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The Cuckold

"You'll take the bottle back tomorrow and get the money back!," he shouted and slammed the bedroom door. "Stupid bitch!," he told himself. He took off his golf clothes and tossed them in the corner. "First she buys an old jar for $1500 and, after I tell her to take it back, she tells me I have to start helping her clean the house! Lazy slut! It'll be a cold day in Hell when I start doing housework! That's woman's work, she's suppose to pick up after me. Women clean and take care of their houses for their husbands and children!" He slipped out of his underwear and threw them on top of the pile of his dirty clothes, then turned down the bed. He got into bed, turned out the light and went to sleep. Mary turned the jar over in her hands. She couldn't say just what had attracted her to it at the antique auction; it was only an old earthen jar about six inches high. It was black glazed, shaped like an amphorae, and capped with a lead seal. The jar was obviously ancient; the lead on the seal was cracked and crumbly. She held the jar in her left hand and examined the seal closely. Molded into the seal was a curious pictogram surrounded by cuneiform script. "Damn that man! I can't return anything after auction. If he ever went with me, he'd know that," she thought disgustedly. "It 's not like we don't have the money. Our investments bring in over $40,000 a month, we can spare $1500 for something I like. He must spend the same amount at the country club every couple of months on booze alone. I'll have to take the money out of the household account and tell him I returned it. I'd better find someplace to hide it until he forgets that I bought it," She lay back in the easy chair and closed her eyes. A few minutes later, she was snoring softly, dreaming about her husband, Doug. She dreamed she was a goddess, enthroned in a Greek Temple, surrounded by priests and attendants. She was dressed in a white silk gown and reigned from a raised dais in the center of the temple. Doug stood before her, golf club in hand while she sat in judgment over his fate. She sipped from a chalice of wine in her left hand, then frowned down on him imperiously. "Doug's been a naughty boy! You've acted like a self-centered child. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Doug looked up at her arrogantly and said, "I'm a man. I don't answer to any female, including a so-called Goddess!" "You have the manners of a egotistical child and that's just what you're going to be!," she thundered down at him, slopping the remaining wine from the chalice. She gestured magically with her right hand. Instantly he was transformed into a small naked child standing in front of a mirror. The appearance of the mirror startled him; he fell backward and landed on his bottom with a thump. He sat on the floor and gawked at the reflection of a denuded little boy in the mirror. Doug gazed uncomprehendingly for a moment before recognition finally dawned. Doug's face screwed up into an expression of horror and dismay and he began to wail. He was beside himself. He screamed out against a world he no longer controlled and could not understand! He drummed the heels of his feet against the floor and wept in frenzy of frustrated rage. She chuckled in amusement at his discomfiture and dropped the empty chalice at the side of her throne, then motioned with her left hand for the temple servants to take him away. The jar slipped from her fingers, rousing Mary and causing her eyes to jerk open. It hit the carpet and bounced once, cracking the seal open. A violet vapor steamed from the crack and formed a low cloud on the floor. Eddies swirled around the center of the cloud which enlarged to the length of a man. A lightning-shot vortex formed in the center and deepened into a grey-blue tunnel descending through the floor into the depths of the earth. The room became chilly as thunder rolled and winds howled from the twisting bore into the room. A soft light floated from the depths of the maelstrom and hovered in the heart of the gyre. The light grew brighter until it was a blinding blue-white flame threatening to devour her family room. A powerful voice rang in her head saying, "Freedom! I, Al Watar, ruler of a thousand jinn, for seven thousand years have been imprisoned. Never again shall the cursed bottle confine me. I am free!" Mary shrank against the doorway to the hall in fear as a tremendous humanoid form coalesced out of the mist. He stood seven feet tall and was so black his skin appeared blue. He was naked aside from a small, white-cotton loinclout which barely covered genitals of massive proportions. The genie picked up the bottle between his thumb and forefinger and held it between his palms. The muscles of his hands worked and ground the bottle into a fine black dust which showered the carpet. "Know this mortal; seven millennia ago, my people and I were wrongly imprisioned in divers vessels by the evil wizard Solomon. Only a few of my people have gained their freedom since that unhappy time," he thundered down at Mary. "Oh lucky mortal," he intoned, smiling down at Mary. "Thou hast freed me from the prison of seven thousand years. I grant thee the wish of thy dream. Thy husband is now thy babe and even now sleeps in the room next to thine. You may call upon me twice more for a wish. On the ninth full moon from this day, you but need to call my name, Al Watar, and I shall attend. Think well mortal, for I shall only grant those wishes that are the true wishes of the heart. Farewell, oh blessed mortal!" The jinn shrieked with a horrible tearing laugh as it dematerialized. A whirlwind filled the room, tearing pictures from the walls and scattering magazines across the room. The whirlwind surrounded her and she covered her ears to shield them from the noise. Her mouth and nose were filled with the taste and smell of desert dust. She was blinded and deafened by the windstorm. She tried to scream but the noise was forced back down her throat. Mary ran out of the room in terror trying to escape the onslaught. She could hear the jinn's laugh in the roar of the whirlwind. There was a loud cracking sound and the tumult ceased. She peered around the corner and saw that the jinn had vanished, leaving the family room in a state of chaos. She ran to the bedroom to wake Doug and tell him what had happened. Mary threw open the door and switched on the light to their bedroom. She ran over to the bed, her eyes blurred and tearing from the wind and dust. She patted the bedclothes excitedly, trying to find Doug. She became frantic as she realized he wasn't in their bed. "What had happened to him?," she wondered. She remembered what the genie had said, "...he sleeps even now in the bedroom next to thine." She rushed into the hall and burst into the spare bedroom next to theirs. Even with the light out she could see that it the room had been transformed. A white crib stood next to the window on the far wall and a matching dresser stood next to the closet. The room had changed into a nursery! Mary approached the crib slowly, terrified of what she might find in the crib. She looked cautiously over the rail and saw a baby sleeping soundly surrounded by stuffed animals. She moaned softly and said, "Oh Doug, I didn't mean it! It was a only a dream! I had no idea that there was a genie in the bottle." She sank down beside the crib. "What have I done to you? You can't be more than a year old! Oh my precious darling, you've regressed into babyhood!", she wept. "I didn't want you to be a baby! I married a man, not a baby! I didn't want to be your mother, I......." She stopped in mid-sentence with a fey look in her eye. "What would be the difference? His only outside interests are playing golf and getting drunk at the club. He regresses the minute he walks in the house. I have to pick up after him like he's a small child. He demands I feed him when he's hungry, entertain him when he's bored, and cuddle him when he's lonely, no matter how busy or tired I am. When he's drunk, I have to watch him like a two year old to keep him from getting hurt. He even has accidents' in his underwear like a toddler when he's bombed . Our love life's a farce. He behaves like an overgrown child...," she thought. "..Or a big baby!?" and she started giggling, suddenly struck with a mental image of an adult Doug, sitting on the floor in a sopping-wet diaper, kicking his feet and squalling in a temper-tantrum. "My subconscious probably thinks of him as a baby! The genie said he only granted true wishes of the heart. Maybe I'd be happier if he was a baby! He certainly couldn't be any MORE trouble as a baby. A baby wouldn't be rude or insulting to my friends because he couldn't talk. Instead of parading drunkenly around in his old, sagging underwear, he'd toddle sweetly around the house in diapers. Babies make smaller messes than men. I wouldn't be spending as much time picking up after him, he'd clutter his playpen instead of the whole house. I wouldn't be cleaning the bathroom because he's gotten drunk and missed the toilet and peed on himself and the floor. At least I could diaper him, and he'd pee in his diaper and not on my clean floor! I wouldn't have to wash his dirty underwear anymore! If I put him in disposables, I won't need to wash diapers either. I wouldn't have to spend any time bathing him, he could shower with me. I won't have to spend as much time preparing his meals, I'll just feed him baby food. If I got canned infant formula, even bottle feeding him wouldn' t be a problem. I could put him in his crib for a nap when I'm tired of putting up with him. He'd be so much easier to care for as a baby! Maybe this isn't a calamity. If he's returned to his babyhood, I'll have control of everything. He'll exist solely on my sufferance. I can do whatever I want and there's nothing he can do about it! He's kept me under his thumb since the day we were married. I'm sick of him giving me orders all the time and making more work for me. He thinks a wife is a husband's personal servant and body slave. Everything in this house has been run for his convenience and pleasure. Since he wants to be catered to and coddled, he's got his wish. He'll spend the next nine months sucking his thumb, crawling on all fours, and making messes in his diaper! I'll feed, diaper, bathe, and treat him like a baby. We'll see how he likes having a mommy give him orders. I'll enjoy telling him "No!" and swatting his bottom when he's balky or naughty. It'll destroy his pride. It'll make him feel as helpless and humiliated as he's made me feel. We'll see how he likes being constantly mothered. I'll indulge and baby him all the way down to his pampers!," mused Mary. She stood up and looked at Doug again. "He looks like his baby pictures when he was a one year old. He really does look adorable. I wish we could have had a baby. Doug has promised me a baby for years and we still haven't had one." She looked down at him and smirked. "I guess I have a baby now. I never dreamed HE would be the baby!," she thought to herself with a chuckle. Mary smiled down at him lovingly and tucked the comforter around him. She opened the closet and saw the closet bar was full of baby clothes on hangers and there were stacked packages of disposable diapers on the floor of the closet. A folded playpen lay in the corner of the closet. Mary giggled quietly at the sight of the playpen. "Doug's always making disparaging remarks about lazy housewives. I'll put him in the playpen and let him SEE how much housework I do every day." She closed the closet door softly and went to the kitchen. Standing in the corner, next to the breakfast table was a new high chair. Mary went to the walk-in pantry and opened the door. There were two cases of infant formula on the floor and two triple-tiered lazy-susans filled with baby food on the shelf. "A thorough genie," she told herself. "Now, if I were going to store baby bottles in the kitchen were would I put them? In the cupboard above the dishwasher?" She looked in the cupboard and sure enough, it was filled with bottles, feeding dishes and spoons and a large clear Rubbermaid box of nipples and pacifiers. "Bibs and washcloths," she said to herself and opened the towel drawer. There were neat stacks of feeding bibs and washcloths next to the towels. "A very thorough genie," she said shaking her head in disbelief. Mary went back to the nursery and stood over the crib looking down at her infant husband. "If we had had a baby boy it would have looked just like him," she thought. He yawned sleepily and stretched his small fat arms and clenched his tiny fists. His thumb stole into his mouth as he slept and he suckled it with an expression of contentment on his face. "He looks so sweet and innocent.", she thought to herself. "In nine months I'll have the genie change him back. Until then, I guess I'm his Mommy. I wonder what he'll think when he wakes up in a nursery." The image of him screaming and yelling in rage appeared in her mind. "Hmmmm...,"she said to herself thoughtfully. "I'd better find some way to convince him that he really is my baby. At least until I'm ready to tell him what's happened to him. Ahhh....," she said to herself, ".... I know just the thing." She went to her desk and took next years' calendar and marked all the days of the month of March up to that morning's date. She went back to the nursery and hung the calendar so that he wouldn't miss it when he woke up. She yawned thinking she needed to pick up the family room before going to bed. "Good night baby.", she told him softly as she closed the door. "You could tell he was a male genie," she sniggered to herself as she went back to clean the family room, "...he made a mess and then disappeared!" "The next nine months are going to be very entertaining," she thought as she prepared for bed. "Now that Doug's less exasperating, I'll be able to have parties again. I'll bring him out to show my friends what a delightful baby he is. He'll seem like a typical awkward, uncoordinated toddler. His infantile reflexes will be so amusing! He'll wobble and teeter comically like a clumsy infant learning to walk. When he totters and falls backward on his little diapered bottom, he'll be mortified. He'll be forced to crawl around our feet on his hands and knees instead. He'll look so foolish and silly! I can see him now, trying to put the make on my friends and then drooling and peeing all over himself. He'll be soooo endearing modeling soggy diapers for them. He'll be so embarrassed! If his diapers dip to half- mast in front of my friends, he'll just die. My friends will be charmed by his cute little baby tush peeking out of droopy dydees. No matter what he does, he'll just be another funny, lovable infant as far as my friends are concerned. If he stares at my friends' boobs; no one will mind. After all, babies are naturally preoccupied with tiddies. Now he can ogle every knocker he sees and no one will be embarrassed. We'll take him shopping with us. I'll bet the genie has already put a baby seat in my car. I'll pack a diaper bag to take with us. He can ride in his stroller while we spend the whole day shopping. We won't need to cut short a shopping trip because he's bored. If his interest palls, he can take a nap in the stroller while we're shopping. I'll bring a bottle of formula for him to suck on when he gets thirsty. When he needs to go to the bathroom, he can pee and poop in his diaper while sitting in the stroller. I'll change his diaper in the women's restroom when we have time. We won't even have to listen to him talk. If he starts to prattle at my friends, I'll stick a pacifier in his mouth." She smiled at the thought, then frowned slightly. "The only thing wrong with this situation is the lack of a husband to provide sex for me. He may not need sex now that he's a baby, but I still do! But then, I know who to call to solve that problem," she thought with a giggle. She turned off the light and went to sleep with a smile on her face. Doug woke up with feeling decidedly odd. He lay on his side with his eyes closed trying to determine just what felt different. He vaguely remembered getting drunk and having a fight with his wife Mary, but that was all he could remember. He should have had a hangover but he felt fine. Only everything felt "different" somehow. The mattress felt wrong, it was too hard and the pillow smelled like baby powder. When he shifted his back the sheet slid slightly, as if the mattress cover was plastic. His head felt heavy and he couldn't scrunch up the pillow with his arm. He squirmed to find a more comfortable position on the mattress. He heard/felt a thin, crackling, plastic sound around his upper thigh as he moved his legs. He put his hand down to the area and felt plastic over some padding. Sleepily, he felt around his belly and buttocks and they were covered too. He hadn't gone to bed wearing anything!? "These don't feel like underwear," he thought, patting his butt with his hand. "What was he wearing....?" He felt his crouch and discovered the padded plastic went down from his belly, between his legs, and around to the top of his butt. Suddenly he realized what he was wearing, "... Diapers!!?" Doug's eyes flew open. He was fully awake. He looked away from the pillow and saw a line of vertical white wooden bars rising up from the edge of the bed. Stuffed toy animals were lined up against the bars along the side. He looked up over the pillow and saw that the line of bars ended with a large headboard which had a pastel painting of diapered teddy bears. He looked at the foot of the bed and saw a similar painting on the footboard. With a growing horror he realized where he was... in a nursery! He threw off the blanket and sat up. As he sat up he realized that his crotch felt cold and heavy and....damp?........WET??! Alarmed, he looked down and clutched the front of his diaper with both hands. His diaper was sopping wet and reeked of spoiled pee. He must have spent half the night in a wet diaper for it to smell this strong! "What's happened to me?". he thought. "Is this a dream?" He looked around the room to see if he could find any sign that he was dreaming. The curtains were gaily colored and had the same teddy bear motif as the crib. Even the walls had cut-out posters of teddy bears. He saw a matching dresser against the wall with a changing table on top with baby powder, lotion, disposable towelettes, and a stack of clean diapers. A dirty diaper hamper stood alongside the dresser. The room smelled of clean sheets and baby powder. His gaze moved down to look at the floor and he saw a baby walker with table next to the closet. In the corner there was a large rocking chair. On the wall was a calendar with pictures of kittens. The dates up to March 13th were circled, which made today the 13th. That was right. Then he noticed the year, it was dated exactly one year later than it should have been! He had lost an entire year! He sat there facing the crib side with his bare feet tucked under him him, looking out of the crib. With a start he realized he had been looking over his hand to see. That was because his hand was at his mouth. Well, not at his mouth precisely, because one of his fingers was in his mouth; his thumb. His thumb was in his mouth and he was sucking it !!! "What had happened?" It was a year later than his last memory. He was wearing a very wet diaper, sitting in a crib and sucking his thumb! Somehow he had become a baby! He must have died in his sleep and had been reincarnated soon after. A breeze shifted the curtains and a beam of sunlight danced on the sheet in front of him. He looked out the window and was greeted by the sight of the morning sun. From the height of the sun it appeared to be about seven or eight am. Whoever took care of the baby..... took care of him... would be in the nursery any minute to change him. He heard soft footsteps outside the door and then the door opened. A woman walked in the door smiling at him. He looked at her face.........It was his wife Mary! His mouth dropped open surprise as he realized who it was. She came over to the crib and said, "Good morning Dougie! Did Mommy's baby have a good sleep?" She picked him up, carried him to the dresser and began changing his diaper. Mary smiled down at him and said, "How's mommy's little baby this morning?" She tickled his stomach with her forefinger. He gazed up at her self-consciously as she undid the tape on the diaper, first the far side and then on the side nearest her. As she loosened his diaper, a strong ammonia odor assaulted his nostrils and made him grimace. She smiled and prattled baby talk to him non-stop, while pulling the diaper up away from his stomach and down between his legs. He lay naked and exposed to her thoughtful gaze and he blushed in deep embarrassment. Doug was shamed and humiliated by his wet diaper. He turned his head away from her and kicked his feet in dismay. "Quiet, Dougie!," Mary said and continued to diaper him. She grasped up both of his feet with her one hand and lifted him easily until his bottom was free of the table, then she removed the soggy diaper with the right and tossed it into the dirty diaper pail. She sponged off his penis with a baby wipe, then turned him over on his stomach and washed his bottom. Then she rubbed his bottom all over with baby lotion, turning him over on his back so she could finish his front. "Does Dougie like his wee-wee rubbed with baby lotion?" He wriggled vigorously and was dismayed that he could not tell whether he squirmed in pleasure or mortification. She sprinkled his pubic area sparingly with baby powder then lifted his feet again with her left hand while putting a clean diaper beneath him. She lay him down, and grasped the far front side of the diaper with her right hand, simultaneously smoothing the rear piece over it with the left hand and taping it down. She did the same to the other side then picked him up. Mary carried him back to the crib and placed him in the crib. Doug's mind reeled as he lay on his back in the crib and considered the implications of his reincarnation. If she was his mother and he was named Dougie, then he must be his own father. She must have been pregnant before he died and his soul must have entered the developing embryo after his death. He chuckled to himself when he remembered his last argument with her. She had told him that she was finished taking care of him like he was a child. Karma had given lie to her words; she'd labor night and day to take care of him, he was her baby now. He'd have to be fed, diapered, bathed, and looked after. She reached into her hip pocket and took out a small baby bottle, then pressed the bottle into his hands while pushing the nipple into his mouth. He nursed in a dilatory way, just enough to satisfy Mary. The bottle was filled with apple juice. He was surprised to find out just how pleasurable nursing was. Sucking felt sooo..good. It was a deep, gratifying, stimulating, almost sexual pleasure that pervaded him with a feeling of lassitude and security. The aroma of sweet apple cider filled his mouth and nose as he sucked on the nipple. He could taste it not only on top and sides of his tongue, but on the sides of his mouth. He distantly heard her say, "That's a goood Baby! Drink your juice all down." He felt warm all over and he was getting very, very, sleepy. Presently he stopped nursing and drifted off into sleep. Mary watched him affectionately as his eyes closed and her bottle began to slip from his hands. She pulled her nipple from his lips and took the bottle from him tenderly. "Sleep Tight, Baby. Don't let the bedbugs bite.," she said softly as she left his room. Mary chuckled as she walked down the hall away from the nursery. "He bought it! Putting that calendar in the nursery was inspired. He thinks he died and was reincarnated as my baby. Is he going to pissed when he finds out that he's been transmogrified into a baby! I'll have to make sure that there's nothing for him to throw at me when he finds out!" Mary paused and said to herself thoughtfully, "He's going to have to learn to behave himself. If he doesn't, Mommy will spank! I'd love to see the expression on his face if I spanked him. He'd positively shit his diaper! She continued dreamily, "If Doug ever throws one of his temper tantrums again all I'll have to do is tell him what a sweet baby he is! He'll never be able to bully me again! I wonder if his paternalism is just a defense to rationalize his dependence on me. Deep down he probably wants to be dominated by a woman. He'll have a hard time hiding it after being my baby! Once he gets over his fears and accepts his natural role then he and I would both be happier. He really is such a sweet person when he lets his defenses down. I think I'm going to like being the dominate partner, especially in the bedroom," she giggled. "This could be the beginning of a new relationship for us. It'll be fun to be a Dominatrix. I guess that genie did grant my heart's desire."

Doug woke to the sound of Mary saying, "Wake up Dougie, time for your breakfast!" She picked him up, placed him on her right hip with one of his legs on either side of her. She put her hand on his bottom and held him tightly against her side. Doug's crotch bounced against her pelvis as he rode her hip, amusing him greatly; it suggested exotic sexual variations depicted in the Kama Sutra. Mary opened the door and Doug looked out at the hall when they emerged. He was surprised to discover the nursery was the guest bedroom next to the master bedroom. They went into the kitchen where Mary put him into a high chair. He drew circles in the high chair tray with his fingers as she stepped behind the high chair to fasten his feeding bib. She went to the pantry and returned with a blue, rubber-coated feeding spoon and a jar of baby food. Mary pulled a chair close to the high chair and opened the jar, spooned some out and began to feed him. "You'll like this, it's oatmeal and applesauce. Mmmmm. Now open wide." The oatmeal was perfectly smooth in texture and the applesauce gave it a very pleasant sweet-fruity flavor. He swallowed a big spoonful only to find another had taken its place before he was ready. He was having trouble swallowing the sticky mass. She spooned it in faster than he could swallow it, and she kept ladling it in. She shoveled food into his mouth until his mouth was so full that cereal dripped from his lips and ran off his chin. The thought of eating baby food repelled him, but under the circumstances he had no choice. As he tried to swallow the oatmeal, he felt the front of his mouth with his tongue and discovered that he only had a couple of teeth. He couldn't have eaten regular food if she had given it to him! She scraped the sides of his mouth and chin with the spoon when the layer of oatmeal got too thick and fed him the scrapings too, until the jar was empty and his face was reasonably free of oatmeal. She got up, went to the pantry again and brought back a can of Gerber infant formula and a small plastic baby bottle. She filled the bottle, screwed the nipple on tight, and gave him the bottle. He put the nipple into his mouth and started sucking, watching her intently. The sweet aroma and taste of the lukewarm formula permeated his mouth. His infant body needed and craved the formula. He suckled hungrily, murmuring in delectation while making loud sucking noises. She went to the kitchen sink and moistened a wash cloth. Mary returned, held him under the jaw and said, "Let Mommy clean you up, baby!", then scrubbed his lips and face. She removed his bib, and took it in the kitchen. She left him sitting alone with the bottle to finish his formula. When she finished washing dishes, she came over, lifted him out of the high chair and carried him into the family room. There, in the middle of the floor was a brand new playpen with a blue receiving blanket laying in the corner of the pen. She put him into the playpen with his bottle, then bent over the playpen. Mary soothed the hair on the top of his head and said, "Can Dougie say something for Mommy? Come on Dougie, try and say something for Mommy. Say, "mama" Dougie. Come on Dougie, say mama." Doug pursed his lips and said, "Mu....mo... " He frowned in frustration. "I can't talk. I'm too young! All I can do is babble!", he thought in disgust. Mary patted his head again and left him to finish cleaning the house. Doug was depressed by his inability to speak; he wanted to tell her he was her husband, that he had been reincarnated as her baby. He realized it would be months before he could control his muscles well enough for him to do anything but jabber. He crawled over to the blanket and sat back on his legs, his knees folded beneath him. Doug grabbed a corner of the blanket in one hand, brought it up to the side of his face and smiled as he felt its' soft, fluffy texture against his cheek. He felt drowsy and laid the side of his face down on the floor of the playpen, still holding his blanket, his bottom in the air. He put his thumb in his mouth and fell asleep. After she finished cleaning the family room, Mary picked him up and put him in his crib; she would bathe him later. Doug sleepily roused in Mary's arms. He looked up at her and saw that she was stark naked. She put him down on the changing table, removed his diaper and cleansed him with a towelette but did not re-diaper him. Her found her pendulous breasts so inviting that he reached up with both hands and grabbed one. "Naughty, naughty Dougie! It's time for your bath." she said. "Mommy's friend is coming over and we need to get you nice and clean before he gets here." She picked him up and carried him into the bathroom. The bathroom was heated and the air felt comfortable on his bare skin. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower, holding him to her chest. The water was pleasantly warm and soothing. She washed his face and then his hair. He wallowed in the luxury of having someone bathe him. He resolved drowsily that he was not going to get upset about dying and being a baby again, in fact he decided, he could learn to like parts of the experience. Since he was her baby, he decided to lay back and enjoy it. She conditioned his hair, gave it a final rinse and soaped his chest and stomach. He wiggled in pleasure as a thrill of pure sensual delight ran up and down his spine. This, he liked. She washed, then rinsed each part separately, exploring every fold and crevice, working her way down his arms to his fingertips. She even cleaned his nails before she rinsed his hands. She washed his thighs, then legs and feet, and cleaned his toenails as well. He lay against her breasts in a state of perfect bliss; his eyes closed, feeling serene and relaxed. He didn't even mind when she turned him towards her so she could wash his bottom. He snuggled his face deep into the cleavage between her breasts. She spread his legs carefully, holding them apart with the same hand. He felt the warm, soapy washcloth scrub his bottom and he shivered with delight. Then she began rubbing with the cloth between the cheeks of his bottom, working deeper until the slippery washcloth reached his anus. She gently massaged and cleaned him there, slowly and methodically. His entire pubic area throbbed with each movement of the cloth. She turned him around again, then rinsed the cloth and cleaned above the scrotum, working down and around and behind the scrotum until she reached his bottom. His leg and abdominal muscles vibrated as she swabbed and he was unable to move. He had never been this horny! She tenderly grasped his penis in the washcloth and washed it with a slow up and down motion. "Does Dougie like it when I wash his wee- wee?", she said, teasing him. The pressure grew within him, his urges gradually became an overpowering need, when suddenly, his psyche erupted in a shower of internal light and he was enraptured by an explosion of pleasure. He sighed and lay back in her cleavage, her teats forming pillows on either side of his head. His body tingled all over, his energy and urges spent. Mary chuckled and finished bathing him. She washed herself quickly, then stepped out onto the bathroom rug and wrapped him in a large, soft, warm bath towel. She rubbed him vigorously, wiping every crevice dry with the towel, then hung up the towel on the rack. She took another towel and briskly toweled herself dry, then carried him into the nursery. She laid him down on his tummy on the changing table and lovingly applied baby lotion to his arms and legs. She rubbed his bottom with both hands and began to massage his body. He whimpered in animal pleasure as she kneaded all trace of muscle tension out of him. She turned him over and continued on the front finishing, as she had in the shower, with his penis. When he opened his eyes again he saw her looking down at him, smiling with an expression of motherly love and devotion. He smiled back at her complacently. He felt secure and loved and was more contented than he had ever been. She powdered, diapered, and swaddled him in his blanket, then picked him up and settled down in the rocking chair with him in her arms. She smiled down at him indulgently as he put his thumb in his mouth and sucked. He lay happily in her arms, luxuriating in her attentions. Doug looked down and beheld his hands in wonder. He snatched at his open hand, playing with the fingers of his other hand, fascinated by their appearance and motion, grasping each of them in turn in his tiny fist. Doug opened his mouth in childish delight revealing the bare gums and uncontrolled tongue of an infant. His lips and chin were glazed with baby spit and strings of saliva dripped incontinently onto his naked chest. Mary was charmed by his toothless grin and infantile explorations. She tickled him under his chin and said, "You're the most adorable baby boy I've ever seen. Aren't you, honey? You're sooooo sweet mommy could just eat you up! Mmmmm!", she nuzzled his chest as if she was going to eat him. He chuckled at her display of affection. "She'll make a good mother for me," he thought. Mary rocked and cuddled him tenderly for a long time before she took him into the kitchen for lunch. After she fed him, she put him in his playpen while she went into the bedroom and dressed. She returned an few minutes later covered in a robe and sat down to watched tv. Doug stood at the side of the playpen and look at the tv. "She's watching her damned soaps again!", he thought in disgust. His tummy gurgled with all the food and formula and he felt like he was going to have a bowel movement. "No! This can't be happening to me!" , he thought in panic. "I'm about to take a crap in my diaper!" The pressure was growing and becoming an unpleasant ache when it was replaced by a different feeling. He felt a muscular ripple deep inside himself and the pressure vanished completely. He felt his bowels move slightly, accompanied by a faint wave of pleasure from his belly. A shiver of intense physical delight ran up his spine as his bowels moved a second, longer time. A warm feeling spread across his groin and between his legs as he peed into his diaper. His fears evaporated as he abandoned himself to the experience. He need to go wasn't just physical anymore, he wanted to mess in his diaper! He held his breath and his face turned red as he pushed as hard as he could, forcing the poop from his anus. He sighed with satisfation as the last of his poop slid into his diaper with a small farting sound. Doug relaxed and leaned against the side of the playpen. He felt wonderful; the loaded diaper pressed hotly against his bottom, reminding him of the delicious experience he had had moments before. He smiled vacantly as he stood, spellbound, half-crouched and holding onto the side of the playpen. That felt almost as good as an orgasm! Within minutes his lucidity returned and he realized what he had done. "I'm starting to act like a baby! I wanted to do that! I actually enjoyed messing in my pants!," he thought in disgust. He moaned inwardly, tears of shame welled up in his eyes and he started to cry. Mary looked down at him with a concerned expression on her face and said, "What's wrong baby?" She smiled at him with an expression of amused tolerance as the smell of a dirty diaper reached her and said, "Does baby need his dydee changed?" He looked up at her with tears streaming down his face. She smiled at his complete humiliation and chuckled, "Diddums poop in his dydee?" He looked at her in desperation. "Mommy's busy right now. Mommy will change you when the commercial comes on.", she told him. When the commercial came on, she took him out of the playpen and made him lie on his back on the floor. She knelt beside him with a clean diaper and unfastened the diaper tapes. Mary pulled the diaper down between his legs and looked at the stinking mess in the diaper. "That's a gooood baby. He made a good poopy in his dydee." He scowled at the condescending tone in her voice. "It's bad enough to be an incontinent infant, but praising me for shitting in my diaper is too much! She doesn't have to be patronizing about it!," he thought. She topped and tailed him, re-diapered him, then sat him back in his playpen and put a pacifier in his mouth. He sat sullenly and wondered how long it would be until he was ready to be toilet-trained. The doorbell chimed and Mary got up and answered the door. A young man of approximately 30 years stood there. "Why Dan, you're early. Please come in." He walked in and was seated on the couch. "Where's your husband Mary?' "Oh, he's visiting his Mommy. I don't expect him home for a couple of months at least," she said offhandedly. "You're sure he won't come home early?" Mary chuckled merrily and said, "I'm sure. I'll be the first to know." "What about him?', he said, pointing at Doug sitting in the playpen. "Silly, he's too young to talk. Come here Dan. I've been wanting to ask you to visit me for months." Mary stretched out her hands for him. Dan flowed oily into her open arms and kissed her full on the lips. "I have something to show you. I'v e been saving this for a special occasion." She opened her robe, exposing a black lace corset which barely contained her breasts. "It's beautiful, just like you." He bent his head and kissed the top of her breasts. "I want you Dan. I can't wait. I need you now.," she husked. He stood up, unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. A moment later his underwear followed. Mary smiled at his magnificently erect cock.. She cupped his balls in her hand, leaned into his hairy crouch and kissed the tip of his penis. Dan stroked her hair and pulled her closer to him. She took his cock into her mouth and began to blow him. His back arched in pleasure as she took him all the way into her mouth. She continued until her lips touched the base of his penis. Doug gaped in rapt attention at the scene in front of him. " Mary's a cuckold?!! Doesn't her husband suspect? Her husband must be an utter fool," he thought. Unconsciously, his hand reached into his diaper and fondled his penis. Mary sensed his yearnings and glanced away from Dan to check on him. She released Dan's cock and lay back again the couch cushions and spread her legs. "Now Dan, ...Now!!!" Dan mounted her and began to thrust with wild abandon. She climaxed quickly, moaning in sexual ecstasy. Dan orgasmed a few minutes later then collapsed across her chest. "That will do for a start." She said with a self-satisfied grin on her face. She looked over at Doug and started to giggle. He was standing in his playpen with his diaper at half-mast, furiously jerking off his tiny erect penis. Dan glance at him and smiled. "He'll be a real stud some day.," he said with a chuckle. She bit his earlobe playfully and said, "You wouldn't mind if I pleasured him too, Dear? It'll only take a few minutes." He nodded and rolled onto the couch. She got up and stood over Doug and said, "Is Dougie horney? Mommy will take care of that!" She reached down and picked him up. His diaper slithered down his legs and dropped off into the playpen as she hoisted him over the side and into her arms. Mary carried him back to the couch and sat down with him on her lap. " Did Dougie enjoy watching us? Would Dougie like some tiddy?," she said, taking his hand and stroking her breast and nipple with his fingers. He lay there excited, red-faced, and fully erect. The smell of her breasts intoxicated him, made him want to grab them and suck. She laid his head next to her breast and held him closely. He watched as she lifted her teat free of the corset and holding it from beneath, guided the nipple towards his questing mouth. He put his lips around the nipple and felt the nipple grow, become erect and fill his mouth. "Sweet baby....." she murmured, as his cheek touched her breast and his mouth sought and took in the tit. His lips snuggled the aureole and nursed passionately. Her nipples engorged with blood and became incredibly sensitive. His tiny hands kneaded her breast, titillating and arousing her. Doug's sucking made her want to moan with pleasure. He was making her horny all over again. She reached down and circled her thumb and forefinger around his little penis and began to masturbate him slowly. He whimpered in delight as she moved faster and faster. A minute later his body went rigid as he orgasmed. He lay in her arms serenely, content to lie cradled securely in her arms and bask in her embrace. His thumb snuck between his lips and he sucked it with a gratified expression. Mary looked down and smiled at her naked infant her husband had become. The sight of him nestled sweetly against her breasts, eyelids drooping and yawning with post-orgasm induced drowsiness aroused her maternal instincts. His tiny cock and balls lay innocently between his legs. She grinned in spite of herself, "He made such a cute baby!," she thought. She held him close to her face and whispered, "It's time for baby to go nite-nite." She excused herself from Dan and took Doug into the nursery. She re- diapered him, then tucked him into his crib and kissed him goodnight.

Later that night she was woken by the sound of his crying. Mary got up and changed his diaper and gave him his evening bottle. She went back to the bedroom and woke Dan for another round of lovemaking. They screwed until Dan's dick was sore and abraded. Dan collapsed in an exhausted heap and went to sleep. Mary lay in bed thinking about the differences between Dan and Doug. Doug might be her husband, but he was a dud as a lover. The most sexual pleasure she had gotten from him in the last six months had been today when he had dry-nursed her. Dan, on the other hand, was a sexual powerhouse. She couldn't get enough of him and he never seemed to give out. Perhaps she shouldn't have the genie change Doug back. If she could talk Dan into moving in with them, she'd have a lover available night and day. She decided she would tell them both what had happened to Doug. Doug would throw a temper-tantrum of course, but she could handle him now that he was a baby. He'd either be quiet or she would spank him and put him in his crib for a time-out. Dan could be a problem. She didn't think he would get angry about being tricked into making love in front of her husband. He was a sport. Mary couldn't figure out how to convince him to make the arrangement permanent. Maybe the lure of the two remaining wishes would work. Doug would spend the rest of his life in diapers, watching her make love to another man. She smiled to herself as she turned over and went back to sleep. Mary woke early and tunneled under the covers to Dan's crotch. His penis was erect and waiting for her even though he was still sleeping. She licked and sucked on him until he awoke with a moan of ecstasy. They made love for an hour and then took a break for breakfast. She got out of bed and went naked to the nursery. Mary changed Doug's diaper, slipped a pair of pale blue plastic panties over his diaper and carried him on her hip to the kitchen. She put him in the high chair while she fixed him his bottle. Slobber dribbled from his mouth and ran in runnels down his chest until his upper body was drenched in baby spit. She returned and gave him a bottle of juice to tide him over until later. She was making coffee when Dan made his appearance. Doug felt an uncontrollable urge to pee and he looked at Dan to see if he was watching, embarrassed by the potential audience. He was already peeing a little, just enough to dampen his diaper. Without warning his sphincter relaxed and he peed in a rush, soaking the front of his diaper. He blushed in embarrassment as the front of the diaper grew heavier and the urge to pee disappeared. The plastic panty sagged low on the seat between his legs. His diaper was obviously sopping wet. Dan watched him suck on the nipple with an amused expression. He stood behind Mary and rubbed his pelvis against her buttocks while fondling her boobs. She moaned in delight at his attentions and within minutes they were copulating doggie-style against the breakfast table. Doug's mouth dropped open in awe at their performance. She had never acted this way around him! When they had finished they sat down and exchanged coffee flavored french-kisses. She said between kisses, "Dan, I have to talk to you. It's very important." He stopped and she told him what had happened to Doug. "Do you mean that's him? That's really your husband?," she assured he it was. "Do you mean I've been butt-fucking a man's wife in front of him, while he's forced to sit diapered in a high chair watching us?" Mary nodded and said that she was not even sure Doug understood what was going on. Dan's face clouded and turned red. He looked like he was going to strangle. Mary waited for the explosion of anger. Dan burst out laughing. When the paroxysms of laughter subsided, Dan said, "I guess I won't worry about being caught making love to you then." Dan reached under the tray of the high chair with his left hand and clamped down on Doug's balls through the diaper and panties, threatening to crush them. "Baby doesn't mind if I fuck his Mommy, does he?", he asked, giving Doug's balls a squeeze. Doug shivered involuntarily and shook his head no. Dan chuckled and said, "He understood that question well enough! Hubby just said he doesn 't mind if we screw in front of him. By the way, I think you should change your hubby's dydee after he finishes his bottle. It felt pretty soggy to me." Dan chucked him under his chin contemptuously, then smiled broadly and said, "Hubby looks so helpless and vulnerable in diapers. Do you enjoy peeing in your diaper? Does it give you a feeling of relief? Do you like to poop? Does making messes in your diaper delight you?" Doug flushed in shame, it gave him not just a feeling of physical relief, but caused an intense, almost sexual, pleasure as well. "Do you love the sensation of your wife changing your diaper? Do you relish the feel of her gentle hands unfastening the soggy mass, then carefully cleaning your bottom?" Dan emphasized every question by poking the front of Doug's panty covered diaper with his forefinger. It made a soft squishing sound each time. "Does Hubby like the silky texture of his skin after powdering or the clean smell of baby powder wafting from his crotch? Do you like being surrounded by the sweet, pure cloud of diaper perfume? Do you like the dry cushioned softness of a fresh diaper against your little bottom? Does Mary 's little Hubby enjoy hearing her voice soothe and comfort him while she cuddles him next to her tiddies?" Dan laughed while Doug's face blushed crimson in embarrassment. Dan chucked and pointed to him. "Look at his expression! He does enjoy it!" Dan put his face close to Doug and said, "Poor little hubby, there's nothing left of you but a little diaper-wetting baby. Don't worry, I'll take care of screwing your wife for you. You don't need a wife anyway, you need a Mommy!" Doug's expression changed to one of impotent rage. He tried to tell Dan what a sick, sadistic bastard he was, but all that came out was a baby's babble. They sneered mockingly at his infantile attempts at communication. "How long are you going to let him stay a baby?" "That depends on you.," she said simply. "If you decide to stay, he'll stay with his Mommy a long time." He looked at her querulously, and asked, "How long is long?" "Forever," she said with a note of finality. They were interrupted by the sound of Doug crying. He had screwed up his face and was wailing in a eruption of frustration and rage. May turned to him and said, "Dougie, that will be quite enough out of you! If you don't be quiet this instant, I'm going to spank you and then I' ll call the police. Do you know what will happen then? I'll tell them you were left on my doorstep! They'll take you away and put you in a foster home! You' ll spend the rest of your life as a baby, being shuttled from one foster home to another! You'll never have a chance to grow up! Is that what you want? " Doug's eyes grew as wide as saucers. He was trapped! He hung his head in utter submission to Mary. She looked at him and said, "Good! I married you and I'll take care of you. Now here are the ground rules. You'll do whatever I say or you get spanked. Mary will be the mommy and Dougie will be her baby boy. Dougie will never have to worry about anything again, Mommy will tend to him and watch over him. Mommy says there are going to be some changes in your lifestyle. You'll wear diapers from now on. You'll suck on pacifiers instead of cigarettes and cigars and you'll drink warm formula from a baby bottle before bedtime instead of booze. I'm going to throw out your dirty magazines. You won't need them. You'll get your sexual stimulation watching Dan fuck Mommy. If you need to read something to go to sleep, I'll read you Winnie the Poo or Dr. Suess stories instead at bedtime. If I need to get out and go shopping without you, you' ll stay with a babysitter or in a daycare center. You're going to have a healthy lifestyle. You'll sleep regular hours. You'll be clean. From now on you'll take a bath every day, because I'll bathe you, baby! You'll wear clean clothes every day because I'll dress you. No more rich, high fat foods for you, baby. You're going to eat vegetables, fruits and cereals at every meal from now on. You won't smoke or drink. You'll drink nothing but water, juices, and milk. When I have parties I'll let you out to play as long as you act cute and behave yourself. The minute you're naughty, I'll paddle your behind and put you in your crib. No more afternoons at the country club boozing and playing Golf for you baby! If you need some sun, I'll take you for a walk in your stroller. You'll watch the Muppet Babies or the Rugrats on tv instead of football. I won't allow you to watch any shows with violence on our tv! I'm not going to ask the genie to change you back. You'll stay just as you are! Mommy will take good care of her baby; she'll wash him, and dress him, and feed him, and keep him in clean diapers. You're going to be Mommy's precious, pampered baby forever! Do you understand me?" He sniveled, nodded tearfully and kicked his legs impotently at her, then peed again as the juice in his stomach put renewed pressure on his bladder. She looked at him sternly and commanded, "Finish your bottle!" Doug hesitated and she said, "If you don't put that nipple in your mouth right now, I'm going to take off your diaper and spank your bare bottom in front of Dan!" He put it in his mouth like a prisoner being forced to drink poison, mouthing the nipple, but not nursing. "Suck it baby!", she commanded. Tears rolled copiously down his face as he sucked on the nipple. This was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to him. Worse, he realized that he was becoming accustomed to life as a baby. Drinking from a bottle and using' diapers was becoming so...so natural' to him! He was regressing mentally. In a few months, he really would be her baby! He felt his diaper growing heavier as he nursed. The pee had cooled beneath him and his bottom was encased in a cold, sodden wad. He could feel the pee climbing up the back of his diaper. He already was wet half-way up his bottom! His diaper would start leaking into the plastic panty any minute! A few seconds later his bowel cut loose and he began to poop in his diaper. He struggled to control himself in front of Dan, but the harder he tried to stop, the more he filled his diaper. It was no use, he was as incontinent as any one-year-old baby. He struggled briefly against his fate, then surrendered completely and relaxed in utter defeat. His diaper rapidly filled with the soft ooze escaping from his baby bottom. Doug kicked his legs impotently and found himself wallowing in a sopping wet poopy diaper. He was mortified; the stench from the dirty diaper would reach Dan any minute. He could feel it coating his bottom as he slid around on it's slippery surface and felt a stickiness between his legs that told him it was migrating up his pubes. His bottom was covered in baby shit! He tried to hide his shame behind a sickly smile of embarrassment. Dan sniffed the air and grinned, then turned to Mary and said, "It seems Mommy's baby just pooped in his pants. Look at him, he's smiling. He probably enjoys sitting in a messy diaper. Why don't you let him stay in his dirty diaper until we finish breakfast?" Doug sat quietly, his tear-streaked cheeks blushing bright red. Mary saw his expression and nodded in approval at his infantile behavior. If Doug continued like this, she'd have him happily playing peek-a-boo and pattycake with her within a month. Mary decided that she liked him as a baby. She felt that this was what their relationship was meant to be like! She hadn't been teasing when she told him that she intended to keep him as her baby. She was pleased with Dan's reaction to Doug's predicament. She hadn't expected such whole-hearted support of her plans for her husband. If Dan decided to stay, Doug would have a Daddy as well as a Mommy! Mary patted the front of Doug's plastic panty condescendingly. "Diddums poopie in his dydee for Mommy? That's Mommy's gooood baby! Now finish your ba-ba, sweetiepie," she cooed maliciously. Doug put the nipple in his mouth and resumed sucking on the bottle submissively, obedient to his Mommy's wishes. He began peeing again as the fresh formula in his stomach put renewed pressure on his bladder. He could feel the soft vibrations from the plastic of his panties as his saturated diaper began to leak. Pee dripped into his plastic panty and pooled around his bottom. When she lifted him out of the high chair, he'd leak everywhere. Pee would run down his legs and drip onto the floor as she rushed him into the nursery to change his diaper. Dan would see it all. He'd stand there and make comments as his "Mommy" slipped off his dripping panties and unfastened the tapes. When she pulled the front of the diaper down, they'd see what he had done in his diaper. His childishness would be revealed to everyone! The thought made him want to cry. He had never felt so small and helpless in his life. He wanted to be clean. He wanted Mary to hug him and tell him it was alright, that she still loved him. He didn't mind that Mary had become his Mommy. He just didn't want Dan there when he had his diaper changed. He loved Mary and didn't want to share her with Dan; she wasn't Dan's, she was "his"

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