to do things so it doesn't happen again. I'm sorry but you left me no choice. I've talked to the doctor and she has a way to keep you from playing with your peeepee that might not be so unpleasant, if you're willing to try it'' She said with a smile. It was best to get him to agree to it now.

'Ok ok just lemme up!' Brad begged. He was soon released and had his diapered bottom rolled up as his mother slid the changing pad under him. Brad was simply too weak and tired to resist after such a night, and he'd slept poorly. His mother knew he'd be just as cranky as if he'd had the sedatives, but this had been necessary to get him to submit to the next parts of his training. Besides, she thought, this would give her a chance to practice changing dirty diapers.

Brad laid still as she undid the tapes and then tickled his stomach playfully just to try to get a smile. She gained perhaps half of one before it faded once she peeled away the slimy diaper.

'Awww smelly baby' Mia teased with soft laughter. She quickly stopped when it looked like her child was ready to cry. She whiped off some of the mess with the diaper and then took care of the rest with baby whipes. She noted the redness reaching from his perineum all up the line of his little butt crack and frowned, taking out some rash cream and rubbing it on.

'Does that feel better Braddy'' She cooed, still trying to get him in a better mood.

'Yes mommy' Brad said with a tiny smile.

'Good baby. I want you feeling and looking well for when the doctor comes by. We'd better get you a bath before then too.' She said thoughtfully. She wasn't surprised when Brad burst into tears at these latest revelations. She managed to wiggle some underwear on him and wrap him up in his blanket, trying to calm him while she took him down to breakfast.

Mia set him in a seat and smiled to him as she put a bowl of oatmeal and some milk in front of him. She'd decided to begin to slowly alter his diet, but without making any definite statement on what she was doing. Too much at once would just make for a cranky little boy.

'Here you go baby. Stop sniffling and eat up, you'll feel better.' She smiled sweetly and sat down beside him to have her coffee and some cereal. Brad soon decided that he was a bit hungry and began to eat. Halfway through his fruit he looked up at his mother.

'Does the doctor really have to come'' He asked sullenly.

'Yes baby.' She replied, reaching a hand out to pat his thigh. 'But it will just be a short visit and she won't be here for long. And besides with this treatment mommy wont have to strap you down before bed.' She said, giving him reason to look on the bright side.
'Ok Mommy' Brad agreed. He soon finished his breakfast and climbed into Mia's lap to get comfy. She smiled dwon at him and simply cuddled him for a while. He was going to have a hard day. After a few moments passed she shifted him about.

'Come on kiddo it's time for your bath.' She said, grabbing him up before he could try to scamper off.

'Awww mom I just had one of those yesterday.' He reasoned. Since he always said this he didn't expect it to be much help and was unsurprised when he was set down on the bathroom floor to watch his mother fill the tub. She didn't asked if he needed to pee. She wanted him to do it in the tub, to get used to wetting away from the toilet. She soon snatched him up and plopped him in the bath despite his protestations.

Brad fussed while his mother scrubbed up his hair and gently wiped over his penis and bottom. His diaper rash had cleared up from being able to air out and it wasn't quite as red anymore, although it did draw a bit of whining while she cleaned him there. Mia soon left him to play on his own, giving him a babyish rubber ducky and then heading to his room to prepare things.

Brad was finally alone and free to do things unsupervised. He soon ended up peeing in the bath, glad to be able to wet without his mother or the doctor watching. He was engrossed in his play and scarcely noticed an hour passing. Finally his mother came in to see if he'd grown fins and chuckled as she found him playing with a little toy boat. He looked up at her in surprise as he noticed her and just smiled. It was always terrible getting the little boy into the bath, but then he didn't want to leave.

'Come on honey, lets get you out of there and up to your room. Did you have fun'' She asked. Brad nodded vigorously and recounted the adventures of boat and ducky to her. She just chuckled as she listened and wrapped a towel around him, draining the water and heading downstairs.

'You must be tired from all that fun.' His mother said pointedly. Brad naturally missed this point, partly because he wanted to.

'No way!' He said with a giggle.

'Well good then. You can watch tv for a bit until the doctor comes. His mother offered, setting him on the couch clad in just the towel. Mia had to take him to the bathroom twice before the door bell rang and the doctor entered. Brad looked up and whimpered, pulling the towel around himself as it had fallen aside.
'Now baby that's nothing I havent seen before.' The doctor said with a smirk.

'Say hi to Dr. Walsh like a good boy.' His mother said firmly as the doctor walked in, carrying a bag of supplies.

'Hi.'Brad murmured softly as he moved to stand behind his mother, still wearing his towel over as much of his body as he could.

'It should be about time to get him ready for his nap, right Mia'' The doctor asked with a smile that promised something bad for him.

'Nuh uh I'm not tired!' Brad declared. His mother grabbed his arm and moved him to stand infront of her, tugging the towel down and swatting his bottom.

'Don't talk back baby. You definitely need a nap if you're going to argue with Dr. Walsh, especially when she came to help you.

'What do you mean'' Brad asked, looking between the two of them and covering his crotch with both his hands.

'I mean'' The doctor started, kneeling down to his level and moving his hands. 'That I have a better way to keep you from being bad while you're in bed. Your mom tells me that you don't like being restrained when sleepy time comes'' She asked as though she didn't already know the answer.

The memory of that morning was still fresh in Brad's mind and he shook his head vigorously.

'Well come on' The doctor said as she picked him up and the three of them started for his room. 'I have a way to keep you from playing with your peepee that will still let you move around. It'll feel odd at first but I'm sure you'll get used to it.'

The doctor smiled and brought him into his room.

'Where's the changing table'' She asked his mother pointedly.

'Oh I don't have one for him anymore.' His mother answered as she lay the changing pad down on the bed.

'You'll need to have a changing table set up for all his diapering supplies, and it helps to be able to hold him more securely, especially for things like this. Go ahead and get a diaper ready, he'll need it.' The doctor winked at Brad and he just lay there and fidgeted. He didn't want to know what was in that bag.

His mother lifted his legs, drawing him out of his contemplations as she put the diaper under his bottom and wipes him up with a baby wipe. 'Baby can you put your hands on your tummy for me'' She asked with a small smile.

'What's going to happen mommy'' Brad asked as bit nervously as he complied.

'It's ok little one the doctor is just going to put the tube in your peepee again to help you behave.' She said as she put both his wrists in one of her hands and pressed down to hold his upper body while her other arm went over his thighs holding him still.

'Nooo not that!' Brad whined, remembering the catheter thing as soon as he saw the doctor pull it out. It looked different this time, a foley catheter with a small balloon at the end.

'Hold him steady Mia while I get the lubricant in.' The doctor instructed, holding his penis up towards his belly and poking a round tipped syringe into it as she held the lips apart with pressure on the top and bottom of his glans. Brad yelped and began to whimper as she forced the cold gel into his urethra and then withdrew the syringe, preparing the catheter.

'Has he wet recently'' The doctor asked, trying to decide what to set the catheter up for.

'Yes he just had a bath, he's been wetting at bath time recently.' His mother said matter of factly.

'Oh that's to be expected with boys, very little bladder control at all. But it makes things easier, I can just run the test and then leave it in.' With this the doctor began to force the tube with its slightly bulbous top into his penis. Brad whined with each inch that it went in until he felt the pressure somewhere in his tummy. The doctor smiled at his face and tickled him a bit, and he soon felt the tube slide in past the resistance in him.

The doctor held up a bag of clear fluid and Brad felt the need to pee start to rise. 'Same as last time baby. Tell me when you cant hold it anymore ok'' The doctor asked as coaxingly as her businesslike demeanor would allow. Brad whined and tried to calm down for a while but soon began to squirm and try to pee, the pressure being too much. The doctor smiled and marked something down on a chart before lowering the bag to drain him. Once all the liquid was out she detached the bag and drew an injection needle.

Brad began to struggle all the more until she inserted it not into him, but into the catheter. Brad felt something wiggle within him and then it was over. He lay there looking up at his mother as she released him.

'I know baby I know that was so bad right' But you shouldn't have been naughty. And besides this will be better than being restrained right'' Mia asked with a sweet smile.

Brad could only nod softly as he lay atop the diaper, the end of the catheter just barely poking out of his urethra.

'He'll get used to it I'm sure.' The doctor stated as she observed her work and then nodded satisfactorily. 'But during the punishment he might act up or regress, start having accidents. You already take him to the potty don't you'' The doctor asked, paying no attention to her squirmy patient.

'Oh yes.' Mia replied with a nod. Brad blushed and whined, but was ignored.

'It might be best to add some additional protection. I'd suggest pull ups training pants for him during the day.' The doctor said helpfully.

'NO!' Brad cried. 'I'm not wearing diapers!' Finally the two women looked at him, though he now wished they had kept talking over his head.

'Baby the adults are talking and its rude to interupt!' His mother chided angrily as she swatted his thigh.

'It's ok Mia I figured this might happen. Get his legs up.'

Mia moved to do just that and was met with a great deal of kicking and fussing. Brad couldn't believe this. Now he wasn't allowed to pee on his own and worse yet they were going to treat him like a toddler. He had had too much and it showed as he threw a screaming spitting tantrum.

It took his mother and the doctor to get him under control and as he struggled in his mother's arms he felt the doctor apply some vaseline and slide something into his bottom.

'There that'll stop baby's cranky streak, nice nappy time medicine.' The doctor said with a grin.

Brad continued to whine softly but his mother knew he wouldn't be any trouble now and laid him down.

'I've got him Dr. Thanks.' Mia said as she taped up his diaper and picked him up to take him to his crib. Brad glared at the doctor over his mother's shoulder but his eyes were already sleepy.

He tried to fight to stay awake and squirm around. Keeping active would let him stay up. His mother noticed and gave him a disapproving frown before gathering him in her arms and starting to rock him gently and hum. She promised him everything would be ok and quieted him. Soon he felt weaker and sleepier and he couldn't squirm anymore.

The doctor and Mia stood staring down at the senseless boy as he lay in just the diaper, sleeping soundly.

'Do you think I should go get the trainers while he's sleeping'' Mia asked.

'No, it's better to force him to participate in the process. They are after all his trainers.' The doctor said, stressing the possessive

'Alright I'll give him a while to nap. Anything else I need to buy'' Mia asked, sure there would be more.

'Oh yes.' The doctor said with a chuckle. 'He'll need some more foley catheters, at least fourteen since you'll be using them at nap time too. We need to reduce his bladder size, it's scarcely gone down at all in the first weeks of training. Also I think it's about time you invested in a changing table and high chair for him. Especially the changing table. Oh and a new car seat, he could catch on to what we're up to at any time and it's best not to have him run around telling people about the therapy. I can write you a prescription for a toddler harness as well.'

'He's going to be even crankier once I get ahold of all that.' Mia said with a thoughtful smile.

'Oh yes, but just introduce it gradually. He'll have a week or two to get used to the training pants before the next phase starts and in that time you can get him used to some of the new equipment. Stick to the plan I gave you and bring him by in another week. I'm eager to see your progress, baby Brad.' The doctor smiled and squeezed the front of his diaper, smiling all the more when she found it to be warm. The doctor left and his mother soon followed with a quick look over her shoulder.

'Have a good nap Braddykins, we have a big afternoon planned for you.' And she shut the door.

It was an hour or two later that Brad woke up in a clammy diaper. He was used to this by now, but his penis felt somewhat funny. He wiggled his diapered crotch against the bed and gave a small whimper as he felt the catheter tube wiggle inside him. Any pressure on the diaper pushed the tube about uncomfortably, not to mention squishing the wetness against him. Brad sat up slowly, quite groggy from the suppository. He had to get out of this mess, and it only got worse as his thoughts cleared.

Was he really going to have to wear training pants now' This wasn't fair! He wasn't a toddler, he was just a little ill and the doctor could make him all better. Of course he didn't ever want to see the doctor again, and that just made things more complicated. The remedy to all of this, he figured, was his mother, whom he was soon crying for.

Mia came into the room with a gentle smile and plucked him up into her arms. 'Oh Brad such a lot of noise, calm down baby we have lots to do.' She said brightly, contrasting her demeanor with her less happy child's.

'Mommy you don't think I need trainin pants do you'' Brad asked, looking up at her as she busied herself preparing the changing mat and a new change of clothes. She hadn't even bothered to check if he was wet.

'Of course not baby but the doctor says you should.' She said as she laid him down on the pad and began to undo the tabs of the diaper. She thought better of lifting it just yet, remembering the days when Brad was a real baby and a diaper change could be turned into a game of pee roulette. She instead gathered up the syringe that would deflate the balloon on the catheter so she could take that out quickly.

'Ok Brad, how does your peepee feel'' She asked as she pressed on his lower tummy to make sure there wasn't any pee left to dribble out of him.

'It's a little sore mommy and it feels like I'm having an accident' He said, still getting used to the way the catheter held his bladder open.

'That's ok baby lets get that yucky thing out of you.' Mia said with a smile. She soon had his diaper down and quickly wiggled the end of the tube out a bit, making Brad wince as he felt a tug inside him. She then slipped the needle into a valve and pulled the plunger back until it read the same amount in the needle as the doctor had initially put into the catheter. Mia then gently wiggled the catheter out of him.

Brad winced as the catheter cleared a curve inside of him and just whined a bit, but he had to hold still. He wanted it out more than she did. Mia, satisfied, threw the catheter away and swatted his legs apart, bending in to peer at the little slit in his penis. It was red, but didn't seem to bad off. She applied a bit of diaper rash cream around the head and opening of his penis and smiled down at him as she tickled his belly playfully.

'Would Braddy like to have some baby powder'' She asked softly.

'Nuh uh not a baby!' Was the fairly predictable reply. Mia just sighed and dressed him, knowing soon he wouldn't have much of a choice.

'Now I put you in undies for today, but if you have another accident you'll be in trainers. Understood'' She asked sternly.

'Yes Mommy'.' Brad murmured as he stared down.

'Good boy. Now come have some lunch and then we can go out.' She said, leading him to a tray with a sandwich and plenty of juice, which she'd conveniently dosed with a little muscle relaxant and a good bit of the diuretic, the new day time formula.

Brad settled in to eat, looking up between bites and gulps.
'Where are we going' The fair'' He asked, as though this were a perfectly sensible option.

'Close, but no.' Mia said, smiling at the precocious boy. 'We need to go to the mall and get a few things Dr. Walsh wanted.
'Awwww'' Brad complained. Anything the Doctor wanted for him couldn't be good.

'No pouting, finish your lunch and we'll go.' Mia said, as she went to get her purse leaving Brad to gulp down the large glass of juice, and its dose of special medicine.

Mia smiled at him and packed up a juice box for the car ride. She wanted him to be quite well hydrated, as she already had a fairly clear plan for getting him into the training pants.

'Alright time to go kiddo.' She said, offering him her hand. Brad blushed and crossed his arms, not wanting to be led about like a baby. Mia shrugged it off and showed him out to the car. She did decide to buckle him in and squeezed the strap on him as a bit of punishment for his defiance. In no time they were rolling down the highway heading for the mall. Mia had already decided on a path that could keep them a good distance from a bathroom, at least until they reached the baby supplies store. She had to hope there was a pharmacy around as well, and she thought she remembered one nearby.

'What are we getting mommy'' Brad asked. Mia couldn't hide her smile. He was calling her mommy again all the time, and seemed a bit more dependent. Hopefully he could learn to enjoy his new place and begin to act like the cuddly toddler he was about to become.

'Just a few things pumpkin. It won't take very long.' She said soothingly. By the time she pulled into the parking lot she could see her son's legs squeezed together and smiled slyly. This time Brad did hold her hand as he was feeling a bit sluggish, and she had to slow her pace to let him keep up, thanks to the muscle relaxants.

'Mommy, take me to the bathroom.' Brad whined when they had just entered the mall.

'We'll find one near the store we're going to don't worry.' Mia cooed to him, leading him along. 'Keep an eye out for one ok'' She said encouragingly.

Brad did, but try as he might he couldn't see one. By the time they reached the baby supply store Brad was already whining more desperately, but it turned into a different kind of whining when he saw where his mother was taking him.
'Moooooom! This store's for babies I'm not goin in there!' He said, stomping his foot authoritatively.
'Then you can stand out there and pee your pants.' She said as though it didn't matter. 'The bathroom's in here somewhere.' She added. That was all the motivation he needed to grudgingly grasp her hand once more and let her lead him in. He began to peek about for the bathroom and murmured to his mother, tugging on her shirt occasionally as she began to talk to the sales clerk. She knew Brad would be too embarrassed to ask to go pee in front of a strange lady, and she planned to keep the conversation going as long as necessary.

The clerk, Tiffany, smiled down at Brad, noting his scrunched up face.
'Is he having trouble potty training' We have baby potties over in aisle five, or diapers in aisle seven. A lot of mothers give up on their first try, especially with boys, but he looks a bit big.' She smiled to him and tickled under his chin. That was all it took as the giggle ended up releasing the floodgates.

Tiffany and Mia both looked down at him and Brad froze in terror, his face turning red as a puddle began to form on the tile floor after flowing down the inside of his pants leg.

'Oh Brad how could you!' Mia scolded.

'It's ok, there's a changing room down the next aisle, does he have a clean change of undies' Or maybe trainers would be more appropriate'' Tiffany suggested helpfully.

'I think so. I'll get him cleaned up, if you could bring some that would fit him I'd be very glad, I don't think we need to make any more tracks than necessary.' Mia said as Brad slowly moved to her and buried his face against her.

'Ok I'll be right there.' Tiffany nodded and moved off after calling for a mop.

Mia smiled inwardly as she began to drag her soggy boy towards the lady's bathroom. Brad moved along with her wordlessly. It felt like everyone was staring at him and he just wanted to cry. His wet pants stuck to his skin with every movement and he only felt the tiniest bit of relief when his mother got him in to the bathroom. Mia wasted no time unfolding the changing table and hoisting Brad up onto it. He couldn't help but feel that his elevated state made him all the more noticeable and he began to whine softly.

Mia hushed him and stroked his tummy while she worked at peeling off his wet clothes. A woman walked into the bathroom. Mia hardly worried, but Brad could feel her eyes on him and almost swore he heard her tsk at his wet condition. The woman moved to do her makeup and Brad watched her just to focus on something other than the obvious problem.

Mia soon had his pants off, and was satisfied that his socks and shirt were ok, so she lifted his bottom and pulled off his underwear. These she simply tossed In the trash, though Brad was too busy staring at the lady doing her makeup to take note of this latest ominous sign. Mia made use of a dispenser of baby wipes and wipes Brad's crotch, thighs, and legs up fairly well. She didn't have a lot of wipes and she figured no one would be surprised if her apparent toddler smelled a bit damp.

Tiffany came back in just as Mia had her child's bottom up in the air to wipe up between his cheeks. Not that it would have gotten wet there, but she figured while she had him like this she might as well.

Tiffany walked over and smiled down at Brad, carrying a bag of merchandise.

'Did your mommy make you all better'' She asked teasingly. Brad covered his face and just whimpered, refusing to answer.

'Awww he's shy.' She cooed as she took a pack of large training pants and some sesame street overalls out of the bag. 'I got the least expensive I could, and I brought a bag for his wet things.' She said helpfully.

'Oh you're a life saver!' Mia exclaimed. 'Do you think you could distract him while I get these on' He's always awful for diaper changes.' Mia explained.

'Sure thing.' Tiffany agreed. 'But I thought you were potty training him.' She moved over a bit, handing Mia the package of trainers and tickling under Brad's armpits to get him to take his hands from his face. Brad couldn't help but giggle a bit and look up at the kind woman, calming down a bit as she didn't seem to be making such a big deal of the matter. Still it was terribly embarrassing to be seen naked and wet by a stranger.

'Oh I diaper him for bed time, he wets just about every night and usually for nap time.' Mia explained as she tore open the package of trainers and examined the pull ups, deciding they were the right size.

Brad looked at his mother with a look of utmost betrayal. The humiliation too much for him and drawing yet another tantrum. He screamed at her and tried to get off of the changing table, but Tiffany held him still and his mother had soon swatted his bottom enough to turn the screaming into soft crying. While Tiffany stroked his hair out of his face and cooed to him his mother wiggled the trainers up his legs and then put on the overalls. The two women stood talking over him after he was dressed.

'I'm sorry he's so cranky, he's like that around strangers sometimes, and his regression isn't helping matters. He was doing so well with his training too, even had a few dry nights.' Mia said truthfully.

'I understand. Don't worry about it I think he's cute. Listen I need to get back to the register but finish your shopping and I'll just add this stuff to the bill ok'' Tiffany said with a smile.
'Thanks again.' Mia said with a bright smile. 'I'll be sure to pay for it.'

'Oh don't worry. I'm sure you can pay me back by letting me babysit so


Brad was glad to get inside, away from anyone who might see him. He was sure the training pants were making noise and showing under the overalls, and besides, he had to pee.

'Ok baby, let's get you to the potty.' His mother said condescendingly as she took his hand. This time she took her time undoing his overalls and watching him squirm. She then pulled down the trainers and aimed his penis towards the toilet. He wasn't quite ready for a baby potty yet, that could come later, she thought. She waited patiently until he was done and then turned him around and wiped him up, pulling the trainers back up and then swatting him on his padded bottom lightly.

'Alright let mommy get you a snack and then you can watch some tv, I need to work on a few things.' She said kindly, shooing him off to the living room. Brad nearly tripped over the overalls and went to pull them up, but he found his mother's hand holding them down.

'You don't need those Brad, it'll be easier to make it to the potty without them.' She explained helpfully, shooing him once more. He began to move grudgingly.
'But mommy what if someone sees me'' He whimpered.

'No one's coming over today baby you're alright. Just watch your cartoons. Besides this way if the doctor comes over she can see you're following her orders. You wouldn't want her to think you weren't, would you'' She asked with a smile.

Brad shook his head and settled on the couch. Mia grabbed up a large glass of juice and some salty chips and made sure Brad was all settled with them before moving to the spare room and starting to shift things about quietly, moving the boxes in from the car and assembling them. She stocked a dresser with the changing pants and began to move some of Brad's clothes in, as well as taking apart the crib and putting it in place of the bed.

Brad, distracted by the cartoons, only glanced occasionally and to him it just looked like his mom was doing laundry or, perhaps, setting aside an early Christmas present for him. It took about another hour before Brad needed to pee again. There didn't seem to be any sense in asking his mother. He was a big boy and he could prove it by going on his own.

He waited until the commercials though, when he could barely hold it any longer, and scurried along to the bathroom, dribbling a bit as he did. He didn't know why he needed to wet so badly lately.

Mia meanwhile was walking by with his underwear, to be given to the goodwill store, when she noticed an empty couch and an empty glass of juice. Ever the shrewd one she dropped the underwear in a trash bag and headed for the bathroom. Mia burst in just as Brad had taken down his dampened trainers and was beginning to pee. He turned quickly, wetting on the floor a bit as he did so and very surprised.

'Bradley!' His mother began, using his full name as he stood there, damp and naked. 'What did we agree on'' She demanded. Brad murmured something non-committal. 'Well'' She boomed. 'That I'd ask you to take me to the bathroom'' He said softly, staring down at a little puddle on the floor.

'And can you see why'' She boomed. 'This will take me forever to clean up, and I put you back in trainers so I wouldn't have to follow a little boy around cleaning up pee! I can see I made the right decision. Brad you're in trouble. Get your panties up right now!' She said.

'But mommy I gotta pee'' He said, fidgeting about. 'You already have it seems, all over the floor and'' She picked the trainers up from around his ankles and poked the front.' In your training pants as well. You're lucky I don't have you back in diapers full time for this, baby.' She looked satisfied with the fear she'd put in him and then she held the trainers out. 'Put them on Brad and then we'll talk about your punishment for disobeying mommy.'

Brad reluctantly stepped into them, feeling the damp chilly wetness where he'd dribbled a bit. Once Mia had him in the trainers she marched him out to the living room and put him in the corner.

'Ok stand there while mommy gets things ready. You can just think about what you've done.' She instructed, making sure his nose faced the corner before disappearing. Brad whined softly, soon needing to pee again. He'd only gotten a little out before he was interrupted.

With nothing else to do Brad just listened to his mothers steps up the stairs, and the heavier ones coming down. He started to peek over his shoulder but he could feel his mother's stare on him now, knowing she was in the room.

He heard something moving about and then his mother grasped his shoulder. 'Come on baby, let's get you in your play pen.' She said. And that was just what she'd set up, his old padded playpen with the pictures of dinosaurs on it. Brad looked up at her and whimpered as he found himself picked up and plopped down inside like a toddler.

'No mommy!' He whined as he flopped down on the padded floor.

'Keep quiet. Mommy needs to go clean up your mess and finish moving some things. If I hear another peep from you it's a spanking.' She said threateningly. She didn't enjoy being mean or domineering with him, but he had to learn to accept her rules so his training would go more smoothly. She wanted everything to be on track so the doctor would be happy and things could go easily instead of requiring more medications or fighting.

Brad pouted and sat in the playpen for what seemed like hours. With nothing else to do his focus increasingly went to his full bladder. He whined softly to himself and stood up, tugging at the rails. He could have climbed out but the walls here just high enough that to do so would make a bit of noise. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer.

'Mommy I need to pee.' He begged.

The reply came from the guest bedroom this time, his mother apparently having finished in the bathroom.

'Just hold it baby I'll be done soon.'

Soon as it turned out, seemed to be a long way off as it usually was when she said that word. Brad found himself dribbling again and did all the old tricks, squeezing his legs together and pressing his hands over his crotch. He couldn't help but feel thirsty now for some reason and he figured his mother wouldn't have a problem with him needing a drink. He slowly unclenched his legs and tried to get one of them over the side and then it hit. He couldn't hold it anymore. A spurt of pee escaped and then quickly stopped, but it had felt so good. Brad finally gave in and sat down with his legs spread, whimpering as he squirted into the trainers.

The pants absorbed the wetness as he was still wetting the way big boys do, a little bit at a time. His bladder was still used to not emptying all at once if it felt that the urine was being squished against his skin. Still, by the time he was done the training pants were warm and bulging and he felt relieved, though terribly helpless.

His mother returned just as he'd finished and smiled down at him, noticing the look on his face.

'Uh oh looks like I better check baby's trainers.' She cooed as she picked him up under his bottom. She gave the trainers a light press and felt the heat in them, smiling inwardly.

'Did you have an accident'' She asked. Brad just nodded his head.

'And did you make more noise when mommy said not to'' She asked to the same response.

'Well mommy's going to punish you and put you down for a nap, but don't be embarrassed about your wetting Braddy, the doctor said to expect that. You just need to learn to listen to mommy.' She soothed.

'Ok'' Brad said in a trembling voice as she started to carry him down the hall. 'But can I have a drink first'' He asked, looking up at Mia earnestly.

'Of course baby.' She smiled warmly, no longer so angry at him. This had given her a good reason to switch him into a more fitting room, and she knew his thirst was thanks to the diuretic. She didn't want him getting dehydrated and so she moved to the kitchen and let him have a cup of milk while holding him on her lap, stroking his back to calm him.

Once he was done he looked around for anything to further delay his punishment, but Mia would have none of it. He was a bit puzzled when she passed by the door to his room though and headed towards the guest bedroom.

When she opened the door Brad stared on in surprise. The nondescript furniture was largely gone, replaced by a new, odd sort of shelf, his crib, a rocking chair, and a few of his older toys from when he was much younger that he'd now outgrown.

'What's this'' He asked in stunned silence, a pause which his mother had used to carry him over to, and seat him atop, the table.

'This is your new nursery kiddo. It'll be easier for me to take care of you in here and I can store all your baby stuff here. You can have your old room back when you get better ok'' She asked with a comforting smile.

'Well' ok.' Brad said, unsure of the whole thing but trusting his mother. It wasn't that much worse, the furniture didn't look too babyish and was mostly just light pine wood.

'Alright let's get up and undress for nap time.' Mia said brightly, lifting him up. 'Pull your pants and trainers down for mommy like a good boy.' She instructed as she hoisted him up under his arm pits and held him gently to make sure he didn't fall. Brad complied easily, already growing used to his mother seeing him naked again. He wiggled his pants off and then dropped the tight trainers around his ankles. They flopped wetly on the padded changing table.

'Good boy!' Mia gushed before sitting him down. She dropped the wet changing pants into a diaper pail and set his pants aside. As Brad settled his damp bottom on the chilly plastic surface she popped his tee shirt up over his shoulder after prompting him to raise his arms, and was finally left with a naked boy who she could easily get prepared for his nap. She hadn't expected him to be so tractable, but knowing he had a punishment coming always seemed to calm him down.

'Now lay back so mommy can get you ready for your nap time.' She said firmly, pressing a hand to his chest. Once she had him reclined she moved swiftly, taking a plastic strap that had been hanging down over the side and secured it to the other side, pulling it firm over his stomach.

Brad looked up and began to squirm, remembering how the doctor had used the same method for him. His mother tickled his stomach lightly and simply smiled to him, settling him down while she moved to a cupboard to get a catheter and some jellied lubricant. Mia had thought of just using vaseline, but the doctor had advised her to use a water soluble lubricant to prevent a urinary tract infection.

Brad began to squirm and fuss when he saw what she'd brought. 'Nooo not that again!' He whined, crossing his legs to try to deny her access.

'Baby remember you're already in trouble and part of your punishment is to have to stay in the nursery from now on, but it can get a lot worse.' She said ominously as she set the package and tube down and got out a goodnight. She opened it up and laid it under her son's bottom as he stared up at her.

'Mommy why do I gotta have the catheter'' He whined while she began to wipe over his penis and scrotum and tummy with a few baby whipes.

'Because if I don't do this I'll have to strap you down. It's your choice little one.' She said sweetly. After a moment she figured he'd decided by his silence and took out the round headed syringe. She slid it into the lubricant and wiggled it about to coat the outside before drawing back the plunger a bit.

This done she set the lubricant down and looked to her patient. She could tell he was nervous and she set her free hand on his stomach and cooed to him. She knew just her touch should settle him down.

'Don't worry it won't hurt too much and you'll soon get used to it, it's only for a little while.' She promised him, feeling a bit guilty. But it was for his own good, she decided as he stared up at her. She moved her hand down to his penis and pointed it up towards his stomach, squeezing the tip down and slipping the injector in. She pushed the plunger and Brad squirmed as he felt the cool gel forced into his urethra.

Mia set down the injector and picked up the catheter's package, opening it and then telling Brad to hold very still. She began to slide the tube with its slightly bulbous front into him. Brad soon started to fuss and wiggle his legs, but Mia let go of his penis to hold them down once she had the tube in deep enough. She watched his face, first as the tube was fprced to curve just inside of his perineum, and then when it poked at his prostate. Mia smiled and moved her free hand up to tickle him, drawing a fit of giggles and soon able to slide the tube the rest of the way in.

She hadn't banked on it working so well though. As soon as it was in liquid started to flow through it, squirting out pee all over his stomach and thighs. It was only a short burst but Mia still had to quickly fold the diaper up to both contain it and dry him off a bit. Brad whimpered as the quick movement jostled the catheter within him.
'Ow!' He screamed in exaggerated pain.

'Stop fussing! If you hadn't been naughty in bed I wouldn't have to do this. Look you've peed everywhere!' Mia scolded as she used more baby wipes to clean him and the table up. She then took out another syringe and inflated the balloon on the catheter once she was satisfied that the boy was empty. She settled the catheter and then generously sprinkled him with baby powder, lifting his bottom so that she could get it everywhere.

'Oh one last thing.' She said with a smile. Brad saw her produce the hated thermometer and began to kick and squirm in earnest, only reinforcing Mia's decision to punish him. She approached the squirming brad, concealing the laxative suppository in her free hand.

Mia smiled to him and stroked his chest, trying to settle him. 'Don't worry it'll be over soon and we can get you down for your nap.' She promised as he lay there with the damp diaper covering his crotch and stomach.

'Mommmy pwease I'm not sick!' Brad begged.
'I know that honey buns but the doctor just wants me to make sure, it's for your own good ok'' Mia asked. 'Come on if you let me do this you can have some chocolate milk when you get up.' Enticement always worked, especially with chocolate.

'Oki!' Brad said enthusiastically.

'Alright baby now roll your legs up like for a diaper change.' She instructed. Brad complied with a small smile and Mia used her free hand to spread the vaseline over his little crevice. Her hand there also kept Brad from seeing the suppository she poked inside and then pressed in the rest of the way with the thermometer. To him it felt like he was just having his temperature taken normally. Mia kept the thermometer in for only a minute, not wanting Brad to start to feel the need to go poopie before she had him in his crib and securely diapered.

Mia soon slid the instrument out of her little boy's bottom and Brad barely noted that it went out much more easily than it had gone in, leaving the dose of laxative in his bottom. His body heat was already melting the casing on the suppository so it could start to do it's work. Mia smiled and blew a raspberry on Brad's tummy, drawing a giggle from him and a bright smile. He surely felt a lot better now that he had the promise of chocolate milk and something to make him giggle. He barely noticed as Mia taped up his diaper and tucked him into the crib.

It was perhaps half an hour later when he woke up and did notice something. He felt like he really needed to go potty, and his diaper was already wet without him even having noticed. H was used to that sensation. The worrying part was the pressure in his bottom that he couldn't seem to contain.

He squeezed his little anus as best he could and soon began to press out and then in again as if that might help. He whined for Mia, but she'd turned off the baby monitor she had in his room. Brad was on his own and the suppository was certain to beat him. He had to fight though, and he wiggled to his feet and tried to climb over the rail of the crib. Of course spreading his legs was the last thing he should have done, and he could soon feel mushy mess flowing into his diaper as his bottom spasmed and pushed it out.

Brad fell back into the crib and felt the mess squish upwards into the front and back of the diaper, almost all the way up to his tummy. And it was still coming. He soon began to cry and whine for his mother, especially as he felt pee trickling out over his stomach. He tried to stop it but there was nothing he could do. This catheter thing made it impossible to hold his pee!

Brad could think of nothing to do but cry and finally fall into sleep. Mia came in an hour later to wake him and was stunned by the smell, though she was glad that the goodnight had managed to contain it all. Less mess for her to clean up. She got Brad up and treated him to a sippy cup full of chocolate milk. Brad was content to drink from it and just close his eyes as his mommy changed him and removed the tube. His messes were no longer his responsibility, she would take care of all of it and decide where he went potty. That was easier than having to acknowledge his dirty bottom.

Mia found him quite cooperative now and decided not to chide him for his accident. Next time she gave him a suppository though she decided she'd need to use proper baby diapers to make sure they'd be absorbent enough.

The week passed less eventfully with Mia keeping her child in just a tee shirt and the training pants, and often taking him to the potty. Of course when he seemed particularly engrossed in something she'd forget to ask if he needed to go, and she timed fits of tickling to make sure he had an accident or two every day. She used one of these that made a puddle on the floor as an excuse to transfer Brad from a big boy potty, which was more stationary and clearly too far for him to go, to a baby potty which was much more mobile.

Brad fussed about it at first.

'I'm not usin it that's for babies!' He said with a stomp of his foot.

'Babies go in their training pants and that's what you did. You can either use your trainers or go in the potty. Mommy is tired of running to the bathroom all the time. This makes it easier for both of us baby.' Mia soothed him and then smiled, revealing her secret weapon.

'You can have a glass of chocolate milk if you go on your new potty three times in a row' She promised. That was enough for Brad, and Mia was happy to get more fluids into him.

The only other battle of the week had been about his new diet. Brad was now noticing the lack of hard cheese, meat and peanut butter in his diet. Instead there was a lot of fruit and cereal and yogurt, as well as softer cheeses and grains. Brad hated the taste of a lot of this and often said so.

'Baby' His mother began to explain. 'The doctor doesn't want your bottom to get clogged up or you'll have a tummy ache, so we're giving you food to make it easier for you to go poopie.' She stated. The food was indeed starting to have this effect as she'd noticed he was having three or four bowel movements a day even without laxatives. But she needed to break his mental resistance as well as physical. Mia waited until Thursday morning, the day after Brad had just gotten over his new potty and was cranky from a wet, dirty diaper, to spring her trap.

She made all the foods Brad hated most, unsweetened oatmeal, bran cereal, plain yogurt and stewed prunes. She tried a few times to get him to eat and then let him tantrum and push the food away from his face as she tried to feed him. Even airplane noises didn't work.

'Ok baby what do you want'' She asked, giving him a choice.

'Scambled eggs and bacon and yummy stuff!' He demanded, looking up as though this was a trick, which it was.

But of course his mother dutifully made the breakfast he preferred, but slipped a ground up pill into the eggs. The doctor had given her this incase her son got fussy over this issue. Brad thanked his mother and ate greedily and the day proceeded as planned until Brad ended up with a tummy ache. Mia said he should try to go poopy with a knowing smile, and she led him to the bathroom.

He grunted and pushed but nothing came out. She sighed and picked him up as he whined about his tummy. She rubbed it and gave him some juice to drink saying it might go away. Brad came back hours later from playing with blocks to say he needed to poop once again. Again nothing came out.

Finally Mia couldn't stand making her little one suffer anymore, and took him to the changing table. She put on a glove and pulled off his trainers. 'Mommy will see what's wrong with baby. Don't worry it wont hurt.' She soothed as she rubbed his tummy with her free hand. She dabbed on some vaseline and probed his bottom, frowning theatrically as she found what she expected. He was impacted, and his stool had hardened thanks to the stool hardening agent she'd dosed him with. It wouldn't cause damage if taken care of (as she planned to) but it would teach him a valuable lesson about eating what he was given.

Mia proceded to use a bulb syringe to suction up baby oil, and squirted this into his bottom, repeating two times. It wouldn't take much, and mineral oil worked very well. Brad whined as she finished the insertions and then slid one of the thick goodnights onto him. The worst part was having to listen to his mommy chide him for eating food that would make him sick the whole time, and it surely linked the bacon and eggs with this new unpleasant experience and his tummy ache.

Mia massaged Brad's tummy and told him he had to stay in the diaper for an hour until the enema had drawn out the poopie. He wouldn't have control over it, she said, so he might as well go in the diaper. Brad whined at this but stopped upon a stern look from his mommy. Mia could only smile to herself as she watched him play and occasionally stop to let out a messy fart. He occasionally asked to be changed, but was easily rebuffed. Mia wasn't entirely happy that she'd had to throw out a perfectly good breakfast, but she knew he was being punished enough.

After a diaper change Brad felt a bit better and quietly ate what he was served for lunch. However thanks to the baby oil he was blushing and looking embarrassed every once in a while for the rest of the day as more oil made its way out of him with a wet fart. Mia could only smile, and was treated to the same obedience at dinner, even as he wiggled his oily bottom in the chair. The training was going well and it would soon be time to start the next phase.

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