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The Babysitter - Part 1

Chapter 1 The Ad College schools are filled with many students and lots of potential workers. Unfortunately for students, many of these jobs have already been filled. This is why most go to the bulliten board. The board is filled with lots of odd jobs that teachers, students and even outside employers looking for part time work. One day Nick was scoping the board for an opportunity for quick cash as he often ends up doing week by week. It is not that he is poor, it is simply that college has drained most of his finances and his job at Wal-Mart isnt helping much because the hours suck and the pay is worse. He needs to be able to get more money than what he gets every pay period. Twenty-six hours a week does not give him enough money for a book, much less for food and rent. The third visit in two days to the board lead to no hopes of a good job. Most of the offers were for mowing lawns and babysitting. Nick, being an inside type of guy, decided that mowing lawns wasnt for him. He looked at the babysitting ads, in hopes of getting one that payed decent. There was one ad that appeared to be worth while. It read: "Babysitter Needed for one child who needs loving care while parents are away. Pays well and provides much opportunity for growth. The better you are, the more hours you will get with my little one." With no name nor phone number, and only an address, Nick decided to take the ad with him for later. He waited a few days before making the decision as to whether or not to inquire about the babysitting job. After waiting a few days, Nick decides to go to the address on the ad. Upon his arrival, Nick casually knocks on the door. Nick could not help but wonder what he would find inside this average looking home in a middle-upper class neighborhood. With a million thoughts running through his mind, the door opened and Nick was greeted by a beautiful young woman dressed in a casual business suit. "Hi there, I'm Nick.""I am here about the ad that you placed." "Oh, great.""Would you like to come in?" Nick follows the young woman inside. At first glance, everything appeared to be normal for that of a young woman's home; however, there was something missing. There were absolutely no signs that children lived in her home."Please, have a seat." "Let me introduce myself, hi, I'm Amber." " So, you found my ad huh?" Nick casually answers,"Yup, I found it on the campus Bulletin board." Before Nick could inquire about the presence of children, Amber said,"Well, I am sure that you realize by looking around that there are no kids here; Though, I did not place my ad because I needed someone to care for kids, I do need a babysitter." Nick was at this point, pretty puzzled; though, still asked, "So, what, am I like taking of your niece or nephew or something?" Amber, looking at the floor with a curious yet playful smile said,"No, not exactly; you see, I am looking for someone to babysit me." Nick looking even more puzzled asked,"What do you mean babysit you?" "I am not sure that I understand!" Amber interjects and says,"Look, let me try to explain this to you in a way that won't freak you out." "You see, I have this fantasy and well it involves me being treated like a baby at all times. Nick, with a curious and playful look on his face then asks,"What do you mean when you say be treated like a baby at all times?" "What exactly do you want me to do?" Amber then looks at Nick with a tantalizing grin and says,"Well, the only way for you to fully understand is for me to show you." Amber then stood up and walked over to Nick. As she walked closer to him, Nick noticed and odd crinkling noise; though, he did not seem to mind. Amber then looked down at Nick as she took off her pants and said,"Well, does this give you an idea of what I am talking about?" Nick looked at Amber in a state of shock and amazment and replied,"Damn, you are wearing a diaper!" "Well, okay, I think that I know about what you want me to do, so let me see if I've got it right." "First, you want me to diaper you as would be for any baby, then you want me to treat you as if you were a helpless child totally dependant on me to feed you bathe you and change you." "Is that about right?" Amber, looking long and hard at Nick said,"Yes, that is what I want." " I have always wanted to do this and now that I am on my own and have the money to play around with I can finally do it." "That is, if I find the right person to help me." " I will pay you whatever salary you need, as well as handle all expenses on things such as, diapers and food." Nick then said," Well, I need to be truthful with you, I would love to be your babysitter." "I have absolutely no problem with doing anything that you want me to do. Though, I also like wearing diapers and while I am not used to being treated like a baby I am willing to learn." "That is, if I find the right teacher." Amber delightfully surprised says,"So, you want the job?" Nick quickly replies,"Yes, I will take the job." Amber, happily inquires,"When can you start?" Nick, thinking about it, replies," I can start tonight if you want." Amber says," Well then, I guess I will see you tonight." "Why don't we say around 7 O'clock." Nick looking at his watch says," I will see you in a few hours then." Nick then headed home to prepare for his first night as a babysitter. The rest of the afternoon, Nick wondered what would happen later on that night and as it does time flys by and it was time for him to return to Amber's house. Nick arrived at Amber's house about 6:59 pm and knocked on the door. All of a sudden, his watch beeped alerting him that it was exactly 7 O'clock and no sooner did the watch stop beeping the door opened.

Chapter 2 The First Night The door opened to an interesting sight for him. A young girl, at least she appeared so, answered the door. It was Amber, who was dressed with taffetas and fancy dresses, but the odd look of it was the colors and patterns on it. Her dress was pink with bunny rabbits hopping and skipping about all over the edges. A pink ribbon in her hair to match and she stood on her knees when she answered the door. "Hewwo, Nick." she says a childish tone. Expecting to be able to talk to her as an adult, he didnt know what to say about this. "What do you want to do Amber?" he asked as he entered and sat on the couch. As she closed the door, she hops around like a rabbit an says, "Play!" The woman who seemed to be quiet, sullen and almost depressed in the meeting prior, was suddenly this happy little girl. Amber hopped about and giggled as he fiddled through his back pack and found a hand puppet of Tigger. She stopped mid stream and smiled as he started to play as bouncing Tigger. Giggling and smiling on the floor of the living room, she began to crawl to Nick. He picked her up and sat her down on his lap and then he got a good look at her. Her red hair was bold and dark, and seemed to be natural. She has deep green eyes with a button nose and a pair of the most beautiful lips he ever saw. Wearing no lipstick, she has deep red lips. Amber seemed to weigh very little as she sat on his lap, in his mind only about 150 or less. Nick was a strong guy and has lifted as much as this on many occasions for work and often for excersise. The outfit she wore drove him mad, but he held it in. It revealed some of her cleavage and left him wanting more. Amber giggled as he played with the Tigger puppet. She would attempt to catch it and Nick would move the puppet away quickly in a "bounce." When he felt her legs move up and down, he heard the sound of crinkling, which he assumed was the obvious reason he was here. Nick had changed diapers a few times in his life. He even envied his little sister when she was still wearing them. For some reason the thought of wearing one again appealed to him. In his mind, only fate and God would allow him to actually wear them again. While Amber was entertained with his puppet show using his right hand, his left was inching to her diaper to see for himself what it was like. As she clapped and moved about, her mind was far from the present, but in a fantasy world. Life could cease to exsist and Amber could not care a bit. She finally caught Tigger as he bounced at the same very moment Nick landed a hand on her soft plastic covered diaper with his left hand. His hand rubbed her bottom as she giggled and played with the now captured Tigger. Nick was over taken with the sensation of the feel of Amber's diaper and as he played with her, Nick realized that this was going to be more fun than than he had anticipated. As Amber played, she innocently smiled and giggled as if she was a small child and as children do playtime suddenly shifted, as Amber looked at Nick and exclaimed,"I Thirsty". Nick, loveingly looked at Amber and asked," What do you want sweetie?". Amber then quickly replied," I want Bah Bah!". Nick then went to the kitchen, where he located a bottle filled with juice. Nick quickly grabbed it and took it to Amber. Amber with a cute smile on her face took the bottle from Nick and began to suck down the juice. Following her bottle, Amber began to play again. Only, this time Amber was playing with her blocks and as she began to stack her blocks she looked at Nick and said,"Play". Nick then got back down on the floor to once again to play with Amber. After about an hour of playing with her blocks Amber began to look as if she was straining to keep from soiling her diaper. Nick looked at Amber as she sat on the floor and asked her,"Do you need your diaper changed?". Amber did not answer him immediately and continued to look as if she was physically straining. When all of a sudden, Amber looked at Nick and proceeded to show him her soiled and obdviously wet diaper. Nick looked at Amber and said," Come on and let me change that diaper." Nick then picked up Amber and proceded up stairs to her bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, Nick noticed a large obviously adult sized crib and changing table. The changing table was fully stocked with baby wipes and disposable diapers and not to mention a diaper genie on the floor next to it. Nick laid Amber on the changing table and as he began to get thing ready for his first diaper change on Amber, his heart and mind began to race. By this time, Nick could tell that her diaper was really dirty and he then began to change her. As Nick removed her clothes he saw what a beautiful woman Amber really was lying there naked except for her dirty diaper. With dark auburn hair, deep brown eyes, standing about five feet three inches, and having gorgeous C38 cup breasts. To Nick, this made her even more appealing as a baby girl. Nick unfastened and removed Amber's diaper to find that it was very wet and messy, he then carefully and fully cleaned Amber off. All the while thinking to himself," God I wish this was me being changed!" Gently and playfully Nick applied baby powder and proceded to place a fresh diaper on Amber's clean and beautiful bottom. Upon finishing the diaper change, Nick let Amber down off of the changing table to wander around as he dispose of the soiled diaper. Amber immediately began to crawl out of the bedroom in nothing but her diaper and head directly for the bathroom. Nick, after disposing of the dirty diaper found Amber in the bathroom and before he could speak Amber, pointing directly at the tub said,"I want baff"Nick thought to himslef this is amazing and then said to Amber,"Okay sweetie, let me get the bath ready for you.""Do you want bubbles?" Amber giggled at the thought of bubbles in her bath and said with youthful enthusiasim, "Yeah, Pwease!" After a few minutes, Nick had Amber's bath ready for her and as he thought to himself about how great it was going to be to be able to bathe Amber. Nick thought, it was just like Amber was his own little girl. Again Nick unfastened Amber's diaper and in to the tub she went. Splashing and giggling, Amber enjoyed her bath. Nick said,"Okay sugar it is time to get washed up." Amber smiled and quickly became still, awaiting Nick to wash her. As Nick washed Amber, she became inpatient, as children often do, begining to squirm and whine. Nick stopped what he was doing and then said to Amber,"If you let me finish I will read you a bedtime story when you get out of the tub." Quickly amber processed the proposal in her mind and complied with Nick's request. Nick then rinsed Amber off and said, "Come on princess, it is time to get ready for bed." Nick then picked up Amber,wraping her in a towel at the same time, and proceeded to dry her off. Once she was dry Nick then took her back to the bedroom and on to the changing table. Again, Nick gently powdered her and applied a fresh diaper. Nick at this point was rather tired out because after all, it is a lot of work keeping up with a little girl. He then took Amber and placed her in her crib and proceeded to find a story to read to her. There was a large selection of childrens books in the room and Nick chose the tale of Chicken Little. After the story was read, Amber was fast asleep. Nick took a seat back down stairs in the livlng room and deep thought over took his mind. Nick was trying to think about how he could tell Amber that he enjoyed playing,feeding, and diapering her and how he wanted her to do the same thing to him. After about an hour and a glass or two of expensive wine Nick decided to head up stairs to check in Amber. He also decided that in the morning he was going to talk to Amber about the possibility of her diapering him. Upon Nick entering the bedroom, he found amber still fast asleep and he picked her up and sat down in the rocking chair and proceeded to rock both of them to sleep. Still naked, he held her body close to him keeping her warm.

Chapter 3: Baby Nick Nick woke up the next morning to find that his lap is completely wet. He looked at Amber and thought to himself, that he could ask her about wearing diapers himself. With the thought of why his lap was wet passing his mind, he moved his legs a moment and felt a chill. His hands slid to Amber's bottom where he noticed a leak in the diaper at a side. This and the fact that she soaked her diaper during the night. He wanted to let her sleep as he thought about how to talk to her. A few minutes passed by until he realized he had to go to the bathroom. He tried to hold it, so he could wait for Amber to wake. The time went by and even with him attempting to wake up the girl, she didnt move. How could Nick have known that Amber is a very deep sleeper. Nick remain seated with her cuddled against his body. Still naked, her warmth excites his body and makes his urge to urinate more demanding. After some time of resisting, he simply decided since he was wet already, he would simply add to it. Nick released himself and started to feel much better. This did not stir Amber. As he sat there completely soaked from his waist down, he thought maybe this would be a way to think of telling her. He woke her up gently by rubbing her back. When she woke, she felt how wet the chair and him were. "What happened?" she mumbled slightly as she woke. "Amber, I had an accident," Nick said as she looked at the mess. Looking at herself and feeling the diaper, she said, "Lets each of us take a shower and get clean clothes on." She looked inside his back pack and noticed there weren't any clothes in there. "Maybe you can wear something I have until your clothes come out of the wash." Amber said with a smile. Not knowing what she was thinking, Nick headed to the bathroom and undressed as she put his clothes in the washing machine. Amber surprised Nick as she stepped into the shower with him and cleaned herself. He asked what would happen now, but was silenced by her. They dried off and she said for him to come into the nursery. Amber had a set of diapers ready for someone to use. He saw one sitting next to another. She said that since you can't control yourself, you have to wear diapers. Nick smiled, and complied. Amber said, "I only have pink diapers, so dont expect much else. I dont even want to get any others." Nick was quick to obey Amber's commands and quietly sat in the adult sized high chair. Amber fixed Nick a bottle of milk and a warm bowl of grits and proceeded to feed him his breakfast. After Breakfast, Amber took Nick in to the living room and sat him on the floor with the pile of toys from the night before and said," Here you sweet heart play for me while I turn on the TV."Nick again said, "Okay Mommie." As the day whent on Nick continued to play until Amber decreed that it was time for his nap. Nick took Nick upstairs to the bedroom and placed him in the crib. She looked down at Nick and said," now be a good boy and take your nap." Amber checked Nick's diaper and was that it was clean and dry and then turned out the light and left Nick to take his nap. Nick woke up to the sound of his watch beeping. It was Sunday, four o'clock in the morning. He knew that he had class tomorrow morning, but didnt want to stop this fun. The sun wasnt up yet, and he felt the urge to pee. He tried to hold it. Though only a few minutes had passed, it felt like hours. He began to leak, the diaper filled with warmth. This feeling had excited him greatly. Nick put his hands on his warm diaper and rubbed it softly. The padding surrounds his penis and makes every movement stimulating. Nick rubbed and rubbed as he no longer thought about his environment. His breath became deeper and louder. Nick was making noise with his legs that tapped against the crib. Within minutes, he climaxed. His eyes were closed and breath labored as his body tried to calm itself. "Did that feel good?" a voice said loudly. Nick was startled and screamed. He saw Amber looking down on him. Feeling ashamed and humiliated Nick started to cry. "Look at the little baby." she said as she reached her hands down to caress his diaper. "Maybe a new wardrobe would help baby feel better." Amber said with a smile as she began to change him. After he was changed, Nick was given a bottle and before he was finished with it, he was asleep. A few hours later, he was awakened by Amber who was holding a set of baby girl clothes. Once again Amber checked Nick's diaper to find that it was very dirty and so she changed him again. After changing him, Amber began to dress Nick in a frilly pink dress, perfectly suited for a baby girl. Nick, did not care if he was going to be dressed as a girl as long as he had diapers to wear. Amber took Nick in to the living room to play and watch TV while she fixed something to eat. After a quick bite Nick and Amber both played on the floor in the living room for a couple of hours. By the time that 1 o'clock rolled around Nick and Amber both had become tired and laid down on the couch and drifted off to sleep while watching the TV.

Chapter 4: Sunday Night Sunday afternoon was fun for Nick, he was allowed to wear diapers and even play in silly outfits. He began to like the soft lace and silky dress he was wearing. It slowly became comforting as day drew into night. The one down side is that the next morning would come and this would end. Nick decided to tell Amber he would leave tonight. He really didnt want to, but it was necessary for him to prepare for school once again. "Amber, I have to go home tonight. I have school tomorrow and I should get ready." Nick said with some grief. Amber took his hand and said, "That sounds like a good idea, but I dont want you to think that you are being sent away." Something inside her made Amber say "I want you to come back next weekend in order for you to take care of me again. I had a great time the past two nights and hope for more." Amber said as she went to her room. "I enjoyed this more than I ever could have thought. Even when I thought of how strange it was for you to be the baby." he said with a smile. She came back into the room dressed in slacks and a plain blue blouse. Much more adult than she seemed in the past few hours. She went to the curio in the corner of the living room and opened a drawer. Nick followed her movements and watched as she wrote a check. "I know this isn't much, but I want you to decide for yourself if you want to return. If I pay you more, then it would be more of a money decision instead of a real heart felt one." Amber finished as she handed him the check. Nick didnt look at it for a moment as he thought about the past thirty-six hours or so. "The last day and night has been so much fun, I think I could come back here no matter what I was paid." Nick said in a serious and loving tone. Amber smiled and gave him a hug. She said for him to go to the nursery to change. "You can keep the dress if you want it, there is a diaper bag next to your clothes that you can keep too." she said with a smile. "I want you to bring it with you next Friday when you come over." Amber stated with a serious tone. He went into the nursery and proceed to change into his clothes which were laid out for him. Next to his clothes was a dark blue bag which looked much like a back pack. Nick examined the bag for a moment and saw that it contained twenty pink diapers, four bottles which were empty, two pacifiers, some baby powder and even lotion for rashes. He thought it was nice to have some diapers to take home. As he finished dressing, he noticed the check which he put on the dresser. It was written out for five hundred dollars, which was a lot of money to Nick. "I wonder what she considers expensive if this isn't much money?" Nick thought to himself. Nick continued to prepare for the next day mentally while he packed his things. It was only a short time before he was ready to head home. The day came to a close with a cup of coffee at Alan's Coffee Stop. There he thought about the weekend privately before he headed to his apartment.

Chapter 5 After School Baby Nick originally didnt think about actually wearing any of the garments or diapers given to him. He tried to put it off so he could enjoy the weekends with Amber more. It would be more fitting in his mind. It worked out until he had a rough night at work. He was forced to stay until after midnight to fill the bicycle racks because the toy associate wasnt able to do it. The night drew long and gave him a headache and a stiff back. When he got home that wednesday night, he took a hot shower to relax his muscles. He knew that his class next morning wasnt until after noon, so he thought of playing computer games for an hour or two. As he got out of the bathroom and headed toward the dresser, he stumbled over the bag given to him on the weekend.

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